8 Best Cabinet Colors for Small Kitchen

Gorgeous cabinet color ideas for small kitchen Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 7th, 2022

Small rooms need smart design, and a small kitchen is no exception. One of the busiest places in the home, the kitchen is the heart of the home, no matter how small.

Whether it’s a gathering place for friends or family, or the place to whip up your specialty dish, kitchen design needs to be intentional, and well thought out.

Picking the right cabinet color for a small kitchen will either make the kitchen feel larger than it is, or can make it feel small and cramped.

Luckily there are a lot of different options that will add style and make your space feel airy and spacious.

8 Awesome Cabinet Colors for a Small Kitchen


Small kitchen with white cabinets
Small kitchen with white cabinets

A small kitchen is made to feel light and bright with white cabinets. The white reflects any light in the kitchen, automatically making it feel larger.

The neutral base also allows for fun elements to be added in the way of kitchen accessories, textiles, and art. Keep the space streamlined with flat front white cabinets to make it adaptable to any style.

White is one of the most common choices for small kitchens, and it’s easy to see why.


Small kitchen with greige cabinets
Small kitchen with greige cabinets

Greige cabinets give a small kitchen the illusion of depth, with some tonal cabinets that let light reflect, but still add some warmth to the space.

Greige pairs with warm and cool tones making it an excellent base color for small kitchens; easily integrate any décor style into the space whether it be coastal, boho, or mid-century modern.


Small kitchen with gray-green cabinets
Small kitchen with gray-green cabinets

Gray-green cabinets are an excellent choice for a small kitchen as they add color and interest into a small area without overwhelming it.

The gray-green will change color depending on the time of day, amount of natural light, and other lighting so make sure to have samples prior to committing to a final color.

Gray-green can surprisingly act as a neutral while still bringing some depth to a space.

Light Wood

Small kitchen with light wood cabinets
Small kitchen with light wood cabinets

Light wood cabinets keep with the light and bright trend that is popular with small kitchens. Anything that adds additional brightness or reflects light is a win for a small kitchen.

The light wood is very on trend for 2022 as people look to integrate more natural elements into their home.

A small kitchen does not mean small style, and light wood cabinets are a great way to elevate a small kitchen.

Light Gray

Small kitchen with light gray cabinets
Small kitchen with light gray cabinets

Light gray cabinets are most likely the second-place finisher when it comes to cabinet color choices for small kitchens. The light gray tone still allows for light to reflect but gives a bit of interest that white cabinets can sometimes lack.

Light gray cabinets also reduce the starkness that can be present with white cabinets. Pair light gray cabinets with any interior décor style for a seamless look.

Dusty Blue

Small kitchen with dusty blue cabinets
Small kitchen with dusty blue cabinets

Dusty blue might seem like an unusual color for kitchen cabinets, but in a small space it’s perfect. Exploring color in a small kitchen is a great option when you’re not ready to commit to color on a larger scale.

Dusty blue is a fantastic option as the gray undertones will ensure that the color isn’t overwhelming or too bright.

Use dusty blue paired with white and natural wood for a coastal look, or nubby textures and greige to channel boho vibes.

Light Yellow

Small kitchen with light yellow cabinets
Small kitchen with light yellow cabinets

Is there anything cheerier than a light-yellow kitchen? Not in our books! Even a small yellow kitchen gives off positive vibes, and even better, it won’t read as overwhelming on a smaller scale.

Choose a soft yellow to create a garden vibe that will be soothing, as opposed to bold, splashy yellows that will dominate a space.

Just like other light colors, light yellow will reflect the light, making the small kitchen feel larger.

Royal Blue

Small kitchen with royal blue cabinets
Small kitchen with royal blue cabinets

Even though we’ve been touting the benefits of light and bright in a small kitchen, royal blue cabinets in a small kitchen pack an undeniable punch.

Since the cabinetry will be a small footprint, the bold color won’t be too dominating, as long as it’s paired with light walls and accents.

Crisp white walls, stainless steel or white appliances, and a white backsplash would be the perfect accents to a dominating color like royal blue.


These colors are proof that a small kitchen doesn’t need to be boring. Whether you’re looking for natural elements, or the perfect pained hue, there are options for all styles.

Since the planning of a small kitchen needs to be meticulous to optimize the space, make sure to use sample doors to see the color options in different light and how the color changes.

A small kitchen is a great place to have some fun with color, so jump in and get ready to bring some personality to your small kitchen.

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