7 Best Flooring Colors For Oak Cabinets (Charming And Aesthetics Options)

Charming flooring color ideas for kitchen with oak cabinets Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 23rd, 2023

Its beautiful grain and pattern that blended in warm tones become the main reason why oak is an excellent wood choice for kitchen cabinets.

However, things can be a bit complicated when it comes to choosing the right colors to complement the natural beauty of the oak cabinets. Its unique undertones make it tricky to find a color that harmonizes seamlessly with it. So, you need to strike a perfect balance that avoids clashing or overwhelming your space.

One important element that needs to be matched perfectly with the oak kitchen cabinets is the flooring.

For oak cabinets, we’ve found out that lighter wood, gray stone, beige tile, white tile, or terracotta tile are the best flooring color options that can beautifully harmonize with the oak cabinetry. These options can provide a captivating contrast, highlighting the understated charm of the oak, and make the cabinets stand out as the center of attention for your kitchen.

Let’s explore all the awesome flooring options below.

1. Oak Flooring

Kitchen with oak cabinets and oak floors
Oak cabinets with oak floors

Using oak flooring with oak kitchen cabinets can give you the flawless, traditional kitchen style you adore. This will keep a seamless connection between the flooring and cabinetry, creating a clean yet fresh natural look inside the kitchen space.

This combination will become a great backdrop that allows other elements such as the countertops or backsplash to shine.

2. Light Wood Flooring

Kitchen with oak cabinets and light wood floors
Light wood floors

If you want to go all natural with your kitchen, light wood flooring looks best with light oak cabinets. They create a sense of openness and airiness and also work well with medium to dark-toned oak cabinets.

This combination brings out a luxurious yet traditional style kitchen look. Upon entering the kitchen, a visitor gets drawn to the soft, calm overall appearance of the space.

3. Gray Stone Tile Flooring

Kitchen with oak cabinets and gray stone tile floors
Gray stone floors

If you have flat, matte-finish oak, you can never go wrong with selecting grey stone tiles for your flooring. From a refreshing afternoon shower to a cold slab, grey is a neutral color that gives you relaxing vibes.

Additionally, its variegated look ties your cabinets to it well bringing out a textured, fascinating floor appearance.

4. Beige Tile Flooring

Kitchen with oak cabinets and beige tile floors
Oak kitchen cabinets with beige tile floors

Beige tile is one of the most popular tile flooring. It is a neutral color with various shades including a touch of natural wood color, making it a top pick for rooms with oak cabinets.

Its light hues brighten the space and are easy to clean giving them an edge over white tiles.

Another reason oak cabinets are an excellent combination with beige floors is that they have warm tones.

5. White Tile Flooring

Kitchen with oak cabinets and white tile floors
White tile floors

White tile flooring is a simple and elegant option making it the perfect pair with oak cabinets. It makes small kitchens appear larger and have the ability to reflect any color making it a canvas for any style.

White tile flooring can effortlessly contrast against any oakwood cabinet color. White is a safe and flexible option to use for your flooring making it easy to pair with all other kitchen elements.

6. Terracotta Flooring

Kitchen with oak cabinets and terracotta floors
Terracotta tile floors

Terracotta flooring never goes out of style. Its versatility makes it trend always. If you want to combine nature with creativity, this is the way to do it.

The earthy red tones from the baked clay tiles bond perfectly with nature’s oak. The terracotta tiles and oak cabinets are the best marriage for a timeless design and warm kitchen look.

7. Dark Brown Wood Flooring

Kitchen with oak cabinets and dark brown wood floors
Dark brown wood floors

Dark brown wood flooring can exude a bold, luxurious feeling when combined with light oak cabinets.

If you have dark oak cabinets, it would be wiser to use a brown that is a shade or two lighter for your flooring to avoid the space looking boring.

Dark brown wood flooring adds a natural and historic character to your kitchen. Besides that, its dark color helps hide dirt or debris making it easier to maintain.

Oak cabinets are an attractive addition to any kitchen. Oak is an expensive natural material so that is why it is important to choose the right flooring to act as a base, so your overall design stands out.

You can go for an oak-on-oak or oak-on-grey stone tile look depending on the temperature of your oakwood.

Implementing the above-mentioned flooring types with oak cabinets can elevate your kitchen design to another level.