10 Flooring Colors to Pair with Oak Cabinets

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 19th, 2024

Its beautiful grain and pattern that blended in warm tones become the main reason why oak is an excellent wood choice for kitchen cabinets.

However, things can be a bit complicated when it comes to choosing the right colors to complement the natural beauty of the oak cabinets. Its unique undertones make it tricky to find a color that harmonizes seamlessly with it. So, you need to strike a perfect balance that avoids clashing or overwhelming your space.

One important element that needs to be matched perfectly with the oak kitchen cabinets is the flooring.

For oak cabinets, we’ve found out that lighter wood, gray stone, beige tile, white tile, or terracotta tile are the best flooring color options that can beautifully harmonize with the oak cabinetry. These options can provide a captivating contrast, highlighting the understated charm of the oak, and make the cabinets stand out as the center of attention for your kitchen.

Let’s explore all the awesome flooring options below.

1. Oak Flooring

Oak cabinets with oak floors

Using oak for both flooring and cabinets is the best way to achieve a harmonious aesthetic, creating a visually cohesive and fresh natural atmosphere within the culinary space. This pair also allows you to bring other colors to your palette, whether they are vibrant shades or bold hues.

Furthermore, the combination will provide you with a natural backdrop to let the other elements like bold countertops or backsplash shine.

2. Light Wood Flooring

Light wood

Create a different layer of organic beauty by choosing any light-toned wood for the flooring. This charming flooring choice not only fosters an atmosphere of openness and airiness but also effortlessly complements any medium to dark-toned oak wood like honey oak or golden oak.

This pair will be a versatile foundation that works with almost any kitchen design style and kitchen color scheme.

3. Gray Stone Tile Flooring

Gray stone tile

If you need to balance the warmth of the oak with some cool-toned elements, then you can try gray stone tile. This exquisite natural stone will create a stunning contrast against the oak, crafting a more balanced ambiance.

Using this combo will be resulting in a kitchen that effortlessly bridges modern chic with the timeless allure of natural wood, achieving a sophisticated and balanced design.

4. Beige Tile Flooring

Beige tile

Since both oak and beige tile have similar light brown undertones, they can go together flawlessly, creating a harmonious and aesthetic visual for your kitchen. The beige tile flooring will also boost the warmth of the oak, making the entire space feel welcoming and inviting.

However, to avoid a monotonous look, you may need to incorporate some strong accents to your space, such as dark countertops, vibrant-painted walls, or black appliances.

5. White Tile Flooring

White tile

If you want to let the oak cabinets become the centerpiece of your space, then choosing white for your floor color can be very helpful. The pristine look of the white flooring acts as a canvas, highlighting and boosting the visual appearance of the oak.

Moreover, this option will provide you with high reflective qualities, helping make the entire space feel more bright and spacious.

For those who are thinking that the white tile may look a bit boring and outdated, you can try playing with different textures such as going with white marble tile rather than plain white tile, or using an intricate tiling pattern like subway or herringbone pattern.

6. Terracotta Flooring

Terracotta tile

Terracotta and oak is a classic combo that never goes out of style. Terracotta’s distinctive reddish-brown tones not only complement the natural richness of oak but also infuse the space with a timeless, Rustic-inspired allure.

The earthy undertones of terracotta create a harmonious connection with the warm hues of oak cabinets, forming a cohesive and visually appealing ensemble.

This combination will be resulting in a kitchen space that exudes both warmth and sophistication through the well-curated interplay of materials and colors.

7. Dark Brown Wood Flooring

Dark brown hardwood

Using darker flooring such as dark brown wood can help make the oak cabinets feel brighter and lighter. The striking contrast between them allows the cabinets to stand out, while the bold hue of the flooring adds a layer of sophistication and depth to the overall aesthetic.

If the dark brown hardwood appears to be beyond budget constraints, consider exploring more cost-effective alternatives such as dark brown vinyl plank or dark brown laminate flooring. These wallet-friendly options not only offer a budget-conscious solution but also replicate the rich aesthetics of hardwood, presenting a practical compromise without compromising on style.

However, you may need to counter the boldness of the flooring with some light, neutral kitchen elements, such as white subway tile backsplash or white quartz countertops.

8. Vintage Patterned Tile Flooring

Vintage pattern tile

Comes with intricate patterns and nostalgic charm, these kinds of tiles will be a new visual interest to the space, while simultaneously complementing the natural warmth and organic character of the oak. This combination perfectly marries classic and rustic aesthetics and evokes a sense of nostalgia and sophistication.

To keep a seamless connection between the cabinetry and the flooring, you can choose any vintage tile with warm, natural colors such as beige, light brown, taupe, or creamy yellow.

9. Polished Concrete/Plaster Flooring

Polished concrete

Add an elegant, industrial-style twist to your kitchen by using polished concrete or plaster flooring.

Comes with a sleek and minimalist finish, this option provides a clean contemporary backdrop that beautifully complements the natural warmth and texture of the oak. Especially when you are using warm, neutral hues to paint the concrete, such as beige or warm gray.

Beyond aesthetics, the durable and low-maintenance nature of these flooring options aligns seamlessly with the practicality of oak cabinets, contributing to a modern kitchen space that exudes both style and functionality.

10. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors

Pairing oak with bamboo will create a harmonious, nature-inspired ambiance and make your kitchen space feel warm and fresh. The distinctive patterns and texture from both kinds of wood create a unique and intricate visual, while the similar hue between them helps them blend flawlessly.

Furthermore, bamboo’s eco-friendly and sustainable qualities will help you create a kitchen design that not only reflects expertise in interior design but also prioritizes environmentally conscious choices.