7 Awesome Colors That Go with Golden Oak Wood

7 Color choices that go best alongside golden oak wood. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 24th, 2022

Golden oak wood is popular and the most loved choice of home décor devotees due to its aesthetic appeal and durability.

A number of color palettes work best with golden oak wood– depending on the interior design style you may be following.

As the walls occupy a major proportion of our sight, matching the right wall color with golden oak wood is highly crucial to add a designer touch to an interior.

The color you choose for your walls must not undermine the look of golden oak wood. You must consider the area of the space and the inflow of sunlight before choosing the wall color for a room having golden oak wood.

Soft pastel hues or some warm and cool undertones do wonders and help in blending golden oak wood into any interior design.

Here you go with 7 best colors that work best with golden oak wood!

What Color Goes with Golden Oak Wood?


Ivory walls with golden oak wood
Ivory walls with golden oak wood

Ivory is the best color to pick for the walls—especially when you’re planning to include golden oak wood in the interior of your space.

It is a neutral color that simply enhances the beauty of your home by highlighting the features of oak wood and giving it a comfy coastal feel.

Including ivory in the color palette with golden oak wood is a super easy way to create a statement while offering a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.


Olive walls with golden oak wood
Olive walls with golden oak wood

Olive color falls under the category of mid-tones that neutralize the feel of a space when used with golden oak wood. You can use this soft shade of green to add calmness to any space.

When it comes to accenting wooden tones—olive is one of the best paint colors for the walls.

This undertone of a cool color looks better than warm undertones; when you use it with golden oak wood. It makes the space follow the theme and adds warmth and character to it.

Light Gray

Light gray walls with golden oak wood
Light gray walls with golden oak wood

Light grey is a unique paint color to use on the walls—if you have golden oak wood doors, cabinets, furniture, or flooring.

This makes a simple and soft color palette that is inspired by modern minimalism to offer a sleek and contemporary feel.

It is for someone who loves a peaceful and calming environment. However, you must avoid using greys with true blue or violet undertones with golden oak wood to prevent any design flaws.


Beige walls with golden oak wood
Beige walls with golden oak wood

Beige is simply a game-changer in an interior–be it residential or commercial. It is one of the top neutral shades that can blend well with any interior design style to make it look more sophisticated.

You can fearlessly use beige when you’re incorporating golden oak wood into your space. Its neutral accents add a minimalist touch to your space without camouflaging the shade of oak wood.

Beige comes with broad style choices and decor potential for a space to give it a contemporary feel. The only thing to ensure is to avoid using beige that reflects cool pink or purple undertones.

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow walls with golden oak wood
Pale yellow walls with golden oak wood

If you want to add some energy to your space with muted tones—you can always go for pale yellow as the main paint color for the walls.

Pale yellow undertones look great with golden oak wood as it follows the same depth as that of oak wood.

It creates a cozy and welcoming feel in any space and shifts the focus to the wooden accents. While the golden oak wood can be a perfect accent to complete the whole look.

Light Brown

Light brown walls with golden oak wood
Light brown walls with golden oak wood

Light brown is a warm color that can soften the effects of yellow wooden tone of golden oak wood. You can always use warm paint colors that are a few tones darker or lighter than the tone of the wood.

It accents better than the color of the same depth—as that of the wood. It can tone down the yellow-hued wood and brings harmony to the overall interior design of a space.

However, cool opposites give the interior design of your space a more elegant look.

Dark Brown

Dark brown walls with golden oak wood
Dark brown walls with golden oak wood

Dark brown is an earthy color that brings a woodsy vibe to an interior. It creates a perfect contrast with golden oak wood that adds richness to the interior design of your space.

This deep and warm wall color takes you closer to nature and pairs beautifully with the lighter tones in other design elements of space—like furniture, flooring, and more.

However, you must keep other décor elements muted to strike a balance within the interior design and create a clean and cozy space.


Whether you’re trying to form a contemporary, minimal and calm interior or creating a vintage rustic one—golden oak wood won’t fail to surprise you with its versatility of design.

It works well with a variety of different color palettes. However, using the right color on the walls is highly crucial when you’re including golden oak wood in your space.

There’s always a risk of overdoing it if you pick the wrong color for the walls. 

So just use these ideas to design the color palette of your space having golden oak wood and create a tidy, warm, yet inviting atmosphere!