10 Wall Colors That Matches Red Oak Floors

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 12th, 2024

While some people may think that red oak is kinda outdated and lost its popularity to some other woods, we actually think that this wood is still good enough and in some cases, can be the perfect choice as flooring.

For example, its durability is much better than any typical light wood. Thus, it’s perfect for any high-traffic space to use red oak flooring. Moreover, this wood tends to be more affordable compared to any other popular wood. So in the long run, red oakwood flooring surely will be a great investment.

In terms of visual appearance, red oak has a unique characteristic that can’t be found in any other wood, especially for its colors. With some red undertones in its grain, this light hardwood flooring not only will look glamorous and beautiful, but it can bring a happy and warm ambiance to lift the entire space.

However, the biggest problem when using red oak flooring is that it can be really hard to find the right colors that will be a perfectly complementary color, especially for any other large element inside any room such as walls.

To solve this, our team did an experiment trying a dozen of different wall paint colors inside a room that using red oak as flooring. And finally, we can conclude that white, white dove, harbour gray, sage, light mint, and artichoke are some of the best wall colors for red oak flooring. These hues beautifully complement the warm, reddish-brown hues of red oak, enhancing its natural grains and texture, and resulting in a cohesive and harmonious appeal. These combinations evoke a sense of tranquility and sophistication, creating a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing space with red oak flooring as the centerpiece.

If you’re considering other paint colors for a room with red oak flooring, our tool lets you visualize the choices. Find the tool at the bottom of this page, or click here to access it directly.

Read on as we dive further into all those awesome wall color options.

10 Best Wall Colors for Red Oak Floors


Pure white walls

For amazing hardwood flooring materials like the red oak, you may want to keep everything around it as simple as possible. This will makes the flooring stand out and become the main visual feature for your entire room.

For this, surely plain white is the best choice. Not only it will keep the red wooden floors dominant, but also the clean contrast between them will enhance and highlight the floors to max out its full potential.

White paint can also be a perfect choice if you want to create a more modern or stylish interior design.

White Dove

White dove walls

Alternatively, you can use another warmer variant of white such as this white dove.

The white dove walls still bring all of the benefits similar to plain white, but it comes with a bit of warmth that beautifully matches with the warm looks of the red oak wood flooring.

Harbour Gray

Harbour gray walls

As we already said before, some people may think that red oak flooring is outdated and old-school. You can turn this around and makes them amaze with your home by combining it with more modern, trendy, and elegant colors for your walls, such as this harbour gray.

This medium-toned gray paint brings a strong elegant sense to lift up and makes the room with red oak flooring look fresher and more up-to-date.

The combinations of gray walls and oakwood floors can also be a perfect versatile base where you can literally fit in any furniture color to that room.


Sage walls

Green is arguably the best color for any light to the medium-toned hardwood floor.

And particularly for red oak wood floors, this sage green tends to be the best green shade that not only will enhance the visual appearance of the oakwood in a fresh vibe, but it can also add the natural tone without overpowering the entire space with flashy looks as many typical green shades.

Light Mint

Light mint walls

If you prefer the green paint with more modern looks, then try this light mint. This trendy color will create an aesthetic and eye-pleasing look when combined with the red oak floors.

Furthermore, this subtle shade will help tone down a bit of the strong looks of the floors, resulting in a softer and delicate visual appearance.


Artichoke walls

For you who want a wall with bold and strong visuals, you can try this one. Artichoke is a dark shade of green with some strong gray undertone, and this combination creates a beautiful mix of the freshness of the green with the elegance of the light gray.

You can use artichoke to paint your walls if you want it to be more dominant rather than the red oak floors, and in some cases, this can be really helpful to visually make the flooring looks softer and neutral.

Warm Tan

Warm tan walls

With rich golden undertones, warm tan can be a perfect duo with red oak, creating a vibrant and rich ambiance that makes your home feel alive.

While at the same time, this warm color still had enough neutrality, making it can blend pretty easily with any kind of furnishings, from the light to a dark, bold ones.

Light Yellow

Light yellow walls

For some kind of wood, yellow may be a complimentary choice, but as you can see on the image above, it rather goes in an opposite way when used as wall paint color against the red oak floors.

Thus, if you are looking for an opposite option for your walls, you can use light yellow to bring a strong tonal contrast against the flooring.


Beige walls

If you want to create flawless connections between the red oak floors and the walls, then go with beige. Visually, the beige walls and the oak floors had a very similar tone that makes them blend perfectly in harmony.

However, this combination can bring potential risk to makes your room looks boring and monotonous, so, you need to incorporate some other colors – preferably strong or vibrant ones, to break out the monotony and avoiding this problem.

Sky Blue

Sky blue walls

Sky blue is another great cool color that can neutralize the red oak in a beautiful way. The softness and calming appearance of the sky blue wall spread beautifully to tone done the striking floor, making the entire space feel cozy and comfy.

Using subtle color like this also helps make the floor stand out, so you can expose the beauty of colors, grain, and wood stain of the red oak hardwood.

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