Best Rustic Crown Molding Ideas that Doesn’t Look Outdated in 2020

Our interior expert created some best rustic crown molding ideas that is timeless and still looks good even in 2020. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : November 27th, 2021

Most people think that crown molding is outdated, but the truth is that crown molding still pretty useful and can be a great solution to add a more classical or elegant touch into the room. Using crown molding can also help make the room interior feel completed.

Some research showed that using crown molding can help increase a home appraisal value, and that’s absolutely great return on investment since crown molding is quite cheap and affordable.

Whether you are planning to sell your house or want to make it looks more attractive and interesting than installing decorative molding can be a great affordable option for you. Usually, crown molding is used in classic or antique style interior decor, but today, there is a wide range of crown molding are available that can be used for various different room interior styles.

But when it comes to rustic style, that’s a little bit tricky rather than any other style. For other styles such as classic, or even contemporary or modern ones, you can easily buy any ready-to-install crown molding. But for rustic style decor, it’s very difficult to find a decorative crown molding that will fit perfectly into this style.

The perfect rustic crown molding should be made using wood, and that’s why it’s difficult to find a fabricated rustic crown molding since other decor styles can use any materials such as PVC, Polyurethane, Gypsum, or other engineered materials that are easy to mass-produce.

That’s the reason why for rustic style homes, most homeowners ordering custom crown molding from the carpenter or even make it themself.

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If you are planning to add a rustic style crown molding to your interiors, then here we share some rustic crown molding that we already made for our interior design project to give you some ideas and inspirations, and here they are :

Rustic Crown Molding Ideas

1. Simple Rustic Crown Molding using Old Wood Board

Simple rustic crown molding ideas
Simple rustic crown molding

This crown molding is very simple yet still looks beautiful and natural, and it’s perfect to wrap up any rustic interior decoration. Using just single wood board element without the addition of any other elements or shapes, this kind of molding can be created easily by anyone with some basic woodworking skills.

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The key to create this kind of molding is by choosing the right wood board that will match your room decor style. So you should carefully choose the wood with perfect texture, grain, and color.

2. Retro Elegant Crown Molding

Retro crown molding ideas
Retro looks crown molding

Using dark-aged wood is perfect for creating a retro and antique-style crown molding that still looks elegant, such as this one. The aged wood makes the crown molding bring rich and bold looks that is great to create a timeless room decor.

3. Gray Rustic Farmhouse Crown Molding

Rustic farmhouse gray crown molding ideas
Rustic farmhouse gray crown molding

Using a gray-colored wood texture is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to have a rustic touch in a more soft and calm ambient, and since it’s the main purpose for this bedroom project, so we created the crown molding using gray oak wood. This simple crown molding can be a delicate addition to lifting up the overall room decor.

4. Black Wooden Decorative Crown Molding

Black wood crown molding ideas
Black crown molding

If you want to add a more elegant touch to your room using crown molding, that creating the ones with black wood can be a perfect choice for you. The dark black wood finish creates an elegant and luxurious ambient, yet still, brings some rustic vibe. This kind of crown molding works best when combined with a white wall and/or white ceiling.

5. Classic Stylish Crown Molding

Classic stylish wood crown molding
Classic stylish wood crown molding

Combining a rustic with classic style can produce a beautiful look, such as this crown molding where we created it using dark brown aged wood and shape it with a touch of classical style. This kind of crown molding can be used in a variety of room decor styles, from rustic to classic or even vintage/farmhouse style decor.