7 Awesome Curtain Colors for an Olive Green Couch

Fresh curtain color ideas for living room with an olive couch

Today, the olive green couch seems to have overtaken any other green couches as the most popular option for the living room. This is quite reasonable since its combination of rich and warm hues cannot be replicated by any other greens. Thus, this beautiful piece of furniture can bring a unique sense, while still providing a fresh natural charm as any other greens.

However, coordinating an olive green couch with the right accessories, like the curtains, can be a tricky process. But when done right, you will not only create a flawless connection between them but also will have a richer and more dramatic couch.

To achieve this, you need to pair the olive green couch with curtain colors like white, beige, yellow, orange, or maroon. These curtain colors can provide a striking, interesting contrast that highlights and enhances the warmth of olive, and adds a cheerful and lively atmosphere to the room. Pairing these curtains with an olive couch can also infuse your space with a unique character that is associated with positivity and a sense of optimism.

Continue reading below to see all the stunning curtain ideas for olive green couch.

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7 Curtain Colors That Goes with Olive Green Couch


White curtains with olive green couch

Crisp, white curtains allow an olive couch to be a standout piece in the living room, and won’t try to take over its space.

The ultimate neutral, white curtains act as a complementary background for an olive couch and will tie into almost any other accent pieces that are brought in.

While white can have its undertones, a true white will help neutralize any cool or warm undertones of an olive couch.


Beige curtains with olive green couch

Beige curtains are a must for a room with an olive couch if you’re looking for a boho or nature-lovers vibe. Creamy beige curtains often have a texture to them, further enhancing the natural feel.

Less stark than white, beige curtains will let the olive green color of the couch pop, without the contrast of a bright white against a deep rich olive.


Yellow curtains with olive green couch

Yellow curtains look great with an olive couch when creating a room with an analogous color scheme. An analogous color scheme is implemented when colors next to each other on the color wheel are used in tandem.

As yellow and green are neighbors, this pairing makes perfect sense. Yellow curtains will help brighten up an olive, which can read muddy, and keep the room bright and intentionally designed.

Lime Green

Lime curtains with olive couch

Lime green curtains are a bold but fabulous choice when paired with an olive couch. A monochrome look will be in full swing as the two green tones share the space.

Lime green is punchy, while olive green is subdued; when put together, they create balance in a space. Use the lime green as a jumping-off point for other fun, colored accessories, like throw pillows.

Light Gray

Light gray curtains with olive green couch

Light gray curtains create a calming vibe when paired with an olive green couch. Gray, a neutral, will balance the strong presence of an olive green couch and will give off a cool tone.

The gray and green combination would seamlessly fit in a modern environment with sleek surfaces and a minimalist look.


Orange curtains with olive couch

Orange curtains and an olive couch are screaming to be paired together in a mid-century modern styled home. The retro feels are alive and well with this color combination that brings moody tones to a whole new level.

Match with smoked or colored glass pieces, and gleaming darker wood tones to complete the look. In this case, the curtains aren’t meant to fade into the background, they are on par with the olive green couch.


Maroon curtains with olive green couch

Maroon and olive green? A moody room’s perfect combination. The dark, rich tones of maroon compliment the olive green tones of the couch, creating an impression fit for a masculine office or mahogany-filled office.

Opposite on the color wheel, the two are so different, but are surprisingly complimentary. They create contrast and depth when paired together that can be difficult to achieve.

Curtain Color Tester Tool for Olive Green Couch

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Final Words

An olive green couch is a whimsical touch that can suit any décor style. Make sure that you pair your couch with the best accessories possible, with a particular focus on the curtains.

With so many complimentary choices it’s a case of understanding your style and choosing a pair that fits within it. When hanging your curtains, make sure to hang them as high and wide as possible to give the illusion of larger windows and a higher ceiling. Happy curtain shopping!

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