10 Curtain Color Inspirations to Pair With Blue Couch

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 22nd, 2024

When it comes to the bold and elegant types of couches, then the one with blue finishes becomes the most popular choice. Using the blue couch alone can bring a powerful effect that can turn unattractive and uninspiring spaces become more impressive and fascinating ones.

Unfortunately, unlike any other couches, this particular couch is quite difficult to combine with other elements around it. Choosing the wrong combinations and your space will look messy. Thus, every single piece of furniture or decoration items around it must be selected carefully.

If you are planning to put your couch in front of the windows, then it’s very important to choose the right curtains colors as they will serve as a background.

In this article, our interior expert put together a list of the best curtains colors that can work well with a blue couch. Without further ado, here they are :

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1. White

White curtains

Some people may think that we put white on this list because it’s the easiest and risk-free option. But actually, it’s much more than that.

A white curtain can works really well when used behind any couch with a bold and elegant style as it can help make the couch stand out and help highlight it to become the main focal point for the living room.

White curtains can also be the best choice for any homeowner who wants to keep their space looks simple and crisp.

Furthermore, it’s a perfect option if you want to keep it below the radar and not overshadowed any other furnishings and decoration items around.

2. Blue

Blue curtains

If you want to keep a harmonious balance between the couch and the curtains, then using blue is the best option. However, this comes with big risks at it can make your space looks monotonous.

To avoid this, use a different tone of blue between the curtains and the couch so they will still have enough contrast to distinguish each other.

For example, as you can see in the image above where we use a navy couch, so we decide to go with light blue. In opposite, if you had a light blue couch, then you can go with medium or dark blue.

3. White and Blue

White and blue curtains

A great alternative to create a perfectly harmonious space without risking make it boring is by using blue and white curtains. The blue element will make it blend nicely with the couch, while the white will be a beautiful variance to make the curtains can be easily distinguishable.

You can choose whatever pattern that you like. In a modern or contemporary style room, we love to use a simple horizontal or vertical striped pattern or a geometric pattern.

While for the more classical style room, you can go with something more artistic like a beautiful floral pattern.

4. Cream

Cream curtains

Cream curtains can bring similar effects to the white, but they can bring a warmer vibe that can help balance out the cool-toned blue and create tranquil and serene spaces.

This kind of curtains also can work well if you had white walls, so it can be easily distinguishable and create some distinctive tone.

5. Light Gray

Light gray curtains

Any gray curtains can be a perfect fit for a blue sofa as they have some similarities such as similar cool-tone and can bring similar elegant and modern feels. If you want to keep your space look bright, then light gray can be the best choice.

We also love to use light gray if we are planning to put some other furniture items in front of the curtains, as this kind of curtains can also be easily blended with almost any other colors.

6. Medium Gray

Medium gray curtains

Another shade of gray that can work really well is a medium-toned gray. This color is perfect if you need to add more depth and enhance the elegance of the couch.

However, as this kind of curtains tends to look quite dark, only used in a room with a sufficient amount of neutral lighting. Also, avoid using it in a small-sized living room.

7. Dusty Pink

Dusty pink curtains

Blue and pink are perfect combinations if you want to create eye-pleasing and aesthetic spaces.

When used together, the blue gives the pink some maturity, while pink keep the blue from being too boring, and this will create a perfectly balanced deep and rich look.

To avoid the decor feel like a nursery one, we prefer to use a more “grown-up” shade: dusty pink. The dusty pink curtains will look much more mature compared with other pink shades but still bring a sweet and soft vibe.

8. Light Brown

Light brown curtains

A blue sofa tends to works best in a modern style interior. If you need curtains that can help enhance those styles and add more sleek, relaxing, and trendy looks, then light brown can be a perfect choice.

As a neutral tone, any brown shade can work well with the blue elements as the brown will warm up the cooler blue tones to create a perfectly balanced vibe.

9. Brown

Brown curtains

For you who need to add more depth into your spaces by using curtains for your living room with blue sofa, then brown curtains can be a perfect fit for you.

Using these two bold shades together can create a stunningly deep and rich space, with perfect ambiance thank’s to the wonderful mixture of cool and warm tones.

Brown can works really well, especially in a large room. Furthermore, it can also be the best option if you are using a lot of wooden furniture or elements throughout the room.

10. Yellow

Yellow curtains

Blue and yellow are classic yet timeless combinations. As the opposite shade on the color wheel, using both colors together can create a very pleasant contrast.

To get the best results, make sure to match the tone of both colors. For example, if you are using a dark blue couch, then it’s better to go with the dark yellow curtains.

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