10 Best Paint Colors for Tray Ceiling (Best Choices For A Stylish Horizons)

10 awesome paint color ideas to makes your tray ceiling stand out and become the centerpiece of your space. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 19th, 2023

A tray ceiling is an interesting design element that stands as a symbol of architectural sophistication, adding more visual intrigue, depth, and interest when compared to the typical ceilings.

While many homeowners choose to leave their tray ceiling with plain white, we actually think that this feature needs to be rich and colorful in order to enhance and make it stand out even more.

After experimenting with a lot of different colors to paint our tray ceiling, we can conclude that greige, blue-gray, and charcoal are the best options. Those colors provide enough hues to make the ceiling feel alive, but still have strong neutrality that will avoid overpowering your current interior style.

In this post, we will dive deeper into all the great color options for tray ceilings, and provide some illustrations to give you a better understanding and help make your decision easier.

1. Off-White: Heavenly White by Sherwin Williams

Living room with off-white tray ceiling

Choosing off-white for your tray ceiling is a secure and appealing option, especially for homeowners who want to go away from the conventional white. The off-white maintains the neutrality expected of ceiling colors, while also bringing added depth, steering clear of the starkness associated with pure white.

Its versatile nature allows for effortless integration with various interior styles and seamless coordination with any color scheme, making off-white a versatile and timeless choice.

2. Greige: Nimbus by Benjamin Moore

Living room with greige tray ceiling

This is another standout tray ceiling paint color option due to its versatile and balanced qualities. This neutral blend of gray and beige seamlessly marries the warmth of beige with the sophistication of gray, creating a color that complements various design styles.

Greige introduces a subtle and elegant contrast to the surrounding walls, especially if you are using another neutral for the wall colors, adding depth and visual interest to the space. Its adaptability allows it to harmonize with a wide range of interior color schemes and furnishings, providing a timeless and versatile backdrop.

3. Blue-Gray: Aleutian by Sherwin Williams

Living room with blue-gray tray ceiling

Blue-gray proves to be an excellent choice not only for tray ceilings but also for various other ceiling types. This gorgeous shade effortlessly combines cozy and airy tones with elegant qualities, adding richness without overwhelming the entire space.

Since it’s technically still neutral, blue-gray can be used in almost any interior design style, from classic traditional to modern minimalist.

In short, blue-gray can add sophistication to any room, making blue-gray a versatile and stylish option for those looking to enhance their ceilings with a nuanced and balanced color choice.

4. Charcoal: Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore

Living room with charcoal tray ceiling

The deep tone and bold hues from charcoal make it a perfect choice to highlight and make your tray ceiling a center of attention inside your home.

The charcoal-painted ceiling will create a stunning drama, especially when combined with light-toned colors like white walls or light gray furniture, lifting the entire space to the next level of sophistication.

However, it might be necessary to incorporate additional lighting elements to prevent the ceiling from creating an excessively dark and stark atmosphere. By strategically placing additional light fixtures, you can effectively counterbalance the deeper tones, ensuring a well-lit and harmonious ambiance in the space.

5. Light Wood: Oak, Beech, Maple, or Pine

Living room with light wood tray ceiling
Light wood

Adding some light wood detail is an excellent choice for any kind of ceiling as it provides a natural texture and organic visual, resulting in a fresh and airy feel. The incorporation of wood detailing brings warmth and character, establishing a harmonious connection with nature.

This option also had a fantastic ability to create a warm, spacious atmosphere, while also standing out as a standout element inside your home. In essence, this option not only enhances the visual aesthetics but also plays a pivotal role in shaping a welcoming and distinctive atmosphere within the confines of your home.

6. Gray: Steely Gray by Sherwin Williams

Living room with gray tray ceiling

As a versatile shade, gray can literally fit into any element inside your home, including a tray ceiling. Its neutrality not only makes the ceiling blend easily with any other colors but also adds some modern twist to boost the elegance of your interior space.

For even better results, combine the gray ceiling with some luxurious lighting, such as a modern chandelier or elegant track lighting. The neutrality of gray will be a great canvas to enhance the lighting, allowing those elements to stand out as the centerpiece of our home.

7. Dark Brown: Armory by Sherwin Williams

Living room with dark brown tray ceiling
Dark brown

Another great dark option for you who want to create a bold-looking ceiling. The dark brown ceiling will easily become a main statement for any space, making the entire room look glamorous and luxurious. The dark brown paint color can be a great choice to complement any classic or transitional design style, combining a glam touch with bold sophistication.

This option also works really well if you are using plenty of organic, natural accents inside your home, such as plants, greenery, or wood elements.

We love to use this option for any space where families love to gather, such as the living room and dining room. Then you can combine this awesome ceiling with other striking elements such as dark dining room furniture or vibrant living room accessories.

8. Sage: Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore

Sage painted tray ceiling

Bring a sense of tranquility and natural harmony to your living space by painting your ceiling with sage. This subtle green shade connects effortlessly with nature, creating a serene and calming atmosphere.

Its soft and soothing tone makes sage a versatile choice that easily complements various design styles, from charming bohemian to modern contemporary.

9. Mustard: Quilt Gold by Sherwin Williams

Mustard yellow painted tray ceiling
Mustard yellow

If you are looking for a vibrant option for your ceiling, then we highly recommend you try mustard. This rich and bold hue not only adds character and visual interest but can also evoke a fun and cozy ambiance, making it a perfect choice for those seeking to impart a welcoming and energetic feel to the room.

Unlike most yellow shades, mustard comes with some hint of elegance and modernity, making it not only introduce a pop of color but also create a stylish and sophisticated flair to elevate the entire living space.

To neutralize this vibrant hue, you can combine this option with neutral elements such as light gray walls or white-painted crown molding.

10. Deep Green: Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore

Deep green painted tray ceiling
Deep green

Another bold, dramatic choice that you can try. This rich and lush hue instills a touch of luxury while connecting the interior to the tranquility of the outdoors. Applied to a tray ceiling, deep green creates a visually striking contrast with the surrounding walls, adding depth and architectural interest.

Deep green evokes a sense of calm and opulence, making it an ideal selection for those seeking to imbue their living spaces with a refined and nature-inspired ambiance.