Best Paint Color for Tray Ceiling

7 paint color ideas to makes your tray ceiling looks awesome! Written by : Editors | Last Updated : November 27th, 2022

A tray ceiling is an interesting design element that takes a usually unused space, and gives it some depth and interest.

While many homeowners choose to leave their tray ceiling white, we encourage you to add some additional detail to the area by painting it a color, or adding trim detail.

It isn’t always possible to add visual interest to the ceiling, so take advantage of this defined space and use the overhead space to your advantage.

7 Best Paint Colors for Tray Ceiling


Living room with off-white tray ceiling
Off-white tray ceiling

Off-white is a safe, starter choice for homeowners who want to move beyond traditional white on their ceiling, to something a little warmer.

Off-white still acts like a neutral, but adds some depth to the space, and isn’t as stark as pure white. Integrate an off-white ceiling in a room that needs a little bit of coziness added to it.


Living room with greige tray ceiling
Greige tray ceiling

Greige is an excellent choice for a tray ceiling as its versatility works as well above as it does on walls.

The perfect combination of grey and beige, greige can be used in any décor style and adds comforting warmth when used on a tray ceiling.

It makes a space feel cozy and lived in, without feeling too heavy. Choose a lighter greige tone if you’re worried about a space feeling too dark.


Living room with blue-gray tray ceiling
Blue-gray tray ceiling

Blue-gray is being used as a neutral in more and more spaces, and a tray ceiling shouldn’t be any exception.

While traditionally used in coastal homes, a blue-gray tray ceiling would fit in well in traditional, transitional, or even modern homes.

This color is more of a statement and is best suited for either a room with lots of natural light, or one where you’re curled up with a cozy vibe.


Living room with charcoal tray ceiling
Charcoal tray ceiling

Charcoal is bold, it’s deep, and it’s the perfect choice for a tray ceiling.

There is no mistaking that this is a deliberate choice, and would be prime for movie rooms, masculine studies or formal living rooms that require an additional level of sophistication.

The light-dampening qualities of charcoal make it a good choice where there is plenty of lighting sources, whether from light fixtures, or natural light.

Light Wood

Living room with light wood tray ceiling
Light wood tray ceiling

A light wood detail is an excellent choice for a tray ceiling as it provides textural and dimensional interest as well as an element of color. Light wood gives a beachy, airy feel.

The long slats will make a room feel longer and should be run parallel to the longest wall of the room.

Thin or thick planks can be used for a ceiling installation, but make sure to lay out a mock up first, as small planks may feel too busy in your space.


Living room with gray tray ceiling
Gray tray ceiling

As a versatile shade, gray can literally fit into any elements inside your home, including as tray ceiling. It’s neutrality not only makes the ceiling blend easily with any other colors, but also add some modern twist to boost the elegance of your space.

For an even better results, combine the gray tray ceiling with some luxurious lighting, such as a modern chandelier or elegant track lighting.

Dark Brown

Living room with dark brown tray ceiling
Dark brown tray ceiling

Another great dark options for you who want to create a bold looking ceiling. The dark brown tray ceiling will easily becomes a main statement for any space, making the entire room look glam and luxurious.

This option also works really well if you are using plenty of wooden elements inside your home.


Ceilings are often ignored in design, but a tray ceiling is just begging for some additional attention. Don’t let your inspiration stop at your walls, bring it up and over the ceiling to make a sophisticated design choice that elevates the whole room.

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