7 Best Paint Colors for Tray Ceiling (Best Choices For A Stylish Horizons)

7 paint color ideas to makes your tray ceiling looks awesome! Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 1st, 2023

A tray ceiling is an interesting design element that stands as a symbol of architectural sophistication, adding more visual intrigue, depth, and interest when compared to the typical ceilings.

While many homeowners choose to leave their tray ceiling with plain white, we actually think that this feature needs to be rich and colorful in order to enhance and make it stand out even more.

After experimenting with a lot of different colors to paint our tray ceiling, we can conclude that greige, blue-gray, and charcoal are the best options. Those colors provide enough hues to make the ceiling feel alive, but still have strong neutrality that will avoid overpowering your current interior style.

In this post, we will dive deeper into all the great color options for tray ceilings, and provide some illustrations to give you a better understanding and help make your decision easier.

1. Off-White

Living room with off-white tray ceiling

Off-white is a safe, starter choice for homeowners who want to move beyond traditional white on their tray ceiling, to something a little warmer and richer.

Off-white still acts like a neutral but adds some depth to the space. Moreover, it isn’t as stark as pure white, avoid your ceiling feels overly bright. It can also blend relatively easy with any interior style, and fit in with any color scheme.

2. Greige

Living room with greige tray ceiling

Greige is an excellent choice for almost any part of your home, from walls to tray ceilings. This beautiful combination of gray and beige offers elegance and modernity from the gray, while at the same time evokes warmth and richness from its beige undertones.

The greige ceiling will bring a comforting warmth to your space, and becomes a great backdrop to highlight the other elements below it. It also makes a space feel cozy and lived in without bringing an overwhelming look.

3. Blue-Gray

Living room with blue-gray tray ceiling

Blue-gray is another great option not only for tray ceiling, but also for any other types of ceilings. This unique shade blends the cozy and airy hues with elegant qualities, enriching the entire space without using overpowered hues.

While traditionally used in coastal homes, a blue-gray ceiling would also fit pretty well in traditional, transitional, or even modern homes.

This color is more of a statement and is best suited for either a room with lots of natural light, or the one where you’re curled up with a cozy vibe such as living rooms or bedrooms.

4. Charcoal

Living room with charcoal tray ceiling

The deep tone and bold hues from charcoal make it a perfect choice to highlight and make your tray ceiling a center of attention inside your home.

The charcoal-painted ceiling will create a stunning drama, especially when combined with light-toned colors like white walls or light gray furniture, lifting up the entire space to the next level of sophistication.

However, you may need to add some additional lighting to avoid the charcoal ceiling feeling too dark and stark.

5. Light Wood

Living room with light wood tray ceiling
Light wood

Adding some light wood detail is an excellent choice for a tray ceiling as it provides natural texture and organic visual, resulting in fresh and airy feel.

This option also had a fantastic ability to create a warm, spacious atmosphere, while also standing out as a standout element inside your home.

6. Gray

Living room with gray tray ceiling

As a versatile shade, gray can literally fit into any element inside your home, including a tray ceiling. Its neutrality not only makes the ceiling blend easily with any other colors but also adds some modern twist to boost the elegance of your interior space.

For even better results, combine the gray ceiling with some luxurious lighting, such as a modern chandelier or elegant track lighting. The neutrality of gray will be a great canvas to enhance the lighting, allowing those elements to stand out as the centerpiece of our home.

7. Dark Brown

Living room with dark brown tray ceiling
Dark brown

Another great dark option for you who want to create a bold-looking ceiling. The dark brown tray ceiling will easily become a main statement for any space, making the entire room look glamorous and luxurious. The dark brown ceiling can be a great choice to complement any classic or transitional design style, combining a glam touch with bold sophistication.

This option also works really well if you are using plenty of wooden elements inside your home.