10 Best Paint Colors to Boost Creativity (Unleash Your Inner Creativity with These Wall Colors)

Spruce up your home office with these energetic wall paint colors that can boost your creativity. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : March 8th, 2023

Designing a home office or workspace may looks like a simple and straighforward task. In facts, it is not. Every small detail of your working environtment can makes a big impact not only to your productivity, but also to your creativity.

For any creative people out there, set up a home office that can fully optimize their potential is very essential. And if there is one thing that can really makes a big impact, it’s the walls.

Walls will take a significant amount of visual of any room, and that’s why it can easily affect our mood. Choosing the wrong colors, you will have a hard time generating new ideas.

In this post, we will gives you some wall color ideas for home office that not only had been proven to boost the creativity level, but also can help create an inspiring and productive workspace.

10 Best Wall Colors to Boost Creativity for Your Home Office

Sky Blue

Home office with sky blue walls
Sky blue walls

Let your ideas flow by painting your home office walls with sky blue. this soft, soothing blue shades can easily spread a sense of calm, helping to reduce your stress and anxiety.

No wonder, there are a lot of companies using this color to paint their office interior walls. To gives an extra boost of energy, you can combine the sky blue with some vibrant accents, such as dark red or vibrant green.

Lemon Yellow

Home office with lemon yellow walls
Lemon yellow walls

This vibrant shade of yellow will bring an instant happines and optimism, making it a perfect color choice for any creative person.

Furthermore, as any yellow shades, this lemon yellow paint can lift up the mood and gives you additional energy to finish your job.

The sunny, bright looks of the lemon yellow walls also will helps any night owl to keep motivated when working late into the night.

Sage Green

Home office with sage green walls
Sage green walls

Sage had been known as a color that can create a relaxing, stress-free interior. And that’s why it can be a perfect choice for home office.

With calming balance and harmony, you can get a lot more focus and attention on your work.

Furthermore, many research confirm that looking at green elements for every 15 minutes of working at your screen can help relaxing our eyes and minds, so you won’t get tired and exhausted after working for long hours.


Home office with teal walls
Teal walls

This refreshing color can promote a sense of clarity and freshness, and that’s why it can be a great option especially for you who need to had a lot of focus and attention to detail.

With modern looks, teal can also be a great choice for home office from the visual design perspective.

Lime Green

Home office with lime green walls
Lime green walls

Associated with nature, lime green can boost your creative feeling and innovation. This vibrant color also help stimulate your mind to gives better focus and productivity.

However, to avoid this bold, vibrant shade become overly dominant in your working space, you may need to balance it out with plenty of neutral color such as gray, white, or black.

Terracotta Red

Home office with terracotta red walls
Terracotta red walls

Terraccota red is an earthy color that will bring a sense of comfort and stability in your working area, make it a convenient place even when you should spend a lot of time there.

To bring the best out of this paint color, you can combine it with plenty of natural element such as some greenery of wooden furnishings.

Powder Blue

Home office with powder blue walls
Powder blue walls

Powder blue is a light blue-gray shade that bring all of the benefits of blue, but still looks calm and neutral. And that’s why it can easily set up a tranquil and peaceful ambiance that will prevent you from being distracted.

Sunflower Yellow

Home office with sunflower yellow walls
Sunflower yellow walls

Boost your energy and enthusiasm using this cheerful color. Whether it’s just as an accent of for the entire walls, sunflower yellow will gives a lot of positive impact to your home office.

This color can also be a great choice for any small or dark room.

Steel Gray

Home office with steel gray walls
Steel gray walls

Gray shades, especially any medium to dark toned gray like this steel gray, had been known for bringing power and authority. And this effect can become very useful especially if your work requires a lot of confidence and assertiveness.

Moreover, as a neutral, this steel gray can easily blend with almost any home office style, from a traditional to a modern contemporary ones.

Warm Gray

Home office with warm gray walls
Warm gray walls

The neutrality of the gray will calm your mind and gives you a lot of room for creativity and inspiration, while it’s warmth help make your home office feel comfy and cozy.

Using the warm gray paint also will gives you plenty of spaces to add another vibrant, energetic colors to help boost your creativity and productivity, such as adding some red accents or vibrant yellow accents.