17 Stunning Granite Choices for White Kitchen Cabinets

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 17th, 2024

When designing any kitchen, the two most important element that should be perfectly matched is the kitchen cabinets and the countertop. This is quite obvious, as both of them will become the center of attention in your kitchen, thus, making sure that you are choosing the right combinations can make or break the visual appearance of the entire cooking area.

If you have already decided to use white kitchen cabinets, then congratulations, you have already made your next job a lot easier. Without any doubt, as an ultra-versatile color, white can blend with literally any counter color. However, sometimes too many options can make you overwhelmed since there are a ton of different counter materials you can choose.

Although all kinds of granite can practically go pretty well with white cabinets, we honestly think that black granite, baltic brown granite, white sardinia granite, and golden oak granite are the best choices compared to the others. These granite choices generate striking contrast against the white backdrop and can stand out effortlessly to elevate the visual aesthetic of your white-themed kitchen.

In this post, we will explore all those options, along with some other recommendations that will pair beautifully with white cabinets. Every suggestion will come with an image illustration to give you a clear view of how they will perform alongside the white cabinets.

After reading this post, hope you get a lot of inspiration and clear ideas that can be applied to your own kitchen. Without further ado, here they are :

1. Black Granite

Arguably, this is the best option for any kitchen with white cabinets. The black granite will bring a totally different look and contrast against the sleek cabinets, and make both elements stand out beautifully.

While these combinations surely will work amazing in any kitchen with a modern contemporary style, they can also look great in any classical decor.

Last but not least, black can be a very practical option as it’s much easier to maintain and clean compared to any other color. Literally, any kind of black stone can do the job perfectly, but here are some of our best recommendations: Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, Impala Black, Absolute Black, and Cambrian Black.

2. Gray Granite

If you think that black is too much, then alternatively, you can try using gray granite. There are so many different kinds of gray stone that you can choose from, and some of the most popular ones are Gray Pearl, Bianco Antico, and Steel Gray.

The gray countertops will still bring an adequate amount of contrast against the white cabinets, but at the same time still look flawless with them.

3. Baltic Brown Granite

This particular stone originated from stone quarried in Finland. One of the main reasons why this item is very popular is its elegant blend of brown and black colors.

And with such an amount of elegance, surely this natural stone can work well to improve the looks of any white kitchen

Furthermore, when used as a countertop, these Baltic Brown countertops will stand as a luxurious focal point for the entire area.

4. Dark Green Granite

One of the most common problems for any kitchen that is dominated by white elements is that it may lack freshness. Thus, if you are not only just using the white-painted cabinets, but also a lot of other white elements such as white backsplash, then we highly recommend you to use the dark green countertop to bring the fresh and natural looks that is lacking in your spaces.

Based on our experience, this option works best compared to any other green shades as they have a bold and elegant appearance that will be in line with the visual appearance of the cabinets, thus the dark green countertop and the white cabinets will look flawless together.

5. Salt and Pepper Granite

Arguably, this is the best option if you are looking for seamless connections between the white cabinetry and the countertops.

With plenty of white colors, the salt and pepper granite keeps the white flows between the cabinets and the counter, creating a harmonious and flawless visual appearance. Moreover, you can also use these stones for your countertops if you aim for a minimalistic decorating style.

Some great alternatives that had a visually similar look to this one are Alaska white granite and colonial white granite.

6. White Sardinia Granite

Alternatively, you can try this Sardinian White alongside white cabinets. This Italian-based natural stone dominated with white but also had some gray and brown grain in its structure that created a stunning visual look where the sleekness and elegance complemented with some warmth.

This option has been known for its versatility to adapt to any decor scheme, so it’s quite easy for it to blend inside any white kitchen.

7. Himalayan Pink Granite

For any kitchen that lacks some warmth and welcoming ambiance, this will be a great option. The unique Himalayan Pink Granite provides plenty of warmth, thanks to its dominant soft pink appearance.

Furthermore, its black grain elevates the looks to become much more elegant compared to any other pink options, while at the same time, still feeling soft and subtle enough to make it blend flawlessly with crisp and sleek cabinets.

8. Golden Oak Granite

This natural material originated in India. Golden oak granite had a unique blend of orange, yellow, and beige color, resulting in a charming yet glam piece of natural stone.

You can use the golden oak granite to add a warm and charming ambiance to your kitchen and dining area.

9. Bethel White Granite

A sleek white stone with some hint of elegant gray spots and grain. This creamy-looks stone can be a perfect companion for pure-white kitchen cabinets, as they will share similar looks but in different color temperatures.

10. Balmoral Red Granite

For you who want to have a sparkling, eye-catching countertop or kitchen island, then you can try this option.

With its stunning, bold red color, Red Balmoral granite will easily pop up as the new focal point for the entire space, especially when used alongside white cabinetry.

11. Roman Cream Granite

Roman cream is one of the most popular granite, thanks to its charming and beautiful cream color. This option will be a perfect choice for any cold, uninviting space to turn things around and make the entire space feel more warm and comfy.

12. Light Brown Ghibli Granite

This granite had a strong, natural stone look. That’s why it can be a perfect fit for any white-themed kitchen, as it can bring a completely different visual and ambiance to enrich the entire kitchen.

Add plenty of greenery around this Light Brown Ghibli Granite for a more fresh and earthy look.

13. Dark Blue-gray Granite

Elegant, modern, yet still looks perfectly natural. This is what you can achieve by using any granite with a dark blue-gray color.

With plenty of contrast between the countertops and the cabinets, you can create a sophisticated elegant kitchen design that will easily increase your home value.

14. Moon White Granite

Another great white choice, but unlike the others, this kind of granite had a large, very noticeable grain and texture. Thus, although it’s actually a white stone, it brings plenty of contrast against the white element.

15. Olive Green Granite

This choice will provide plenty of glam and velvety sense to any kitchen, especially when paired with white kitchen cabinets.

Even without any additional decoration items, any kitchen that combines this granite with white cabinets will look absolutely gorgeous.

16. Gold Imperial Granite

Gold imperial granite comes with a huge range of color spectrum, from light beige to gold-ish orange. While most of them will be an excellent choice, we highly recommend you go with the lighter choices when it comes to white-painted cabinets.

17. Dark Gray Granite

Another fascinating bold choice that you can use to create a simple yet stylish and modern kitchen. The dark gray granite offers a similar look to the black one, but in a bit softer appearance.

Furthermore, you will get plenty of earthy, natural stone looks that make the entire kitchen feel fresh and cozy.

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