What Color Countertops Go with Navy Blue Cabinets? (7 Stunning Ideas That’ll Let Your Navy Cabinets Shine!)

Unleash the elegance of your navy blue cabinets using these awesome countertops. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : August 1st, 2023

From wide range of blue shades, navy is one of the most favorite when it comes to kitchen cabinets. The stylish and elegant appeal of navy blue cabinets can easily taking the center stage, and becomes a bold statement to any kitchen.

Infusing the room with a sense of elegance and modernity, navy blue cabinets will add strong depth and character, creating an aesthetic and sophisticated kitchen.

However, since navy had a very strong hues, finding the right countertop color that can complement it can be challenging. Pairing the navy cabinets with the wrong countertop not only ruin the stunning appeal of the cabinets, but also can negatively affect your entire kitchen design.

In this article, we will showcasing some great countertop options that you can consider using for your kitchen with navy blue cabinets. So, let’s get started to discover the perfect countertop that elevate your kitchen to new hights of sophistication and elegance.

7 Best Countertop Colors for Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets

Plain White

Kitchen with plain white countertops and navy blue cabinets
Plain white countertops with navy cabinets

Without any doubt, this is the best countertop choice that not only enhance the boldness and elegance of your navy cabinets, but can also give a stylish contrast that boost the appearance of the entire kitchen.

This combination offers a timeless elegance and sleek aesthetic, making a great foundation for a stunning modern kitchen.

White Marble

Kitchen with white marble countertops and navy blue cabinets
White marble countertops with navy cabinets

Add some glam and luxury touch to your kitchen by combining white marble countertops with navy blue cabinets. The striking visual of natural vein and unique pattern of white marble give your kitchen some depth and drama, while the sleek white color of this kind of marble fully unleash the sophisticated hues of your cabinets.

Gray Granite

Kitchen with gray granite countertops and navy blue cabinets
Gray granite countertops with navy cabinets

This can be an ideal choice if you want to add some natural organic feels to your kitchen. The subtle pattern and grain of the gray granite complements the deep tones of navy cabinets, creating a softer and more balanced visual appeal to your entire kitchen design.

This pairing will works best inside any kitchen with classic, traditional style.

Cream Granite

Kitchen with cream marble countertops and navy blue cabinets
Cream granite countertops with navy cabinets

Since navy had a strong cool tones, you may need to lift it up by adding warm choice like cream granite countertops. The charming hues of this countertop material provide a gentle contrast, adding depth and interest to the strong navy cabinets.

Furthermore, the cream granite countertops creates a well-balanced aesthetic against the navy, making it a great option to showcases a perfect blend of colors and texture, create a comfortable ambiance for a delightful kitchen.

Dark Brown

Kitchen with dark brown countertops and navy blue cabinets
Dark brown marble countertops with navy cabinets

If cream is not enough, then you can try a stronger option : dark brown. Whether it’s dark brown marble, granite, or any other dark brown countertop materials, they can easily add richness and depth to your navy-themed kitchen.

The strong warmth of dark brown complement the cool undertones of navy, creating a well-balanced aesthetic with a hint of luxurious twist.

Black Marble

Kitchen with black marble countertops and navy blue cabinets
Black marble countertops with navy cabinets

Boost the boldness of your navy cabinets by using black marble countertops. The navy and black color scheme can easily creates a bold and elegant kitchen, exudes a sense of modernity and opulence.

Since both are strong hues, the countertops and kitchen cabinets will go together to become the main attention of your kitchen space.

Dark Butcher Block

Kitchen with dark butcher block countertops and navy blue cabinets
Dark butcher block countertops with navy cabinets

If you are looking for a great countertops that complement your traditional or vintage style kitchen with navy blue cabinets, then this can be a perfect option for you. The deep yet warm tones of butcher blocks complement and uplift the appearance of navy blue cabinets, making the entire kitchen looks richer and more alive.

The natural texture and grain of the wood also add a hint of organic, rustic charm that give the kitchen a sense of comfy and coziness.

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