What Color Curtains Go with Gray Furniture? (10 Awesome Color Ideas)

Explore 10 awesome curtains that will work nicely alongside any gray furnishings.

Gray furnishings making a comeback in interior design trends. Years ago, people are bored with them, but today, thanks to the up-to-date style and sophisticated design, gray furnishing become one of the most sought items in most furniture stores.

Another reason why a lot of homeowners choosing this kind of furniture is because it can provide a perfect balance between comfort and style. Moreover, it can be used in any different kind of interior style.

From gray couch to gray rug, gray bed to gray table, you can find a lot of sophisticated choices to transform your space.

However, there is one important piece that often left forgotten, curtains. In fact, this item can be a key to wrapping up the entire space and become fundamental to make or break your interior.

In this article, we will show you 10 different curtains color that can be the best options to get the most out of your gray furnishings, let’s get started :

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10 Best Curtains for Gray Furniture


Gray curtains

A Gray curtain is one of the best choices, especially if you want to keep the consistency throughout the room.

Using similar shade between the curtains and any other furniture around it can also create an elegant monochromatic look but at the same time keeping the simplicity and calming ambiance.


White curtains

Using white curtains amongst gray furniture can make its brightness pop beautifully to create a crisp and airy feel.

Another benefit of using a plain white curtain is it can help highlight any items in front of it and make them stand out, and in this case, the gray couch.


Charcoal gray curtains

Charcoal gray curtain is the best option if you want to create a bold, aesthetic look.

Comes with a more deep tone compared with other furniture around make it create a beautiful deep contrast that can also work as elegant background.

However, we only recommend you to use these kinds of curtains for gray living room that had plenty of neutral lighting.


Coral curtains

In theory, gray is super neutral and can easily blend with any other shades. But for this particular case, things can be quite different, as many bright or cheerful curtains not going well with the gray furniture.

After tried many different bright curtains, we found out that coral is one of the best choices if you want to add a splash of beautiful pop.

These kinds of curtains can really make an impact not only to add some pretty brightness to the space, but it can also make your space feel more fun and joyful in a gorgeous way.


Navy blue curtains

Blue and gray are classic combinations that never go wrong. You can pick any shades of gray and mix it with random shades of blue, and the results will still at least acceptable.

But when it comes to curtains among gray furniture, navy is our favorite.

This deep, dark shade of blue not only can look gorgeous with gray but also can add bold and elegant vibes in a stylish manner.


Cream curtains

One big problem for any space with many gray items and furniture is that it can feel somewhat cold.

Thus, adding some warm tone is the best solution to overcome this, and one of the shades for this particular job is cream or beige.

These kinds of curtains can help balance up the entire space by bringing a comfy, warm ambiance in a perfect amount that won’t overtake the coziness of the gray.

Dusty Blue

Dusty blue curtains

Another great shade of blue that will look amazing with gray is dusty blue. This particular shade had a bit of gray undertone in it, and that’s why it can blend really well when used side by side with any gray items.


Mint curtains

We don’t really like to use green curtains for any room that gray is the dominant palette, except this one particular shade of green, mint.

As you can see in the picture above, the mint curtains blend perfectly with the gray elements around, and at the same time still bring the freshness as any typical green shades.

If you want to create a perfect aesthetic living space, then this is the perfect combination for you.

White and Gray

Gray and white curtains

In some cases, using a plain gray curtain can make the entire space become overly monotonous. So, how can we avoid that while still make the curtains blend harmoniously with all of the others gray furniture? well, you can achieve that easily by using any curtains that had a gray and white pattern.

For a room with more modern-contemporary directions, we love to use simple striped curtains such as this curtain by Sunclipse.

As you can see, the curtains blend seamlessly thanks to the gray elements, while its white add a beautiful and natural bright accent to light up the entire space.


Yellow curtains

Yellow is another great alternative if you want to make the curtains pop from other gray items surrounding them.

Almost any shades of yellow will work nicely, but we tend to go with a pale, low-saturation one as this kind of yellow will blend much easier with gray compared with any other shades, but still bringing enough vibrant hue that will easily capture everyone’s attention.

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