10 Top Rug Colors for Brown Floors

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

Brown is one of the most popular colors for flooring, whether it’s hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, or even tile flooring. Brown floors can bring an earthy, natural beauty that can make the entire room feel warm and welcoming.

Although it’s versatility to blend easily with almost any kind of decor style, this flooring is quite tricky to combine with other colors, especially for any element placed directly above it such as an area rug.

So, it’s surely the best idea to keep your brown flooring as it is without using any additional rug.

However, there are some cases that you must incorporate an area rug above it. For example, if you need to define a different area inside a large open space, or if you want to add some comfort and soften the brown floors if it feels too heavy.

But what color rug goes with brown flooring?

Among a wide spectrum of options, we can say that white, light gray, beige, light brown, navy, and yellow are some of the best rug colors for brown flooring. These rugs create a sophisticated and visually appealing contrast against the rich and bold flooring. They can also create a well-balanced and harmonioius aesthetic that contributes to a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Read on as we dive deeper into 10 amazing rug colors that will go together harmoniously with brown flooring.

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White Rug

White rug with brown wood floors

Placing a rug above the brown floors is risky, but you can play it safe by using a white rug. This obviously one of the best choices that never go wrong, as a white rug can easily blend with any flooring, whether it’s light-toned floors or even bold, dark-toned floors.

The white rug can bring a lot of contrast that will be very beneficial if you want to use the rug to separate different areas inside your room. Although, surely this is not a durable option as this kind of rug can easily be exposed to any dirt, thus it needs some extra cleaning and maintenance compared to other rug colors.

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Light Gray Rug

Light gray rug with brown hardwood flooring

If you think that white rug is boring and too mainstream, you can use a light gray rug as a great alternative. This kind of rug can bring similar visual effects as white but in a more elegant and stylish way. And as a neutral, this rug can blend easily with any kind of brown flooring.

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Beige Rug

Beige rug with brown flooring

Most brown shades have some sense of warmth, and in some cases, bring another similar warm tone in another element can be a great way to boost the comfy atmosphere to the entire room, like a beige rug.

This rug also had a bit of brown and yellow hues that make it complement the brown flooring perfectly.

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Light Brown Rug

Light brown rug with brown floors

If you need any rug that can coordinate flawlessly rather than clashing with the brown flooring, then a light brown rug can be the best option for you.

However, to get the best results, choose any light brown rug that at least still had some contrast with the flooring, as lack of contrast between them can make the area rug hard to distinguish.

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Brown and White Rug

Brown and white area rug

Another great rug option to create seamless looks is the brown and white rug. As you can see, this rug colors blend perfectly with the brown wood floors, but still bring a good amount of contrast, thank’s to its white accent.

We love to use this kind of rug to create a harmonious layered look that can make the entire space looks attractive.

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Navy and White Rug

Navy rug with brown flooring

We love to use the navy rug for two main reasons, first, it can be an elegant statement to be an amazing focal point for the entire room, and secondly, it can add beautiful bold color to provide rich contrast and make the space feel alive.

However, any plain navy rug seems not to work well with brown flooring. Thus, you need any navy rug that had some neutral accent to tie it up with the brown, and white as a super neutral is obviously the best choice.

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Blue and Brown Rug

Blue and brown rug

Alternatively, you can choose any blue rug that had some brown pattern in it. Although the brown pattern is just an accent, it still can help the rug to blend in harmony with the brown hardwood floors.

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Yellow Rug

Yellow rug with brown wood floors

Yellow is a vibrant color that can make a statement in any kind of room, so if you need to make a big statement with your rug, then obviously yellow rug can be the best choice for you.

Moreover, most brown shades had some yellow hue in them, and that’s what makes any yellow rug will blend easily with the brown flooring.

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Brown and Gray Rug

Brown and gray rug with brown hardwood floors

A brown and gray rug is perfect to create a cohesive look between the rug and the flooring, while still avoid the monotony that potentially will appear if you are using a plain brown rug.

The gray pattern in this rug not only works to bring a beautiful contrast and help make the rug easily distinguishable from the floors, but it also makes the rug looks modern and elegant.

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Brown and Beige Rug

Brown and beige area rug

Another kind of brown rug that can work well with brown flooring is this brown and beige rug. This kind of rug is perfect if you don’t want the rug to overpower the space and taking over the spotlight away from the flooring, but still bring a noticeable impact to help make the room feels comfy and welcoming.