7 Best Dining Table Colors That Goes With Dark Wood Floors (Dining in Style)

Table ideas for dining room with dark wood flooring Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 23rd, 2023

Dark wood floors are an exceptional choice for the dining room, working as a sophisticated base that sets a refined tone for the dining space. The deep and rich tones of the dark wood instantly evoke a warm and inviting ambiance, that is perfect for hosting guests and enjoying intimate meals.

However, finding the right dining table to complement dark wood can be a challenging task. You need to balance the richness of the wood’s texture and colors, while also keeping a harmonious connection between them.

So, what color dining table goes with dark wood floors?

After working on these exact situations multiple times, we can conclude that white marble, light wood, glass, off-white/antique white, and black are some of the best dining table colors for dark wood flooring. These options can highlight the rich character of the dark wood, making the entire flooring feel more vibrant. They can also enhance the classic elegant senses of the wood, going together to create a stunning dining area with a touch of timeless beauty.

Continue reading as we will discuss all of those interesting options one by one.

1. White Marble

Dining room with white marble table and dark wood floors
White marble dining table

A white marble dining table makes a luxurious pairing with dark wood floors. This pale and light-reflective option will instantly brighten a dining room with a dark floor, whilst elevating the scheme to a high-end look.

Choose a modern silhouette to cement your interior design in the contemporary realm. Team with clean white upholstered dining room chairs to complete the fresh ensemble.

2. Light Wood

Dining room with light wood table and dark wood floors
Light wood dining table

A light wood dining table offers a natural accompaniment to a dark wood floor. A light wood table will match the attractive grain of your floor whilst uplifting the decor palette with its pale color.

Install complementary elements around the room, such as a light wood sideboard or open shelving unit.

Alternatively, employ artwork with a mix of brown shades to unite the two tones.

3. Glass

Dining room with glass table and dark wood floors
Glass dining table

Glass dining tables have a visually lightweight quality, which functions pleasingly with the heaviness of a dark wood floor treatment.

A glass dining table design works particularly well in small spaces, where its almost invisible quality will make room proportions appear less cramped.

The clear glazed top also allows the beauty of natural wood flooring to shine right on through.

4. Off-white

Dining room with off-white table and dark wood floors
Off-white dining table

An off-white dining table makes a clean and crisp contrast with dark wood floors, whilst maintaining a subtle visual warmth.

Off-white finishes look particularly beautiful on traditional furniture silhouettes with shapely turned legs. Consider this color option for a neoclassical aesthetic, a farmhouse dining room decor scheme, or a transitional interior design.

Paint perimeter walls to complement the gentle shade.

5. Black

Dining room with black table and dark wood floors
Black dining table

A black dining table looks striking alongside a dark wood floor. This bold color fusion makes for a moody dining room setting, where neither the floor nor the dining table is dominant.

With the dark duo in place, focus on brightening other parts of the room to ensure the final scheme isn’t dreary. A set of contrasting white dining chairs will freshen the palette.

6. Gray Concrete

Dining room with gray concrete table and dark wood floors
Gray concrete dining table

A gray concrete dining table makes a cool industrial statement upon a dark wood floor. With rugged good looks and a fashion-forward aesthetic, a concrete table isn’t just destined for industrial lofts.

Use this design to add an edgy statement to lackluster urban spaces and stale countryside abodes alike. A statement concrete dining table design is a bold centerpiece for any food-fuelled get-together.

7. White Wood

Dining room with white wood table and dark wood floors
white wood dining table

A white wooden dining table looks sharp on a dark wood flooring. Its bright contrast ensures there is no danger of the decor scheme falling into a dark and dreary result, with or without complementary accent pieces.

A white dining table also makes an extremely adaptable base for a variety of table setting colors and styles. A true blank canvas for creative homeowners.


In choosing one of these dining table colors, your dark wood floor will have its moment to shine without being an overwhelming factor in the space. After selecting your favorite table finish, you can have fun with table shapes and styles.

Choose an extendable table design if you need to accommodate extra guests only on special occasions. Round tables are great for keeping the conversation flowing.

Think about what kind of table centerpiece best suits you: Is a practical fruit bowl most beneficial, or would a cluster of lustrous gold candles make your glamorous heart sing? Select a table that will support your personal taste.