What Color Carpet Goes with Green Walls? (9 Fresh Options)

Awesome carpet color ideas for room with green walls.

So you just paint your interior walls green, it looks amazing, bringing a fresh vibe and natural beauty into your space. But then you may recognize those fresh walls don’t match with your flooring, even worse, the combinations of your new green walls with your current flooring look a bit odd and awkward.

That’s a true story that we often hear from a lot of homeowners. Yes, as a stunning color, green can be a perfectly amazing option to paint interior walls.

However, pairing the green wall with any accessories or decor items can be relatively easy, but when it comes to larger elements like flooring, it will be tricky to find the perfect complementary options.

In general, light gray, brown, light blue, beige, and dark brown are the best carpet colors that can blend harmoniously with any green walls. Pairing these options with green walls creates a sophisticated and balanced aesthetic that intertwines modernity and natural charm. They also add depth to the space, while at the same time accentuating the fresh and vibrant tones of the walls.

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In this post, we will dive deeper into all amazing carpet options for every shade of green: light green, medium green, and dark green. Without further ado, let’s get to them:

Best Carpet Colors for Light Green Walls:

Light Gray

Light green walls with light gray carpet floors

Since light green may not look as intense as any other greens, then we honestly think that combining it with a simple and neutral option like light gray carpet is one of the best choices.

The light green shades, whether it’s sage green, pale green, or mint green can still stand out dominantly to become the main feature of your space, while the carpet does its job to keep everything sleek and neutral.

Additionally, the light gray carpet floors can provide some hint of elegance, and that’s why this can be a great combination for any modern, minimalist, or contemporary interior.


Brown carpet floors

For you who prefer any flooring option that is darker than the walls, we highly recommend you go with brown carpet. This earthy combo will bring a strong natural feeling to your home.

And since the brown carpet floors will be much darker than the walls, it will serve as a bold anchor to let the light green wall shine and become the main centerpiece for the entire space.

Dark Blue

Dark blue carpet floors

Another great dark and bold option that looks amazing inside any room with light green walls. Even though in most cases blue and green don’t work well together, things go a bit different when it comes to floors and walls.

Both the wall and floors do not conflict with each other to avoid any awkward clash, while simultaneously time still bringing plenty of contrast, creating beautiful layered looks between the light green and the dark blue carpet floors.

Best Carpet Colors for Medium Green Walls:


Green walls with white carpet floors

When it comes to medium green walls, white carpet is our favorite option. Yes, this kind of carpet can work in literally any wall color, but as you can see in the image above, it looks so much better when paired with medium green walls.

The sleek and crisp appearance of the white carpet floor emphasizes the beauty of the green walls and provides a bright and light ambiance to help make your home feel larger and more spacious.


Beige carpet floors

Green had many different tones, from a warm to a cool one. For you who are choosing any medium green paint with a cool tone, then you may need to warm it out a bit by introducing beige carpet to your room.

The warmth of the beige carpet can easily neutralize and create a more well-balanced ambiance, and finally, makes your entire space feel more comfy and welcoming.


Yellow carpet floors

Yellow and green is a unique combination Since both are natural and earthy colors, they can create an amazing tropical and summer-time vibe to make your home feel more fun and joyful.

However, since yellow is a tricky shade, you may need to carefully choose the tone of the yellow carpet, or for an easier approach, just go with any light, pale yellow carpet rather than a bright, vibrant one.

Best Carpet Colors for Dark Green Walls:


Cream carpet floors

If you are going with dark green for your wall, then the most reasonable option is to pair it with bright and light flooring like the cream carpet.

And since the cream is still neutral, you don’t need to worry about the elegance and boldness of your green wall, as the cream carpet obviously wouldn’t become a distraction.

Light Brown

Light brown carpet floors

As we already mentioned before, green and brown is a wonderful combo. For any room with a dark green wall, adding light brown carpet can create some interesting effects.

First of all, the brown tone of the carpet will perfectly complement the green hues of your wall. Secondly, they will produce a strong contrast that helps the dark green wall look better.

Finally, the light brown carpet will help tone down a bit of the dark green wall, make it feel a bit lighter, and make it less intense.

Light Pale Blue

Pale blue carpet with dark green walls

Bold, fresh, and tranquil, those are the feelings that you will get when combining dark green with light pale blue.

The serene and airy vibe of the light blue carpet will also make any living room or bedroom with dark green walls feel more calm and friendly.

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