10 Gorgeous Accent Wall Ideas Behind TV (Elegant and Stylish Backdrop)

10 unique accent wall ideas behind Tv to turn any boring entertainment wall into a more interesting ones. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : January 16th, 2024

One of the most important features that every living room should have is an entertainment wall. This wall is used to place a TV with all of its accessories, and sometimes it’s the best choice among all of the walls inside the living room to be used as an accent wall so it can be a main focal point that will easily attract everyone’s attention.

Turning this entertainment wall into an accent wall isn’t a difficult job. It’s as simple as repainting the wall with different paint colors from the others. But, to make it to the next level, you need to use your creativity and imagination to produce a stunning result.

One of the most important aspects to get the best results is to choose the perfect wall paint color. In most cases, dark colors tend to work best. A dark backdrop color behind the TV will make our eyes focus more on the TV screen and won’t get distracted. But sometimes, any lighter ones still can work well – in case your current living room decor doesn’t suit a dark-painted wall.

If you need some fresh ideas, our team created 10 unique accent wall ideas behind TV that you can use for your inspiration, and here they are :

1. Vertical Charcoal Accent Wall Behind TV

vertical charcoal accent wall behind Tv ideas

If you are not confident to paint your entire wall behind the TV with any dark or bold colors then you can just use a small part of it as an accent wall and leave the entire part of the wall as it is. As you can see in our design above, we only created a narrow vertical accent wall that is sufficient to highlight the main area of the entertainment wall.

This approach also will produce a vertical effect that will be very beneficial if you have a low ceiling to make your space feel a bit higher.

For this wall, we used a charcoal color – a dark shade of gray that looks elegant and luxurious and generates a lot of contrast with other white walls painted in white. Oftentimes, a lot of homeowners are afraid of using this color as this color is very dark – very close to black – as it will make the entire room feel dark and gloomy.

But if you have only created a small and narrow wall like this then you can safely use this color without worrying that it will make your space look dark.

2. Horizontal Gray and White Accent Wall

horizontal dark gray accent wall ideas behind Tv

This approach is similar to the previous ones, but this time we created a horizontal effect rather than a vertical one. The middle part of the wall is painted with dark gray, while the top and bottom areas are painted with white.

This kind of wall can make any room feel larger and spacious, so this approach can work great if you have a small living room.

You can use your creativity to play with other color combinations that will suit your current living room interior style.

3. Full Navy Blue Accent Wall

Navy blue accent wall ideas behind wall mounted tv

In the previous two ideas, we created an accent wall partially. But you can also create an accent wall for the entire entertainment wall such as this one. It’s simple, straightforward, easy to make, but still looks gorgeous, thanks to the elegant navy blue color.

For this kind of wall, choosing the right paint color is the most important part. Any bold and deep colors are the perfect choice for this wall. You can choose any of these colors that match your current living room decor or furniture to make it look flawless and integrated beautifully.

4. Dark Green Accent Wall

Dark green accent wall ideas

Another great color for an accent wall behind the TV is dark green. This shade still brings a great depth while at the same time still looks fresh and natural. This dark green accent wall also is a versatile option where you can easily blend it with any different color scheme.

This dark green hue is perfect to use in a farmhouse, vintage, or contemporary living room style.

5. Glamorous Burgundy Accent Wall

Glamorous burgundy accent wall ideas behind flat screen tv

If your living room interior uses an elegant and glamorous decor style then you can consider using burgundy color as your accent wall. As you can see in the image above, the burgundy accent wall behind the TV that we created looks flawless with the current glam and luxurious decor.

This stunning color can easily turn any wall into a centerpiece.

6. Framed Gray Accent Wall with Red Clock

Framed gray accent wall with red clock behind a tv

If you think gray is boring and monotonous then you can use two simple tricks that we apply to this design to make it look much more attractive and interesting. First, we created a trim that separates the accent wall. This trim produces beautifully framed effects that make the wall feel more modern.

Secondly, we add vibrant wall accessories to make the wall look richer – a bright red wall clock. This one item can make a big difference in turning a boring gray wall into a stunning one.

7. Blue and White Accent Wall

Blue accent wall behind a tv

An accent wall does not always only use one color. Instead, you can use two color combinations to create more exciting ones, such as what we did in this project.

We created an accent wall behind TV using blue and white, whereas for the white part, we used a wood panel to make a vintage asethetics.

8. White Shiplap Entertainment Wall

White shiplap accent wall ideas

Any wood panel can be a great option for an accent wall behind your TV. This approach not only will make the wall more unique and interesting but also will bring some fresh natural effects into your space.

One of the woods that you can use is a shiplap. In this design, we arranged the shiplap in a horizontal position and painted it slightly with white wood paint to create a more simple and modern look while still keeping the texture and grain to bring the natural effects that we need.

9. Wood Panel Accent Wall

Modern style wooden panel accent wall ideas

Here is another wood accent wall that we created. This wall behind TV was created for a farmhouse-style living room, so using wood is a perfect match for this kind of decor style. To add more modern effects to the wall, we add some clean vertical lines that make a big difference.

As this wall is created in a farmhouse-style decor, we keep the wood within its natural color to make it blend flawlessly with other furniture items that use similar natural wood elements.

10. Horizontal Brown and Gold Accent Wall

Brown and gold horizontal striped wallpaper accent wall

Another material that you can use to create an accent wall instead of wood is wallpaper. Wallpaper comes with various patterns, textures, and grains that will make the wall much more richer and interesting than a typical plain wall. You can also easily choose which wallpaper color and texture will match your current living room decor.

For this design, we use horizontally striped brown and gold wallpaper. One of the reasons why we chose this pattern is because we want it to help make the horizontal illusion that makes the wall feel much wider. And it’s very useful, especially in any small space. The brown and gold colors are chosen to bring a glamorous and elegant effect that’s in line with the entire living room decor.

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