10 Best Rug Colors for Gray Bedroom (Comfy Gray Elegance)

Find out the best rug color that will fit nicely into a gray-themed bedroom. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 4th, 2023

Bedroom should be the most calming and relaxing place inside your home. And the best color that can help you to achieve this goal is gray.

Furthermore, this timeless color is a risk-free choice. You could never go wrong with gray, as it can fit perfectly for any decor style, be it modern, classic, rustic, contemporary, or vintage.

When decorating a bedroom with gray as its main palette, one of the most tricky jobs that we often face is to choose the perfect rug.

Things can be a lot more complicated for any bedroom that uses gray as its primary shade. As you may already know, this shade is often associated with boring, monotonous, or two-dimensional. And that’s why using a rug with a very similar gray tone to other furniture and elements inside the room is not a good idea.

On the other side, you can’t just use any vibrant or colorful rug with the hope of breaking the monotony. This kind of rug can look awkward when surrounded by gray elements, and this can make things even worse.

So, what color rug goes with gray bedroom?

Drawing from our designer’s experience, gray and gold, gray and blue, light gray, dark gray, and ivory are some of the best rug colors that will fit perfectly inside any gray bedroom. Using these rugs inside gray-themed bedroom will instantly evoke a sense of tranquility and timelessness, fostering a serene atmosphere conductive to relaxation and rest. They can also become a versatile foundation for incorporating other accent colors or patterns to make a lively and dynamic bedroom.

Read on as we will share with you all the 10 rug color ideas that will be a perfect addition to any gray bedroom.

1. Gray and Gold

Gray and gold rug in gray bedroom
Gray and gold rug

When you decide to use gray as the main color for your bedroom, then most likely you are planning to make it look stylish and elegant. And there are no better ways to emphasize those vibes rather than using the gold accent.

Typically, you can add any gold touches by using furniture or decorative elements. But do you know that you can also add that glam and beauty using a rug?

As you can see in the picture above, the gray and gold rug by Safavieh can bring a touch of elegance in softer ways while the gray element helps it blend nicely inside the bedroom.

2. Gray and Blue

Gray and navy blue rug in bedroom with gray walls
Gray and navy blue rug

This artistic modern rug by Luxe Weavers has a gorgeous bold navy blue element that is perfect to add a new layer of elegance.

It can also create a dramatic look that becomes a fascinating focal point among all of the gray furniture.

3. Light Gray

Light gray rug in monochromatic style gray bedroom
Light gray rug

In some cases, gray on gray is certainly not a good idea. However, if you want to create a harmonious look without making your space look flat, then you can go with any gray rug with a lighter tone compared with other gray elements around it.

As you can see in the example above, we use a light gray rug by nuLoom that comes with a lighter tone compared with the medium-tone gray that we used for the bed and the walls.

This particular rug brings enough contrast that makes it easily distinguish but still looks flawless and in line with the entire room decor.

4. Dark Gray

Stylish dark gray geometric rug
Dark gray geometric rug

Alternatively, you can go with dark gray rug. This is a great choice if you want to create a bold ambiance while keeping the rug perfectly integrated.

But please make sure that the rug still has enough contrast compared with other gray elements

5. Gray and Black

Black and gray rug inside gray bedroom
Black and gray rug

Another great rug color for a gray bedroom is this gray and black geometric rug by Safavieh.

This rug not only can be a perfect addition to create a deep and elegant vibe, but it can also bring a sophisticated ultra-modern look, thanks to its gorgeous geometric shade.

6. Black

Contemporary black rug with gray bed
Contemporary black rug

If you want to create a space that doesn’t look like any typical gray bedroom, then you can try using this black rug by nuLoom.

Yes, a black rug may sound a bit odd, but in fact, it can be a great anchor that can bring a new level of sophistication to your bedroom.

7. Gray and Brown

Brown and gray rug in bedroom with gray furniture
Stylish brown and gray rug

Usually, a brown rug can work well in any kind of space. But in a bedroom that uses gray as its main dominant shade, a brown rug doesn’t seem to fit in well.

And it can be quite disappointing as brown is the perfect shade to bring the beautiful mix of comfy, welcoming, and natural vibe.

Fortunately, you can still bring all of those benefits of brown by using any gray and brown rug such as this stylish modern rug by Home Dynamix.

The gray element of this rug is very important as it’s the one that helps make the rug still look perfectly integrated with other gray items around.

8. White

Shaggy white rug with gray walls
Shag white rug

If you want to enhance and make all of the gray elements stand out more, then no better choice for this particular job than white.

A white rug not only can bring a beautiful contrast that can help lift up the gray but also can help make the entire bedroom feel brighter.

Furthermore, the white and gray are a perfect combination to create very calming and tranquil spaces that are surely an essential requirement for a perfect bedroom.

9. Ivory

Ivory geometric-style rug with gray bedroom
Ivory geometric rug

Most gray shades have a cool tone, thus combining it with a warmer tone is a perfect way to create well-balanced spaces.

Among many warm shades, we find out that the best one that will work best inside a gray-themed bedroom is ivory.

Ivory rug can look very natural which can make it blend relatively easy with gray but still bring enough warmth that we need to create a relaxing ambiance.

10. White and Gray

Gray and white rug with gray bedroom
Gray and white rug

Another best rug alternative for you who want to create a flawless bedroom in a way that not make it look boring is this gray and white rug by nuLoom.

This rug has plenty of artistic gray patterns that make it blend nicely with the bedroom’s main palette, while the white can bring some beautiful contrast effects.

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