Brown Floors What Color Walls? Our 10 Recommendations (with Images)

Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : May 12th, 2024

Brown is one of the most common colors for any wooden-based flooring materials. That’s not only happened because it’s a natural color for most wood, but also because brown is a perfect shade to emphasize and highlight the natural stain and grain of the wood that can help make them look fresher and more artistic.

Moreover, it’s aligned with our sub-conscious perceptions that the darker a wood, the harder and stronger it be. Thus, using a dark brown wood floor can create a visual perception to the entire home that it’s a strong, rigid, and steady home.

With all of the reasons above, it’s no wonder why many homeowners choose brown as their main color for their flooring materials.

Unfortunately, like others, non-neutral shade – especially the one with a darker tone, combining brown floors with other colors can be a quite complicated process. Furthermore, most brown has many different undertones – including red and yellow, and it can make things become much worse.

If you had any room with brown floors, you may have experienced how difficult it is to choose the colors for your rug, couch, and any other furniture.

Even a much simpler task like choosing a wall paint can become a nightmare when it comes to brown flooring.

Fortunately, we’ve faced this problem numerous times and can conclude that white dove, acacia haze, light taupe, cream, and pale yellow are some of the best wall color choices for rooms with brown flooring. These options seamlessly marries modernity with earthy warmth from the flooring, resulting in a well-balanced and visually pleasing color scheme. They also adds depth and sophistication, while at the same time allowing the natural beauty of brown flooring to take center stage.

Read on as we dive further into all those amazing wall color options.

If you want to visualize different wall paint colors with brown floors, try our simple tool available at the bottom of the page, or click here to use it now.

Best Wall Color for Brown Floors

White Dove

White wall with brown floors

White is one of the simple solutions as it can easily blend with any other colors. But more than that, white can bring a modern touch that can look quite interesting when paired with brown floors that mostly feels a bit classic.

You can you almost any kind of white paint shades, but if we should choose one of the best, we prefer the white dove. This kind of white can bring a touch of warmth that can make it feels a bit more fresh but still looks clean and crisp as any typical white.

Apart from this, you can also use any white with some warm tones such as pearl white, jasmine white, or silk white.

Acacia Haze

Pale green wall with brown flooring

Generally, any earth tone such as brown can work well with other earthy shades, such as green. But for this particular cases, the green wall seems don’t work well with brown floors.

Most green paint shades look quite weird and unattractive when used alongside brown floors. However, after tried a lot of different kinds of green, we finally found out one that works wonders with brown: Acacia Haze.

This color is a very light grayish-green shade that is far more subtle and soft than any other typical green but still brings one important characteristic of the green, freshness.

Its gray undertone help makes this shade feel more neutral, and it’s one of the main reasons why this particular shade can still blend quite well with any brown floor.

This color combination is a perfect recipe to create a rich and fresh natural ambient inside your home that can give you a lot of ideas and inspirations, thus, we really love to use these colors for a room that really need such things, such as a home office, reading room or study room.

Light Taupe

Light taupe wall with brown wood floor

If you want to create a harmonious space, then you can use any wall paint that had a brown tone. Unfortunately, in most cases, using a too similar tone between your walls and floors can be disastrous.

Lack of contrast can make any room looks monotonous, and even though you can fix it with the help of any accessories or furniture with vibrant colors, sometimes they can’t do much.

That’s why we only recommend you to choose any paint colors with a light brown tone that still bring enough contrast, but still look pretty well with the floors.

And one of our most favorite choices is light taupe wall. This color also had a lot of brightness that sometimes can help make the entire room feels brighter, which is often becomes a problem when using dark flooring such as dark brown.


Cream wall with dark brown floor

This shade is quite similar to the previous one (light taupe), but with a bit addition of a yellow undertone that can make it feel warmer.

This color may not be as flawless as light taupe when paired with brown, but it still can work quite well especially for some brown floors that had a yellow tone.

We often go for this color especially when we are planning to use any furniture with a gray or blue finish. This kind of color needs a bit of warm touch from the cream walls to make them feel a bit more comfy and homely.


Tan wall with brown wood floor

Here is another shade of brown in this list. Tan is a very light brown shade that can be a great choice of paint color to use alongside brown flooring to create a seamless and harmonious space. This shade is a bit different from taupe as it doesn’t have any gray undertone, and that’s what makes this color still have a strong brown-ish taste.

However, we suggest you choose this color only if you are using flooring with a dark or deep tone of brown. So, there will still be a sufficient amount of contrast between the floors and the walls. To make it even better, we highly recommend using any furniture or decorative items that using neutral shade such as white or gray.

As you can see on the image example above, we used a gorgeous gray couch that works well visually to add more depth to the room and avoid the entire space look too flat

Light Gray

Light gray wall with brown floor

Brown is a color with a strong warm and rich appearance, thus, in most cases, using a more cold and flat shade such as light gray can be a great way to produce a more well-balanced ambient.

When using light gray paint for our walls, we like to add some decorative items in brown tones to bring a seamless visual appearance between the walls and the brown floors. You can use things like brown wall art or a wooden decorative floating shelf.

Medium Gray

Medium gray wall with brown wood floors

Besides light gray, you can also use a more deep and darker shade of gray such as a medium gray.

This shade can be a great addition to intensify the bold and rich vibe of the brown floors, resulting in a space that looks luxurious and elegant.

But, if you choose this color for your walls, please make sure that that room had a sufficient amount of lighting, whether it’s natural lighting from the windows or artificial lighting.

That’s because this medium gray wall can potentially make any room feel a bit darker and gloomy especially in a room that lacks lighting sources.

Royal Blue

Royal blue walls with brown floors

Another great alternative for you who want to create an elegant space but in a more vibrant and colorful ambient is by using royal blue.

This color is also a great choice to create a stylish classical atmosphere and works very well when used alongside any kind of hardwood flooring.

Moreover, as an earthy tone, the combinations of blue and brown can produce a strong natural vibe. We often see this combination in nature such as the sea and the rocks or the sky and the soil.

Thus, our eyes are already visually familiar with those pair and can be resulting in an eye-pleasing and fresh look.

Cadet Gray

Grayish blue wall with brown floor

Another blue shade that can works really well with any brown flooring is cadet gray. This shade produced by combining a light gray with a touch of light blue undertones.

As a unique color, this shade is not quite popular, thus you can use it to your advantage to create a more stylish and unique room that can amaze every guest that comes to your home.

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow wall with brown flooring

Most brown has a yellow undertone in it, so any yellow paint supposedly works well with a brown floor. But the truth is, most yellow paint won’t work nicely when used alongside brown floors.

But if you are still want to use yellow color for your room, then we can recommend you one shade of yellow that would still work pretty well with the brown floors: pale yellow.

This kind of yellow is a very light yellow with a mixture of a gray tone, and that’s why this shade looks much more neutral compared with any other typical yellow.

Furthermore, it still had a decent amount of yellow hue in it so this paint color can be a perfect choice if you want to create a fun, vibrant, and cheerful space.

So that’s why these colors can work well for any room where a family spends a lot of time together, such as a living room or a dining room.

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