How to Decorate a Room with Yellow Walls? (5 Chic Ideas with Images)

How to decorate a room with yellow walls? Here in this article we will show you 5 ideas to decorate a room with yellow wall. Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : November 16th, 2023

Do you have a room with yellow walls that feels too bright, flashy and awkward? Many people may suggest you to repaint those walls to another color, but surely that it is not an easy task in term of budget, time and all of the complicated things to do when repainting the wall. Not to mention if you are renting that home or apartment where you can’t easily repaint the wall without asking the owner’s permission.

So, instead of repainting those walls, why not adjust your decor to match the yellow walls and make it looks much more beautiful, attractive and interesting?

Empty room with yellow walls
A room with yellow wall

Decorating a room with yellow walls apparently not as difficult as a lot of people think. With the right style, choosing right colors combination, and also with the help of perfect decor items you can create a stunning room with yellow accent.

Here in this article we will share to you 5 decor ideas for room with yellow walls to help you get some ideas and inspiration, and here they are :

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Contemporary White and Yellow Decor Style

White and yellow living room with contemporary decor style
White and yellow living room with contemporary style

To help balancing a bright yellow wall, you can use any neutral colors, and white can do the job very well. As you can see on our design above where we created a contemporary style living room using white and yellow colors scheme.

You can use any decor style as well, but in our opinion, minimalist and contemporary are the best choice if you want to go with white and yellow.

To make the yellow element spread nicely through the room, we add some yellow accent on the furniture and decor items, such as a beautiful yellow throw pillow and a solid yellow rug.

This is important to make the yellow color integrated perfectly with the entire room decor. Avoid using yellow only at the wall as it would make it looks weird.

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Solid Modern Yellow Area Rug by
Unique Loom

This colorful rug made using high quality materials to ensure it’s water resistant, stain resistant and mold resistant. Using this rug alone can make any room with yellow walls looks gorgeous.

Black and White New York Skyline Canvas Art by Trademark Fine Art

In any wall with colorful and vibrant paint like yellow, using more neutral or even black and white canvas artwork could be the best options to keep the wall feel balanced. That’s the main reason why we choose this gorgeous black and white skyline canvas art.

White/Black Modern Floor Lamp with Intertwining Tripod Legs by Archiology

To add more contemporary feels into this room, we add this unique design floor lamp. It’s intertwining tripod legs add some creative decorative looks, while at the same time this floor lamp works great to add extra layered lighting to produce a great atmosphere to the entire room at night.

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Tropical Yellow Decor

Yellow living room with tropical decor ideas
Yellow living room with tropical decor

As a cheerful color that represent the sun, yellow is perfect to be used in a tropical or beach house style decor. So we created this room using tropical style decor, and as you can see, this concept producing a stunning and vibrant room.

For this kind of decor style, you can add some other colors that fit this style such as green and blue. And then you can use some neutral colors to help balancing and wrap up the entire room.

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6 Piece Modern Tropical Wall Art Set by Americanflat

This items is the best choice if you want to create a tropical style interior decor. Using this set of wall art alone is enough to bring a tropical breeze into your spaces. Come with 6 beautiful pieces, you can easily arrange those pieces to fit your wall space and style that you want.

Decorative Blue Glass Cottage Table Lamp by Lavish Home

This unique lamp beautifully designed for cottage style room such as beach house style or tropical style like we used in this project. It’s unique glass base looks gorgeous while bringing beautifully extra lighting to your home.

2 Pack Modern Decorative Yellow&White Striped Pillow Covers by U-LOVE

This simple pillow cover can bring a lot of impact into any room with yellow scheme. With modern looks, this pillow cover use hidden zipper to make it looks even more fashionable.

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Gray and Yellow Living Room

Gray and yellow living room decor ideas
Gray and yellow living room decor

Another color that will match perfectly with yellow is gray. Using gray elements will help smoothing the vibrant yellow color and producing a more balanced and neutral interior decor.

When we said gray and yellow decor doesn’t mean a gray couch in a yellow wall and you’re done. You need to add more gray element as we need to reduce the brightness of the entire room. For example, on our design above we used gray and yellow rug, black and white style wall art and gray pendant lamp. You can use your own creativity and imaginations to choose the perfect gray items for your room.

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Yellow Striped Accent Pillow by Homy Cozy

Fill with 100% polyester fiber, this super soft pillow not only add more comfort to any couch, but also bring additional cheerful yellowish vibe into the room.

Gray Cement Industrial Pendant Light by NIUYAO

This industrial style pendant lamp will add rustic and classy favor into your space. It’s beautiful gray cement shade looks natural in stylish way that make this item can be a great addition into any room.

4 Panels Set Black and White Scenery Wall Art by ENGLANT

As we already said before, black and white or grayscale wall art works best for yellow painted wall. And this beautiful 4 pieces scenery black and white artworks not only complement perfectly with our yellow wall, but also make it looks much more elegant and stylish.

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Classic Gold and Yellow Living Room

Classic gold and yellow living room ideas
Classic style gold and yellow living room

Gold has a slightly similar appearance and looks with yellow, so you can take advantage of this and created a glamorous room using gold and yellow combinations. As you can see on our design above, we add some gold elements in this room and it resulting a gorgeous look that blend perfectly with our yellow wall.

When using gold elements into your decor, surely classical would be the perfect decor style, and this is the concept that we used for this design. Another decor concept that will works great with gold elements are modern mid-century or art deco style.

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24 Inch Gold Sunburst Wall Mirror by Stonebriar

For this design, we want a decor items that can stand out and be a main focal point in our yellow wall, and our choice fall to this beautiful gold mirror. With stylish classical design, this wall mirror alone can make our wall looks amazing.

Brushed Gold Brass Modern Globe Pendant Lights by LMS

We use this beautiful pendant lamp for two main reason. First, it will add some gold elements that we need for this room, and second, it will bring amazing additional lighting to make the room atmosphere feels warm and cozy at night.

3 Piece Set Wall Art Gold Foil Embellished Canvas by Urban Habitat

To add more gold looks into this project, we use this artistic 3 pieces gold abstract wall art. It’s modern contemporary drawing will bring aesthetic appeal to any wall using beautiful asymmetrical approach.

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Vintage Yellow Decor

Vintage yellow living room ideas
Vintage yellow living room

The last decor ideas that we created for this yellow room is this vintage style decor. This style works great as yellow is quite popular colors in the vintage era.

This living room design is quite simple where we only add some vintage style items such as vintage yellow rug, a pair of wooden accent table and vintage style artwork. And that’s enough to create a beautiful vintage living room that we wanted.

Again, we remind you that add other yellow elements is important, don’t rely only at the wall as the only yellow part of the room as it would look awful. Adding one or two yellow items is essential when decorating a room with yellow walls to make the entire room decor looks perfectly flawless.

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