7 Best Wall Paint Colors for Bedroom with Dark Furniture (With Images)

What is the best bedroom wall color that goes with dark furniture? Here we compile the answer based on our experiment. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 14th, 2021

Dark furniture is widely known for bringing rich ambiance into any room. It also adds some warmth and depth to the spaces. For a closed area such as bedrooms, dark furniture can keep the room tight and cozy.

However, integrating dark furniture into any room can be quite a challenging task. This kind of furniture usually more difficult when combined with other accessories and colors. And it’s even a more complicated task when choosing the perfect wall paint for this dark finished furniture.

Mixing dark furniture with bright and colorful colors absolutely not a good idea. On the other side, combining a dark painted wall with dark furniture will make the room looks dingy. That’s why choosing the right wall paint color is a crucial task for any room with dark furniture.

For this purpose, we conduct some experiment in one bedroom that is filled with dark brown wood furniture to choose which paint color works best for this bedroom, and here are the results :

1. White

White wall paint with dark furniture ideas
White wall paint with dark furniture

White is one of the most neutral colors that can blend easily with any other color, including dark ones. That’s why using white as wall paint for a room with dark furniture is one of the best and easiest solutions.

White paint also helps create a lot of contrast when combined with dark colors that produce an elegant yet warming ambient.

2. Light Gray

Light gray wall with dark brown furniture
Light gray wall with dark brown furniture

Combining dark furniture with light gray works great to create a rustic feels into this bedroom.

Those combinations also create a bedroom with cooler ambient that can help anyone feel relaxed.

Here is some of our light gray paint recommendation that works great with dark brown furniture :

Sherwin Williams Olympus White (SW 6253)
Sherwin Williams Evening Shadow (SW 7662)
Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray (SW 6254)

3. Beige

Beige wall paint with dark brown furniture
Beige wall paint with dark brown furniture

Beige or linen white is an interesting color that brings elegance yet soft and warm ambient into any room. And it turns out that this color blend flawlessly with dark furniture, especially brown ones.

If you are planning to paint your wall with this color, here are some of our recommendation that you can choose :

Sherwin Williams Unfussy Beige (SW 6043)
Sherwin Williams Shell White (SW 8917)
Sherwin Williams Arcade White (SW 7100)

4. Grayish Blue

Grayish blue bedroom wall with dark furniture
Grayish blue wall with dark furniture bedroom

Blue is one of the most used colors in interior design, thanks to its versatility to blend with other colors or decor styles.

This color can also blend well with dark furniture, but unfortunately, not all blue shades can do this job.

From our experiment, grayish-blue is one of the blue shades that can work well with dark furniture.

If you are a fan of blue, here are some grayish blue choices that you can use along with dark furniture :

Sherwin Williams Aleutian (SW 6241)
Sherwin Williams Daphne (SW 9151)
Sherwin Williams Bracing Blue (SW 6242)

5. Light Brown

Light brown bedroom with dark furniture
Light brown bedroom with dark furniture

Light brown works best with dark brown furniture to create a monochromatic effect in this bedroom. This combination looks flawless, elegant, and well balanced.

If you choose this wall color for a bedroom with dark furniture, make sure to use some plants or other colors in accessories to help create some contrast to avoid the room looks monotonous.

Here are some of our recommendation for light brown paint that will look great when combined with dark furniture :

Sherwin Williams Shiitake (SW 9173)
Sherwin Williams Stone Lion (SW 7507)
Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe (SW 7038)

6. Light Yellow

Light yellow bedroom wall with dark wood furniture
Light yellow wall with dark wood furniture

Yellow is mostly used to create a colorful and fun room, and most of the yellow shade doesn’t blend well with dark wood furniture.

But, if you choose the right shades, it can create a warming room as it can balance the dark furniture while bringing some different levels of contrast. Light yellow is one of the yellow shades that can be used alongside dark wooden furniture.

Sherwin Williams Pinnaple Cream (SW 1668)
Sherwin Williams Icy Lemonade (SW 1667)
Sherwin Williams Friendly Yellow (SW 6680)

7. Sage Green

Sage green wall paint with wooden furniture ideas
Sage green paint for wooden furniture

The last paint color that works like a charm with dark furniture based on our experiment is sage green. This grayish shade of green brings a more elegant vibe than traditional green.

Sherwin Williams Kind Green (SW 6457)
Sherwin Williams Quetitude (SW 6212)
Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green (SW 6213)

This color inspired by aromatic herb will blend perfectly with any room with wooden furniture, including darker ones, and bring fresh and calming ambient into the room.

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