Spice Up Your Cream Walls With These Awesome Curtains

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : June 11th, 2024

Cream walls, while not as popular as it was before, still hold their charming qualities for various reasons. They offer a warmer and richer alternative to the plain, pure white, infusing spaces with inviting coziness, and become an ideal choice for family areas like the living room or dining room.

Moreover, its versatility accommodates a range of interior styles, from vintage, and classic, to minimalist.

Yet, not everything becomes easier with cream walls. Its unique warmth and richness need to be complemented by the right furniture and accessories, including the curtains.

The general rule for choosing curtains for cream walls is to make sure that the curtains can still blend in harmony with the subtle tone of the walls, while also providing some contrast to prevent the cream walls from looking boring and monotonous.

That’s why, we highly recommend you to use soft blue, sage, olive, blush pink, and soft gray curtains for your cream walls. Combining these curtains with cream walls will instantly create a soothing ambiance, and generate an aesthetically pleasing visual. They can also make the entire room feel inviting and serene, becoming a charming foundation for a relaxing interior space.

Keep reading as we’ll guide you through all these beautiful curtain colors and help you find the perfect addition to the cream-painted walls.

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1. White

White curtains

For you who don’t want to take any risks, then this is surely the best option. The white curtains and cream walls combination will look perfectly flawless, while still having some contrast to avoid monotonous feels.

Moreover, the cream walls and white curtains can be a great neutral backdrop to give you a lot of possibility to add any other colors to your palette.

2. Soft Gray

Soft gray curtains

Soft gray curtains may look pretty similar to cream walls, but actually, they had a completely different tone. While the cream wall comes with some warmth, the soft gray has a cool-tone, making them balance out each other to bring a well-balanced appearance.

3. Blush-Pink

Blush pink curtains

Blush pink curtains will bring a subtle pop of color to the cream-painted room, making it feel richer while still keeping a soft and charming appearance.

However, to make it work, you may need to add other pink elements throughout the room, such as blush-pink artwork or blush-pink rug.

4. Olive Green

Olive green curtains

The earthy tone of olive green can be a great pair to cream, creating a calming and relaxing ambiance that is essential for room like bedroom or living room.

Unlike most green, olive comes with some hint of yellow undertones, which is really helpful to make it blend with most cream shades that have a very similar tone.

5. Sage

Sage curtains

Another great green shade that will pair beautifully with cream. But unlike the previous choice, sage is much calmer and subtle, and its cool tone can help neutralize the cream walls, making the walls feel softer and neutral.

Moreover, sage can bring a touch of natural beauty to your home, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere to help you relax after a busy, stressful day.

6. Navy Blue

Navy blue curtains

Let’s move on from the light and soft choices, and go with some darker options. And if you are interested in this approach, we highly recommend you consider navy blue.

The navy blue curtains create a stunning drama against the cream walls, and can easily pop to become one of the focal points for the entire space.

7. Soft Blue

Soft blue curtains

But if you prefer a lighter blue, then soft blue can be a great alternative. This curtain can evoke some airy and tranquil vibe, making your home feel calming and serene.

The cool tone of the soft blue will provide interesting contrast against the cream walls, while at the same time making the wall look brighter.

8. Mustard

Mustard curtains

If you need some push to your interior’s mood, then you can try this beautiful option.

Mustard curtains will look amazing and bring stunning contrast against the cream walls, but at the same time still have a great connection with it thanks to the yellow undertones.

9. Light Gray

Light gray curtains

Incorporating light gray into any cream-themed interior can be a great way to modernize and upgrade the looks, without taking away all of the beauty of the cream. The light gray curtains bring some hint of elegance that blends really well against the cream walls.

Moreover, using light gray curtains can help make the walls unleash all of its warmth and make the entire room feel more welcoming and inviting.

10. Terracotta

Terracotta curtains

Another great option for you who want to add some pop of color to the cream walls is terracotta.

This awesome orange shade not only boosts the warmth of your space, but it can also add a beautiful rustic twist to the cream-colored room.

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