8 Top Rug Colors for Olive Couches

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

Today, olive green has become one of the most sought-after green shades for couches. Comes with strong warmth and comfort, this hue easily transforms any living room into a cozy and inviting space that is perfect for relaxation and socializing.

However, the rich and opulent hues of olive couches make them a bit difficult to pair with other colors. Thus, you need to be careful when choosing any elements that will be used alongside your olive green couch, such as the rug.

To solve this challenge, we did a series of experiments, testing a wide array of rug colors alongside our olive green couch. Our findings have led us to a conclusion: beige, brown, red, and purple are some of the best rug colors for olive couches. Those rug colors seamlessly harmonize with olive, thanks to their subtle warmth. At the same time, they provide a striking contrast that will boost the visual impact of the olive couch, allowing this gorgeous piece of furniture to shine as the center of attention in your living space.

Keep reading to browse all the awesome rug colors that will be a great addition to the olive green couch.

1. Beige

Modern ombre style beige rug

Beige rug is the best choice if you want any rug that can match the warmth of the couch, resulting in a very comfy and homey seating area.

The beige area rug can also make the olive couch stand out more and strengthen its appearance as the main focal point for your living room.

Furthermore, the neutral looks of the beige rug can give you plenty of room to bring more vibrant or bold colors to the palette, in case you need to bring other shades to enrich the overall looks.

2. Brown

Classic brown rug

Arguably, brown is one of the best complementary colors for olive. Combining both colors in one scheme can create a unique contrasting effect where the freshness of the olive meets the earthy and natural of the brown.

As you can see in the image above, the brown rug blends beautifully with the olive green couch to create a comfy, warm, and fresh living area.

To get the best result, choose any brown shades that have a more neutral look with strong gray undertones, such as brown coffee, taupe, cedar brown, or khaki.

3. White

White geometric rug

If you prefer simple and risk-free options, then go with white. Obviously, a white rug can blend with literally any couch color, including the tricky ones such as olive.

Using a white rug can also be very beneficial if you are using many other shades besides olive for your living room furnishings and accessories, as the white rug can tie and bring them together to create a cohesive look.

4. Olive and Beige

Olive and beige rug

In some cases, you may want to intensify the olive shade to your interior and make it the primary color by adding more olive furnishings, like an olive rug.

In fact, using the olive rug will keep the consistency between the couch and rug to create a perfectly harmonious appearance.

However, to avoid the monotonous looks, use any olive rug that had some other colors in its pattern, preferably a neutral one such as the olive and beige rug that we used in the image example above.

5. Navy

Elegant navy rug

Olive couch and navy rug, a perfectly elegant and fresh combination. Both shades will complement and enhance each other to create a dominant look for the entire seating area.

We love to use this combination to create a sophisticated living room with a strong character.

6. Purple

Purple area rug

If you want to create something unique, out of the ordinary scheme for your living space, then you can try incorporating the purple rug.

While purple is a bit unusual when it comes to home decor, it is actually another great complimentary option for any green shades, and that’s why the purple area rug looks amazing when placed below an olive couch.

To get the best results, throw in some other purple accessories or decor items such as a purple pillow or purple artwork.

7. Red

Brown rug with red accent

Sometimes, you may need to bring some bold or vibrant accents to spark the visual appearance of the olive couch. And for this particular purpose, red is our favorite choice.

No, we don’t talk about a full, plain red rug that can potentially ruin the entire visual look with its overly dominant appearance, instead, you can choose any rug that has a bit of red accent in it.

Take a look at the example above, where we chose a brown rug that had some red pattern in it. Although the red isn’t really dominant, but still brings a big impact to create a vibrant, glam sense that can directly elevate the looks of the couch above it.

8. Gray

Simple gray rug

Here is another great rug color for an olive sofa if you need to wrap up many different furniture colors in case you are using another shade besides olive.

Additionally, the gray rug can provide some cozy looks that will balance out the warmth of the olive couch, resulting in a perfectly elegant vibe.

However, the main problem with the gray rug is that it sometimes can look a bit boring, thus, you need to play with the pattern and choose the ones that not only fit your decor scheme but also have an interesting and attractive look.

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