8 Modern Wall Molding Pattern Ideas

Use these awesome patterns to create a stunning visual interest for your modern interior. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 31st, 2021

In recent years, wall molding has been evolving so much and seems to regain its popularity. And today, you can see a lot of designers and homeowners take advantage of the beautiful trim works to take their decor to the next level.

Wall molding not only will add some depth and 3d visual looks to your wall, but it can also be a great way to accentuate and make any blank, empty wall much more interesting.

Decades ago, trim works only associated with classical or traditional decor, but today, you can also incorporate it inside any room with a modern approach. The one important thing that distinguishes classical molding from a modern one is the pattern.

For modern decor, it’s important to keep the pattern as simple as possible, but still, bring a lot of visual impacts.

If you are looking for some ideas and inspiration to create your own modern wall molding, you are in the right place. Here we will share with you some of our designer’s work that you can easily replicate and apply to your home. Enjoy!

Best Wall Molding Pattern for Modern Home


Wall molding with chevron pattern
Wall molding with chevron pattern

This is one of our favorite patterns that we often used in our projects. The chevron pattern looks unique and with a bit of artistic touch, can instantly bring a big impact wherever it’s used.

With these kinds of visual appearance, you don’t need to put any wall decoration as it already looks amazing.

Simple Vertical Pattern

Simple vertical-style wall molding
Simple vertical-style wall molding

In most modern style decor, simplicity and minimalism become the key to achieving the best result. Thus, if you still need some simple trim work to polish up your space, then you can go with this simple vertical style molding.

This kind of pattern is very easy to be made but still brings a gorgeous visual result.

Another advantage of using this simple pattern is that you can still use the wall to display some artworks and wall decoration items. Furthermore, it can create visual illusions that make the room feel taller, thus it can be very beneficial for any room with a very low ceiling.

Half Wall Vertical

Half-wall vertical molding
Half-wall vertical molding

The concept of this wall molding is very similar to the previous one, but instead of making it all the way up to the ceiling, it’s only made on half or 3/4 the height of the wall.

This way, you can still get a plain wall space above the trim work that may be needed for something else, such as wall decor, shelves, or even a window.

To get the best result, add some led or sting light at the top of the molding to make dramatic transition effects between the molding and the wall above it.

Random Square Wall

Artistic random square wall molding pattern
Artistic random square wall molding pattern

Abstract pattern is very popular in modern-contemporary style decor, as it can bring an amazing artistic touch to create glam and luxurious looks.

You can apply the same principle to your blank wall by creating an abstract square molding like the example above.

Actually, it’s quite simple and easy to make, but you need to be creative and play with your imagination to create a perfect one. Use different thicknesses for each square to create stunning layered looks.

Large Diamond Pattern

Large diamond wall molding pattern
Large diamond wall molding pattern

The diamond pattern is quite popular, but we like a different approach rather than the typical one: make it larger.

The large diamond pattern looks amazing to create a strong visual statement and will easily attract everyone’s eyes.

For this kind of pattern, you don’t need to use bold or strong colors to finish the molding, as it can still stand out even with plain white finishes.

Vertical and Diagonal Lines

Vertical and diagonal lines pattern
Vertical and diagonal lines pattern

This is another great pattern that can bring an artistic look to your home.

The combination of straight vertical lines and diagonal lines creates a unique look that makes this pattern much more interesting than any typical one, especially for you who don’t like any boring, repetitive pattern for your wall molding.

To create a bigger impact, combine it with strong or vibrant colors, like the dark sage that we used in the above example.

Bond Style Rectangle

Bond-style rectangular wall molding
Bond-style rectangular wall molding

This wall molding will remind you of the simple exposed brick wall, but in a more sleek and modern look.

Thus, it will not only work in a modern style but also works well in industrial or unfinished decor style.

To add some depth and 3d visual effects, you can set the different thicknesses of the rectangular molding.

Simple Square Pattern

Simple square wall molding
Simple square wall molding

As we already said before, in some cases, simplicity can be the best option.

For example, if you are planning to paint the accent wall molding with bold and strong colors, then a simple molding like this square pattern can be a perfect choice for you.

This way, the strong colors will become the main focal point while the wall molding does its job to add some depth and texture to avoid the wall looks boring.