Creative Coffee Table Inspirations for Small Spaces

Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

When it comes to small spaces, every single piece of furniture should be chosen carefully. And that’s why setting up the furniture and decorating small spaces is way harder compared to any normal-size room. But don’t worry, those hard work will still bring worthy results as long as you do the right things.

One essential way to achieve the perfect result for any small space is to limit the number of furnishings inside the room. So, you must eliminate any items that don’t really need, or at least, have a minimal impact in terms of functionality, and keep only the essential ones.

In a small living room, one item that can be very tricky is the coffee table. While some people may decide to leave it out and not use any coffee table to save the limited space, some others think that this is a staple item that should be present in any living space, no matter how small the living room is. And if you agree with the latter, we will give you some coffee table ideas that will work wonders in any small space.

Best Coffee Table for Small Spaces

Small Coffee Table

The most straightforward approach for the small living room is to choose a small one. They can easily fit into any limited space and, thus won’t take up a lot of important floor area inside your home. While still bringing the basic functions of any typical coffee table.

Here are two great examples that will fit nicely inside any small living room :

Oslo Bean Shaped Coffee Table by Convenience Concepts

This option has a relatively small size compared to any typical table, however, it can still bring plenty of top areas for you not only to put any beverages or snacks but also can be used to put any decoration items to improve the overall looks of your living room.

In terms of visual appearance, this unique piece can provide a touch of beautiful modern mid-century style to any living room.

Simple Modern Table by Ameriwood Home

For you who want to keep a minimalist visual, then this small choice can be a great option for you. With a simple design yet sleek finishes, this item will look amazing in a stylish contemporary touch.

Furthermore, although it’s small in size, this is quite sturdy and can handle even any heavy objects such as decorative vases.

Nested Coffee Table

Another great alternative for a small living room is a nested one. This kind of coffee table can offer plenty of functionality, while when not in use, you can put one below the others so you can regain and use the precious floor area for other things/items.

Below are two of our favorite choices that we often use in our projects :

Minimalist Bamboo Nesting Coffee Table by Bameos Store

This awesome item not only offers plenty of flexibility where you can align them as you need but also can give a unique visual touch to your seating area, thanks to the stylish yet minimalistic design.

Combining bamboo legs with a solid MDF panel top, this item combines a natural look with a modern touch.

Round Wooden Nesting Table by Nathan James

In terms of design, this is quite typical of any other round wooden coffee table. But thanks to its bold finishing, this item can stand out elegantly to make a big difference for any living room.

The beautiful combination of a wooden top with industrial metal legs becomes another interesting point that makes this item look way better than any other similar choices.

Expandable Coffee Table

Thanks to the innovator out there who thinks out of the box and creates innovative furniture such as an expandable coffee table so we can still have normal functionality when it’s needed, and fold it up when not in use to give back the important floor area in the small living room.

However, since this kind of design is relatively new, the options are quite limited. But don’t worry, there are some great choices that you can buy for your living room, such as these two awesome options:

Square Rotating Wooden Coffee Table by Christopher Knight Home

This goes beyond its main function as any typical table, but it can also become an interesting item that brings artistic modern looks to make your living room much more attractive.

To get additional space, you can easily rotate the top and second layers, and adjust them as you need.

Modern Glossy Oval Rotating Table by Christopher Knight

For you who prefer modern, contemporary looks, then this can be a great choice for you. This option had the same principle as previous ones but came with a beautiful oval shape that brought a dynamic look.

Last but not least, its gorgeous glossy finishes will reflect a lot of lights that will really helpful for any small areas not only to make the entire space feel a bit brighter but also to make the living room visually feel a bit more spacious.

Glass Coffee Table

Physically, this is quite similar to another coffee table, but visually, our eyes can see right through it to the other side and avoid making the living room feel cramped and crowded.

Of course, the best option is the coffee table that comes with full-glass materials, but even a glass-top table can also make a really big difference.

Full Tempered Glass Table by Tangkula

This table blends a perfect combination of sleek, minimalist design with strong, sturdy tempered glass. Thus, although it’s made entirely from glass, it has a similar strength as any typical choice, so you don’t need to worry about putting any objects above it.

The clear and transparent looks can manipulate our eyes and make your seating area feel larger.

Modern Glass Top Table with Chrome Legs by King’s Brand

This may not be made entirely of glass such as the previous option, but still, can be useful for any small space thanks to its clear glass top and simple, sleek design.

Moreover, the chrome legs look like a mirror that will help reflect lights and objects around it and again, can be a great benefit when it comes to small rooms.

Coffee Table with Stool/Ottoman

Sometimes, small homeowners may be confused about whether they want to add a coffee table or additional seating to accommodate more guests or family inside their living room.

Why not both? You can achieve this easily by using any table that is built-in with an ottoman/stool or using the one that is high enough to put or hide any stool below it when not in use.

Ottoman Bench with Tray Top by Simplihome

This is a great example that can also serve as additional seating. Although the main purpose of this item is as an ottoman, it has a removable tray top that you can use as a table.

And if you need the extra seating spaces, you can easily remove the tray and it can work as a typical ottoman bench.

Modern Wood Table by Angioo Store

Actually, this is just a typical coffee table. But it has an adequate amount of height so you can easily put any small ottoman or stool below it, just like the example above.

Coffee Table with a Lot of Storage

The most important thing when deciding on any furniture for small spaces is to make sure every single item has more than one function, or in other words, it should have more additional features in addition to its main functionality. For you who need additional storage inside your living room, then any coffee table that has plenty of storage can be a perfect choice.

Moreover, those kinds of table not only works like a typical one but also can help you reduce the need for any cabinets so you can save a lot of precious space inside your living room.

A-Frame 3-Tier Modern Farmhouse Table by Walker Edison Store

This modern farmhouse-style item has 3 different tiers so it offers plenty of storage space to accommodate your needs. For the top, you can use it to put any snacks, beverages, or decoration items.

In the middle, you can organize your favorite books, while at the bottom, you can put any blanket to make them easy to reach when needed.

Farmhouse Lift Top Coffee Table by Signature Design

This is a great example of a multi-functional item that brings plenty of benefits to any small space. Firstly, its lift-top design makes this item can easily transform into a workstation.

Secondly, it had plenty of drawers that could be used to store and organize a lot of different items. Last but not least, it’s still working properly as any coffee table should.

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