What Color Paint Goes with Cherry Wood Floors? (15 Beautiful Options)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 13th, 2024

Cherry is one of the most popular hardwood floors, one of the main reasons for its popularity is because Its unique, rich reddish tone makes this flooring spread a lot of warmth to the entire space.

Its unique richness will add a strong character to your home, and that’s why it’s quite easy to differentiate the cherry wood from any other similar wood.

This kind of flooring can also be a softer alternative than maple or oak and can be used in a lot of different interior schemes, from traditional to modern ones.

However, its deep red tone can also become one of the liabilities of this wood, as this unique look makes this wood relatively difficult to blend with other colors. Thus, if you are planning to use this beautiful wood, make sure that you have planned the right color scheme in order to achieve the best result.

If you are looking for an ideal wall paint color for your room with cherry wood flooring, our in-house designers recommend pure white, beige, pineapple cream, light sage, or light coral. Pairing these wall colors with cherry wood flooring creates harmonious and captivating visual effects. They can also beautifully complement the reddish hues found in cherry wood, enhancing its natural richness and beauty, resulting in a space that exudes vibrancy and warmth while still maintaining a sense of elegance.

Read on as we give you a more detailed explanation of all those stunning wall color options.

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15 Best Wall Paint Colors that Go with Cherry Wood Floors

Pure White

Pure white wall with cherry wood floors

This color surely doesn’t need a lot of explanations, as obviously, white can go with literally anything. For tricky wooden such as cherry wood, sometimes the best choice is to keep everything simple and not overcomplicate things, and you can easily remove the risk of getting the wrong combinations by just painting your wall with pure white.

Furthermore, the white wall can help enhance and highlight the floors, thus will make the cherry wood floors look even better.


Beige walls with cherry floors

This is another risk-free choices, especially when you are working with almost any tones of cherry wood, including the tricky ones such as Patagonian cherry or Brazilian cherry floors.

The neutrality of the beige helps calming down the intense tone of the cherry hardwood, make your space looks cozy and calmer.

Pineapple Cream

Pineapple cream wall

Some people may think that yellow shades won’t go well with cherry. But that doesn’t actually true, as there are still some yellow shades that can look awesome when paired with cherry wood, such as this soft and beautiful pineapple cream.

This light, pale yellow can add another layer of warmth to your home, resulting in a welcoming and joyful ambiance that is very essential for any room where your families will spend a lot of their time together, such as the living room or dining room.

Light Sage

Light sage wall

If you need the help of your wall to calm down and neutralize the strong, dominant looks of the cherry, then green shades can be a great option for you. One of our favorite green shades that will blend perfectly inside any room with cherry wood floor is light sage.

With its fresh, natural looks, the light sage wall will make the entire space looks softer and fresher, and more importantly, makes the strong cherry wood feel calmer.


Olive green wall with cherry wood floors

This is another great shade of green that looks amazing alongside cherry wood floors. Painting your wall with olive can make the entire space feel peaceful, calming, and fresh.

And those are really important to help balance out the strong, warm looks of the cherry wood floors, creating well-balanced spaces and aesthetically pleasing space.

We also love to use this paint color to bring natural beauty to any room that doesn’t have any greenery or indoor plants.

Light Coral

Light coral wall

If you tend to go with any color that looks flawless with the cherry hardwood floor, then light coral is arguably one of the best paint color for you.

This unique shade blends a perfect amount of light red tone with orange, and that’s what makes this paint looks seamless with the red undertones of the cherry wood floors, while still gives enough contrast to avoid a monotonous looks.

However, if you decide to use this paint for your home, make sure that you add a lot of neutral shade and spread it thoroughly to calm down and neutralize this strong and vibrant combo.

Light Gray

Light gray wall with cherry wood floors

The problem that often comes with strong, red-tone wood is that they tend to look more classical and traditional rather than modern ones. And this can be a big problem for you who want to create a modern style interior. For this, you need to use any wall paint that can spread bold, modern looks, and one of the best options is light gray.

With plenty of elegance, the light gray wall can easily turn any classical looks into modern ones.

Furthermore, by using these kinds of neutral, you can get a lot of space to add another color to your interior, whether it’s another neutral or even any vibrant ones.


Greige walls

If light gray seems too mainstream for you, then you can shift a bit by using the new version of it : greige.

This warm shade of gray still had plenty of neutrality to keep creating a balanced looks between the walls and the flooring, while its warmth going together beautifully with cherry to create a welcoming and inviting room.


Misty wall

For you who need a room with plenty of calming and serene ambiance, then misty can be a great choice for you. This soft, light shade of blue can also help balance the warmth of the cherry wood floor, thank’s to its subtle cool tone.

Moreover, this particular shade tends to be more neutral compared to any typical blue shade, and that’s very essential to help make the misty wall can still look nice when used together with strong wood like this.


Blue-gray walls

But if you need an even more neutrality and cool-toned looks from your wall, then blue-gray can be a great alternatives.

This elegant blue shade bring different layer of richness against the cherry, without interrupting it’s vibrant and beautiful texture and grain. This option works really well to create a modern classic interior design style.


Mint wall

Mint is a unique color that blends light blue with light green beautifully. Its fresh and icy appearance is the perfect match to strong wood like cherry, creating a more well-balanced ambiance.

Additionally, the mint wall can bring a few modern senses to lift the classical looks of the cherry wood floors in a fresh and natural vibe.

This color can be a perfect choice for any room where you want to relieve some stress and get a peaceful relax, such as the bedroom or family room.

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow walls

Another interesting yellow shades that you can try using alongside cherry. Paint the walls with pale yellow will instantly evoke fun and joyfulness to your room, making it a perfect place for your family and friends to hanging around.

Furthermore, the creamy looks of this wall emphasize the wood texture and grain, making it looks even more vibrant and intense, in a good way.

Mocha Brown

Mocha brown walls

For you who are looking for some brown hues, then this is the perfect color for you Mocha brown is a unique brown shades that still looks pretty neutral, but at the same time comes with some beautiful warmth.

And those character is perfectly match with any dark wood that had strong colors like cherry. Additionally, brown shade can complement the reddish-tone of the wood, making it looks glam and luxurious.


Charcoal wall

Charcoal is one of the best bold paint color that go with cherry floors, especially if you are looking for color to create an accent wall. It’s a strong color, yet still comes with plenty of neutrality.

Thus, even though both walls and floors will looks intense, but the doesn’t clash with each others. Using dark wall also helps making the dark cherry wood feel much brighter and lighter.

Light Terracotta

Light terracotta walls

Since most cherry had orange undertones, why not combine it with any paint colors that had similar base, like this light terracotta.

And the beauty of this paint is that it’s not as strong as most orange shade, but still comes with enough vibrant to enrich the entire room. However, to get the best result, you may need to use plenty of neutral elements like furniture or decoration items to create a perfect balance.

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