8 Mid-Century Modern Door Designs That’ll Bring Classic Charm

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

Did you know that mid-century modern interior design has been experiencing a revival in recent years? With so many people get boring to the current modern, minimalist decor style, this classic-themed interior experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

One of the main reason for this is because mid-century modern decor can gives plenty of warmth that is needed to make a comfy and cozy interior, while still gives a stylish and arstistic look to make your home looks interesting. With clean lines, organic shapes, and natural materials, using mid-century theme can also becomes a great way to turn any boring interior into a much more aesthetic and sophisticated ones.

When it comes to mid-century modern interior, every single element inside your room should had a distinctive and stylish looks, including the door. Thus, not only you should have an interior door that can complement the other elements, but it should also boost the mid-century flair and look consistent with the overall interior design.

In this post, we will give you some simple yet awesome mid-century modern door ideas that you can easily replicate or bought to complete your beautifully design interior.

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Simple Modern Mid-Century Door with Horizontal Glass Pattern

This is an example of the typical mid-century style door. With the combination of simple horizontal pattern and frosted glass, this door will boost the modern mid-century feels wherever it’s used.

The glass feature also becomes very helpful as not only it helps spread more natural lighting, but it’s reflective effects makes your interior feel open and more spacious.

To make this door looks even more interesting, we used the dark wood to bring some rustic touch to complement our mid-century style and gives some vintage artistic vibe.

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Pale Orange Mid-Century Modern Door

This door applies the asymmetric principles that works really well inside any modern mid-century style interior.

So, even tough the rectangular glass pattern is quite simple, it still looks interesting and artistic.

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Mid-Century Modern Door with Vertical Glass Pattern

If you prefer some simplicity, then you can try this option. For this door, we only used a simple one vertical glass pattern that reaches almost the entire height of the door.

To keep it in line with the mid-century approach, rather than placing the glass in the middle, we put it on the right side to gives some asymmetric appearance. And finally, we finish this door with pastel yellow colors to spark some vibrant and make the interior feel more alive.

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Modern Mid-Century Door with Rectangular Pattern

Another simple mid-century style interior door. With 4 rectangular glass pattern, the door looks pretty clean compared to most mid-century door, but it’s placement and color choices help makes it blend with the main theme without overwhelming the spaces.

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Mid-Century Door with Diamond Pattern

Diamond pattern is another interesting choice that often used in mid-century style decor, and this time, we applied this concept into this beautiful door.

The unique pattern helps making the door a new interesting feature of your home.

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Dark Wooden Mid-Century Modern Door with Half Circle Glass Pattern

With large half-circle glass pattern, this door can be a great options for any small room or room that lacks of natural lighting, spreading plenty of lights between rooms.

With unique shapes, this door can easily makes a big statement to your interior visual appearance. To make it stand out even more, we choose a very dark wood for a strong, rustic twist.

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Olive Green Door with Small Rectangular Glass Pattern

This door design is quite popular in mid-century style interior. With plenty of small rectangle glass pattern, the door combines simplicity and eclectic artistic beauty that is essential for a great modern-mid century interior.

To makes the door pop, we used a fresh and warm olive finishes to complete this awesome door design.

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Simple Orange Mid-Century Modern Door

This door is another great choice for you who need an interior door that doesn’t overwhelm the other elements, as we used a pretty simple design.

However, to make it blend with the rest of the interior, we painted it with strong orange finish to make it have a strong mid-century character.