15 Fresh Blue-Green Paint Colors for Interior Wall

Awesome blue-green wall paint colors that will bring a splash of sophistication to your home.

If you can’t decide whether to go with green paint or blue paint for your interior wall, then it can be a great idea to use blue-green paint. This beautiful shade mixes the perfect amount of these two beautiful hues, thus it had the fresh and relaxing ambiance as the typical green, while at the same time providing plenty of tranquil, airy, and serene vibe like any other blues.

However, to get all of those benefits, you need to find the perfect blue-green color that will suit your interior decorating style and preferences.

This can be a challenging task since there are a lot of different variants of blue-green paint that you can choose from.

To make your job a lot easier, here in this article, we will share with you some of the best blue-green paint colors that we often use in our interior design projects. Hope you can find the ones that not only make you fall in love but also can be a fantastic choice to instantly transform your interior.

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Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams (SW 6211)

This is one of the most popular Sherwin Williams paint when it comes to blue-green. And since it tends to look a bit more green rather than blue, it can be a perfect choice for you who need any blue-green paint that can spread a lot of cool and refreshing vibe to your home.

Another reason why we love this paint is that its subtle tone will easily create a soft, aesthetically pleasing look.

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Hazel by Sherwin Williams (SW 6471)

This is a great alternative for you who want a bit stronger color than the previous one. The hazel had a medium-toned blue-green hue that perfectly reflected nature.

Its cool vibe makes this color a perfect choice for any space that has a lot of warm colors or elements, creating a more well-balanced ambiance.

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Drizzle by Sherwin Williams (SW 6479)

Another great alternative for medium-toned blue-green paint by Sherwin Williams. This color is very similar to any typical teal but comes with a softer and more neutral appearance.

And since this color had a stronger blue rather than green, the drizzle will spread plenty of elegance vibe, thus it can be an ideal choice for any modern contemporary interior.

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Cloudburst by Sherwin Williams (SW 6487)

If you are looking for any blue-green paint to create an accent wall, then this can be a great option.

The intense looks of this cloudburst by Sherwin Williams can easily be a game-changer to any home, creating a bold yet fresh and natural appearance that will stand out elegantly as the main focal point for the entire space.

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Watery by Sherwin Williams (SW 6478)

Let’s get back to the softer choices. The Watery by Sherwin Williams had a very similar appearance to any mint shade, providing a perfect balance between light green and light blue hue.

Thus, if you need a paint color that can bring a beautiful cool, and fresh twist to your home, then this is surely the perfect option. Last but not least, its very light appearance makes this color fit easily inside any kind of room, whether it’s a large or a small room.

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Mount Saint Anne by Benjamin Moore (CC-710)

Let’s move on to another popular paint brand: Benjamin Moore. This Mountain Saint Anne by Benjamin Moore not only combines the beauty of blue and green hues but also comes with some medium gray tones, making it not only look neutral and versatile but also add a touch of elegance to make it stand out beyond any typical blue-green paint.

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Quiet Moment by Benjamin Moore (CC-700)

This color combines the warm green with a hint of blue-gray, resulting in a fresh and bright color that will easily lift up any space.

Since green is more dominant than blue, this color can be a great choice for any green-themed interior, creating stunning looks of different layers of green.

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Arctic Blue by Benjamin Moore (2050-60)

If you prefer a blue rather than green, then this Arctic Blue by Benjamin Moore is a great option. At first, its striking looks remind us of aqua or turquoise, but thanks to its green undertone, this color comes in a much more calming and refreshing ambiance.

We love to use this color to create any casual style interior by combining it with plenty of white elements or white furnishings.

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Colorado Gray by Benjamin Moore (2136-50)

Actually, this color had a more dominant gray rather than blue and green, but since gray is neutral, its blue and green hues still present beautifully from this amazing color.

Additionally, this is one of the great examples of color that combined the perfect amount of blue and green, making it sit right in the middle of those two hues. Thus, you can use this color inside any green-themed interior just as good as in the blue-themed interior.

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Baltic Sea by Benjamin Moore (CSP-680)

As it is named, the Baltic Sea by Benjamin Moore will bring the beauty of the ocean breeze to your home. This color is very similar to teal but comes with a bit stronger blue tone. With its strong and intense looks, painting your walls using this color can instantly change the overall appearance of your interior.

For an even better result, you can incorporate this color with some metallic elements, such as silver framed artworks or gold wall decorations.

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Fish Pond by Behr (P440-3)

While most of the blue-green paint will come in a soft and subtle look, this one is a bit different. The Fish Pond by Behr can bring some vibrant splash of pop that makes any space feel more fun and joyful, while still providing the fresh and natural ambiance of any typical blue-green paint.

Thus, if you need blue-green paint to lift up the mood of your home, we highly recommend you choose this one.

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Breezeway by Behr (MQ3-21)

As Behr color of the year for 2022, the quality of the Breezeway surely doesn’t need a lot of explanations. This color elevates a typical sage green using a bit of blue twist, expressing a fresh, peaceful, and tranquil vibe to your home.

Furthermore, its soft and subtle looks make this color a versatile choice that can easily fit into any color scheme or interior style.

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Fresh Tone by Behr (S430-2)

The Fresh Tone by Benjamin Moore mixes muted blue undertones with mint green, resulting in a unique and beautiful shade that can be a perfect choice to create a calming and refreshing space.

Since this color has a very subtle and bright look, it’s a great idea to combine it with soft and neutral colors such as light wood, light beige, or ivory.

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Ocean Boulevard by Behr (PPU13-10)

This color can be a perfect choice for any beach house or home with nautical or coastal decor. It evokes the beauty of the ocean in your home, while at the same time providing plenty of freshness to make any space feel more alive.

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Malaysian Mist by Behr (S440-2)

This is another stunning color that has a perfect balance between green and blue hues. Bringing natural harmony to your home, this color can be a great choice to wake up and enliven any boring or uninviting spaces.

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