What Color Curtains Go with Greige Walls? (8 Best Options To Maximizing Style)

Browse 8 curtain options that look awesome inside any room with greige walls. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 30th, 2023

Greige is the new beige. This color comes in a bit more modern and elegant look compared to its predecessor, thanks to its strong gray undertone. Thus, many beige lovers have moved on to this awesome color.

When it comes to choosing curtains for greige walls, things can be a bit easier compared to beige. However, with a vast array of colors and patterns available, this easy process turn can into an overwhelming task.

If you need a new curtain to complement your greige walls, we highly recommend you try white, sage, light gray, blue-gray, or cream curtains. These curtain colors had a soft and soothing appeal, making them harmonize perfectly with the similar character of the greige walls. Furthermore, they can also enrich the greige walls, transforming any boring space into a lively one.

Keep reading for more awesome curtain color choices.

8 Best Curtain Colors for Rooms with Greige Walls

White Curtain

White curtains with greige wall
White curtains with greige wall

As greige is already looked awesome, you probably don’t want to ruin its beauty by choosing any curtains that can disrupt its looks. And that’s why white curtains can be a safe option.

Using white curtains with greige walls will keep the wall becomes the main feature for the entire space. Moreover, the white curtains will also provide enough contrast to make them easily distinguishable.

Sage Curtain

Sage curtains with greige wall
Sage curtains with greige wall

If you are looking for a colorful option, then we highly recommend you go with sage. This pale, grayish green shade works perfectly to refresh the looks of your space thanks to its fresh and natural vibe.

And since these sage curtains also had some gray undertones, these curtains can look perfectly flawless against any greige wall.

Light Gray Curtain

Light gray curtains with greige wall
Light gray curtains

This combination will never go wrong, as greige itself had gray undertones, then combining the greige walls with light gray curtains surely creates an awesome, seamless, and flawless look.

Furthermore, the light gray curtains will enhance the elegant and modern looks of the greige, making them a perfect option for you who want to create a modern, contemporary interior.

Charcoal Curtain

Charcoal curtains with greige wall
Charcoal curtains

You can also go with any darker gray like charcoal, especially if you want to have any curtains that can stand out boldly and create a different layer of elegance to your space.

And the most important thing is that you don’t need to worry about these bold curtains can ruin the beauty of your greige walls, as the charcoal curtains will still keep their neutral character while also making your greige walls feel brighter and lighter.

Blue-gray Curtain

Blue-gray curtains with greige wall
Blue-gray curtains

Gray-blue curtains can be a perfect choice for you who want to enrich your entire space by bringing an opposite hue that compliments the wall beautifully.

Combining the gray-blue curtains with a greige wall can also provide a totally serene and tranquil space that is far from boring and monotonous.

Cream Curtain

Cream curtains with greige wall
Cream curtains

This is another great curtains option that can create a flawless, monochromatic look when combined with greige walls. Since both greige and cream had a very similar tone, they blend beautifully together while still adding enough warm contrast between them.

And since the cream curtains may look lighter and brighter than the greige, it can help makes the wall feel bolder and more elegant.

Light Brown Curtain

Light brown curtains with greige wall
Light brown curtains

The light brown curtain not only looks great against the greige wall because both colors shared a similar hue that creates a harmonious vibe, but it can also further emphasize the earthy looks of the greige wall and makes the entire space feel totally natural.

Dark Brown Curtain

Dark brown curtains with greige wall
Dark brown curtains

But if you are thinking that the light brown curtains may look too similar and hardly distinguish from the greige wall, then alternatively, you can choose the dark brown.

Even though this curtain had a bold, strong, and intense look, it can still blend beautifully and keep the brown tone flowing consistently between the curtains and the walls, creating a seamless integration with an amazing glam twist.

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