What Color Goes with Yellow Curtains? (Unlock The Beauty of Your Yellow Curtains)

Ignite your home decor by using these perfect combinations that harmonize with yellow curtains. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : June 1st, 2023

Making a bold move by choosing yellow curtains is surely not for everyone. But for those who are brave enough, this risky move can bring plenty of benefits.

Yellow curtains can bring the magical effects to your room. Not only it will cheer up the mood to the entire space, but it can also embrace beautiful sunshine allured hues. It’s vibrant color will make any boring space a breathtaking new life.

However, this exquisite curtain choices comes with some challenges. And one of the most common one is that it can be difficult to select the right colors thhat can complement it.

And that’s the main reason why we write this article. Here will share with you some great color choices that not only will go nicely with yellow curtains, but also can help make your home a captivating sanctuary.

8 Best Colors That Go with Yellow Curtains


Yellow curtains and cream walls
Cream and yellow

As a delicate soft ones, cream can serve as a charming companion to the yellow curtains. Whether it’s cream walls or cream furnishings, they all can create as harmonious balance while still let the yellow curtains pop.

Moreover, the muted cream tones will tones down the vibrancy of yellow, are resulting in a more visually pleasing looks.

Light Blue

Yellow curtains and light blue walls
Light blue and yellow

Contrasting your yellow curtains beautifully with light blue elements. The light blue will breath a fresh and calming vibe that balance out the invigorating yellow hues.

This complementary combination will bring a sense of balance and harmony wherever they are used.

Olive Green

Yellow curtains and olive green walls
Olive green and yellow

Olive green is an interesting color that blend green hues with some yellow undertones. And that’s the main reason why it can go together with yellow curtains beautifully.

The yellow tones of the olive green keep the consistency of yellow between all the elements, while the green comes with plenty of freshness and calming nature to tone down the brightness of yellow.

Pale Green

Yellow curtains and pale green walls
Pale green and yellow

Another great green choices for yellow curtains is pale green like sage or gray-green. These kinds of green evoke tranquility and harmony, while still complements the vibrant energy of the yellow curtains.

Moreover, the soft delicate looks of pale green shade will becomes a soothing backdrop, especially when used to paint the wall behind the curtains.

Light Gray

Yellow curtains and light gray walls
Light gray and yellow

If you are thinking that the yellow curtains is too strong, then light gray can be an ideal companion to tone-down and make it a well-balanced looks.

This can also becomes a great choice if you are using multiple yellow elements, as the light gray can neutralize all of them and create a more cohesive appearance.

Warm Gray

Yellow curtains and warm gray walls
Warm gray and yellow

Alternatively, you can try using warm gray or greige. This kind of gray still bring enough neutrality to balance out the yellow, while at the same time had some warmth that make it blend harmoniously with the vibrancy of the yellow curtains.

Furthermore, the gray undertones will add depth and richness to the overall color palette.


Yellow curtains and white walls
White and yellow

As a timeless choice, white can goes with literally everything, including any vibrant or bold colors like yellow. The clean and crisp nature of white will severs as a perfect base that allowing the yellow curtains shine.

Whether it’s white wall or white furniture, any white elements can bring a positive impact to the yellow curtains.


Yellow curtains and taupe walls
Taupe and yellow

If you are prefer to add some brown hues to your palette, then we highly recommend taupe. This kind of earthy tones can beautifully complement the strong vibrant energy of yellow, make it feel more natural and balanced.

The taupe elements can also add plenty of warmth to the entire room, making your space feel charm and welcoming.

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