10 Nightstands Perfect for Nursery Bedroom Decor

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 20th, 2024

When decorating their nursery bedroom, most parents do not pay attention to the furniture and decor items to create a great bedroom interior. It’s true that your baby may not even care what their bedroom looks like, but having a great nursery decor can make us as a parent feels comfortable and relaxed when spend our time there, while at the same time still bringing a fun atmosphere.

One item that is often underestimated when creating a nursery room is a nightstand or bedside table. A lot of homeowners carelessly choose any cheap, low-quality items as long as it has bright, vibrant colors.

In fact, a great high-quality nightstand can bring a lot of benefits. Such as :

  • It will have longer durability and strength, so you won’t need to reinvest in another cheap nightstand in the future.
  • It’s created using eco-friendly materials that are safe for your kids and that’s very important for their health.
  • A “real” nightstand can still be used for many years to come as it will still fit into any teenager’s bedroom.
  • It will make any nursery room feel stylish and elegant while at the same time still looking cute and adorable.

Based on our experience creating a lot of different nursery bedroom projects with a lot of different nightstands, we created this article to help you find the best ones that will suit your decor style and needs. And here they are :

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Giantex White Wooden Nightstand with Drawer and 2 Storage Baskets

White wooden table with storage baskets

This nightstand looks cute and stylish at the same time and can be used not only for the nursery room, but it will still look great for kids or teenagers’ rooms. So you don’t need to invest in a new nightstand table when your baby growing up a few years later.

With plenty of storage options, thanks to its drawer and two storage baskets (included), this table can be a great choice, especially for you who need extra storage.

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Furinno Simple Chic Table

Simple chic nightstand

This table has a compact clean design that is perfect for you who want to keep your baby room simple. Available in 8 different color schemes, you can choose which one will perfectly fit with your entire room decor. Another important feature of this table is its smooth rounded corner that will ensure safety for your kids.

Offered a quite an affordable price, this table is highly recommended for you who need a high-quality item for your baby’s room without breaking your budget.

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Winsome Claire Wooden White Accent Table

Wooden white accent table

If you have a limited space inside your bedroom, then using a small thin nightstand like this one can be a great solution. Its smooth curved design with casual looks makes this table versatile and can be used for any room decor, including nursery ones.

Come at an affordable price, you can get a high-quality nightstand with a stylish design that is made from real wood to ensure its sturdiness and durability.

With 2 different storage options – one drawer and one lower shelf, this table also can be a great extra storage addition.

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Little Seeds Cute Elegant Nightstand

Cute elegant nightstand

The beautiful combinations of white glossy finish and pink drawer make this item not only bring a fun and cute feel but also look elegant and stylish which can elevate your entire room decor.

With a large lower open shelf area that can be a great place to put any of your baby’s essentials or toys, this table is surely a great addition to any nursery bedroom.

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Frenchi Furniture White Nightstand with Magazine Style Shelf

White nightstand with magazine style shelf

Its beautiful curved shape not only makes this table look gorgeous but also will ensure safety for your kids. With a magazine-style holder at the bottom, you can easily organize any of your kids story books.

Available in 5 different finishes – white, blue, pink, purple, and cherry, you can easily choose which one suits your nursery decor best.

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HollyHOME Tray Pink Metal Accent Table

Tray style pink accent table

This Nordic-style table specially made for an adult room, but it’s also can work well for any nursery room. Made using high-quality metal with waterproof and child-safe finishes to ensure safety for your kids, this simple yet unique table can work wonders for any nursery bedroom style.

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Classic Wooden White Nightstand with 2 Drawers

Classic wooden white nightstand

With a gorgeous mid-century classical style, this nightstand is perfect for any who wants a princess-style look in their bedroom. Its graceful art wooden legs make this table work great as a decorative statement piece. With a compact size – 12 inches wide – this table can easily fit even in the narrow spaces beside your kid’s bed.

Made using high-quality natural wood that make this table can withstand up to 150 pounds of weight, you can even put any heavy objects above it. Last but not least, its white eco-friendly, waterproof, and scratch-resistant finish makes this item a perfect table for your kid’s bedroom.

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KidKraft Classic White Toddler Table

Classic white wooden toddler table

If you are decorating your nursery bedroom with classic style with some wooden elements, then this table can be a great choice to make your room even better. Its curvy wood board-like drawer brings a classical touch wrapped in an elegant style nightstand.

With an ideal size (14-inch wide x 14-inch length x 14-inch height) for any nursery room, this table can easily fit into narrow spaces while at the same time still large enough to hold any big objects.

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Furinno Nursery End Table/Night Stand with Storage Shelf

Nursery colorful nightstand

Usually, a colorful nightstand is a low-quality one, but this one is different. Although it has a vibrant and fun color and design, this choice is made using high-quality materials that ensure its durability and strength. Its beautiful fabric drawer made this table look unique and different from any typical nightstand.

Another advantage of this table is that it has many different color choices, from pink, blue, brown, and pink, so you can easily choose which one will work best for your nursery decor.

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Sauder Cottage Red Desert Coral Nightstand Table

Red desert coral nighstand

This cottage-style nightstand can be a great addition for you who want to make your nursery room look more stylish and elegant in a colorful way. Every edge of this table is smoothed perfectly which makes it safe for your kids.