12 Best Wall Color for Teal Furniture

What color wall go with teal furniture? Here are 12 best wall color that will blend perfectly with any teal items. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 17th, 2021

Teal has become a rising star in today’s interior design world. Produced by mixing blue and green, this stunning rich color can be a perfect options to be an accent into any space.

While most people may think that teal can only be used in the beach or tropical decor, actually it can still works well for any other decoration style – from contemporary, modern or even mid-century ones.

There are a lot of different options to incorporate teal into your spaces. One of the most often used is by creating a teal accent wall. This approach is quite easy and affordable as you only need to repaint one side or part of your wall using teal paint.

Another favorite options is by adding or using some teal furniture and decoration items into your room.

However, using this approach often bringing one tricky problem to most homeowners : choosing the right wall color that will match with the teal furniture.

If you are facing the similar problem, you are on the right place. Recently, we did some experiment using a living room with some teal furniture to find out the best wall color that go with teal furniture. After tried a lot of different color, we discover 12 best options that you can choose to maximize the potential of your teal furniture set, and here they are :

Neutral Wall Color that go with Teal Furniture

1. White Walls with Teal Furniture

White walls with teal furniture
White wall with teal

When choosing the best wall color for teal furniture, going with neutral color is one the best options. This kind of colors can make the teal stand out, and there is no other neutral color can to this job perfectly rather than white.

Any teals item will pop against the white walls, thus will make it became the centerpiece of your space.

Using this combination also will make your entire space looks crisp and elegant, and this is perfect choice especially if you are using minimalist or contemporary style decor.

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2. Tan Walls with Teal Furniture

Tan walls with teal furniture
Tan wall with teal

If you want a more earthy vibe to your space while at the same time still make the teal pop, you can go with tan.

Tan walls can be a perfect backdrop for any rich teal furniture to create a cheerful but warm ambient.

3. Gray Walls with Teal Decor

Gray walls with teal decor
Gray wall with teal

Gray walls will produce a similar results with white, but with a bit more depth and cool effects.

The perfect amount of contrast between the gray and teal will make the teal pops while still keep the space calm and relaxing.

4. Grayish Blue with Teal

Grayish blue wall with teal couch
Gray blue wall with teal

With some amount of blue, you can incorporate teal furniture with any blue shade. But one of our most favorite blue shade to go against teal is grayish blue.

This light blue shade with some gray tone can be a perfect choice to make the furniture and the walls look flawless while still keep a bit of contrast.

5. Cream Wall with Teal Accent

Cream walls with teal accent
Cream wall with teal

Another neutral color that can go well with teal is cream or beige. Cream can bring more warmth compared with white, thus will make the space feels comfy.

6. Dusty Pink Walls with Teal

Dusty pink wall with teal couch
Pink wall with teal

Pink is a perfect color to create a soft and feminine ambient into any room. Using this gorgeous color also can be a beautiful way to make any teal furniture stand out.

Any shade of pink can work well with teal, but we prefer a more neutral and calm ones, such as this dusty pink that we used on the image above.

Best Bright Wall Color for Teal Furniture

7. Coral and Teal Living Room

Coral and teal living room ideas
Coral wall with teal

Coral is the color wheel match for teal. So, combining them can resulting a unique and beautiful looks where those two opposite colors produce a perfect amount of contrast to complement each other.

To get a perfect results, make sure you are using the same level of saturation between the teal and the coral walls.

8. Chartreuse Wall with Teal Couch

Chartreuse wall with teal furniture
Chartreuse wall with teal

Chartreuse is an unique yellow-green color. Using this shade will emphasize the blue tone of the teal to make it feels more soft and elegant.

This lovely pair will create a beautiful harmony and fresh warm looks into your space.

9. Orange Walls with Teal Furniture

Orange walls with teal furniture
Orange wall with teal

Orange will bring a similar effects with coral, but with a bit more yellow looks.

Usually, orange is used as an accent for teal, such as orange throw pillow for teal couch. But as you can see on the image above, this gorgeous color can still works well when used as a wall paint against the teal furniture.

10. Red Walls with Teal Furniture

Red walls with teal furniture
Red wall with teal

Using red as a wall paint can be risky, but when used properly, it can create a gorgeous vibrant ambient into the room. This color also can works well when used alongside with teal furniture.

However, you must be choosing the red shade carefully, as not all of the shades will returning the same results. If you want to go with this color, we highly recommend that you go with maroon, crimson or radish red.

Dark Wall Color that go with Teal

11. Charcoal Walls with Teal Furniture

Charcoal walls with teal sofa
Charcoal wall with teal

If you prefer to go with a more bold and darker color for your wall, than charcoal can be the perfect choice for you.

Surely, go with this color can create a dark and gloomy room ambient, but when it’s combined with some vibrant color such as teal, it can create a beautiful combination that help balancing one another.

However, we are not recommend to paint your entire wall with charcoal. Instead, just paint one part of your wall behind the teal furniture and make it an accent wall.

12. Navy Blue Walls with Teal Couch

Navy blue walls with teal couch
Navy blue wall with teal

We’ve already put the lighter shade of blue in the previous options. But if you want more depth, than some darker shade of blue such as navy blue or royal blue can also works great alongside with teal couch.

Combining dark blue wall with teal furniture will highlight more green side of the teal, thus will make them feel more natural and fresh.

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