Best Flooring for Oak Trim

7 Gorgeous flooring ideas that will blend perfectly with oak wood trim Written by : Editors | Last Updated : November 1st, 2022

Oak trim makes a home look well-finished, smoothly styled, and warmly welcoming, but what is the best flooring for oak trim? It’s important to match the right flooring with oak trim so that you don’t detract from the beauty of the natural wood.

Before choosing a floor to complement oak trim, you should also consider how the room is going to be used.

How heavy is footfall in this area of the home? Are kids and pets running through on a regular basis? How much cleaning are you willing to take on?

We’ll discuss all this and more in our top 7 flooring suggestions.

7 Best Flooring for Room with Oak Trim


Oak flooring with oak trim
Oak flooring with oak trim

If you want to create a seamless look with your neat oak trims, then you can’t go wrong with matching oak flooring or a convincing wood laminate floor treatment.

This warm and cohesive decor choice makes a solid base for a multitude of interior aesthetics. It has a natural feel that complements traditional homes and modern boho schemes alike.

Team with fresh white walls for clean contrast.

White Carpet

White carpet flooring with oak trim
White carpet flooring with oak trim

White carpet looks elegant with oak trim. This soft flooring creates crisp contrast with golden oak baseboards and door frames, which gives the whole room a smart and airy look.

White flooring can be hard to maintain when there is a lot of footfall through a room, so consider a complementary rug or runner to extend the life of your carpet.

Beige Carpet

Beige carpet flooring with oak trim
Beige carpet flooring with oak trim

Beige carpets make a warm companion for oak trim. This color option is a little more forgiving of daily grime than a white counterpart, though busy households may still benefit from the addition of a well placed accent rug or narrow runner.

Choose this flooring option to keep room decor light and bright with just a hint of tonal interest.

Light Wood

Light wood flooring with oak trim
Light wood flooring with oak trim

Complement a deeply golden oak trim with a light wood floor treatment.

The subtle tonal contrast will give a decor scheme added depth and interest. Team this two-tone wood combo with solid matt black accent pieces to give the layout a visual weight and modernity.

Think contemporary black light fixtures, metal side tables, and sculptural vases. Introduce white marble elements to build luxe.

White Wood

White wood flooring with oak trim
White wood flooring with oak trim

White wood floors complement oak trim with equally beautiful wood grain, whilst creating fresh contrast with a whitewashed finish. It really is the best of both worlds.

This bright and breezy floor treatment works particularly well with dreamy coastal interiors or punchy nautical decor schemes.

Introduce other aspects of whitewashed wood around the room to achieve a fully cohesive aesthetic.

Brown Carpet

Brown carpet flooring with oak trim
Brown carpet flooring with oak trim

A brown carpet makes a rich partnership with oak trim. Brown carpet provides dark contrast that offers a practical and forgiving flooring solution, especially with young children and pets running around.

Choose a weave that has beige flecks within its fibers, which will complement the natural wood tone around the room.

A weave that contains multiple shades will also disguise small stains.

Gray Wood

Gray wood flooring with oak trim
Gray wood flooring with oak trim

Gray wood floors look uber sharp and contemporary alongside an oak trim. This fashion-forward option makes a stylish statement without being visually distracting or domineering in the decor scheme.

Combine this decor aesthetic with mixed metals and modern furniture silhouettes to create an en vogue living space, a formal dining room, a fresh kitchen aesthetic, or a cool bedroom design.


With these flooring options, you will create a decor scheme that complements and supports the natural beauty of your oak trims without overpowering their impact.

If your heart calls for more color, then a dark navy carpet makes an extraordinarily rich companion for the golden undertones of oak trim.

Alternatively, an emerald green carpet will offer a deep color infusion whilst harking to hues from the forest to complement the wood.

Terracotta floor tiles and oak trim style a warm and rustic setting for a country kitchen or dining space. Accessorize with natural elements such as rattan light shades, wicker baskets, and jute rugs.

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