15 Best Throw Pillow Colors for Tan Couch

What color throw pillows for tan Couch? Here are 15 awesome options. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 28th, 2022

In today’s interior trends, most brown shades had been lost their popularity, especially the darker, bold shades such as dark brown or chocolate brown. These particular shades tend to go in a more classical direction, and that’s surely not in line with the currently trending minimalist, modern, or contemporary decor style.

However, some particular brown shades are still quite popular as they tend to have a more neutral look compared to any typical brown, and one of those kinds of shades is tan.

As a light, pale shade of brown, tan combines the light brown hue with some gray undertone. Resulting in a much softer and subtle look that can easily blend with almost any decorating style, from vintage to modern ones. And one of the most popular tan furnishings is the tan couch / tan sofa.

The tan couch can fit into literally any living room scheme, and blend nicely with any other colors around it. While at the same, bring some soft and calming looks that are very essential in order to create a relaxing and cozy living space.

However, one big problem with the tan couch is that they tend to look boring and soulless. Thus, in most cases, you need to elevate and enrich its looks by incorporating some accents to it, and surely, the best way to add any colors to a couch is by using a decorative throw pillow.

In this post, we will give you some beautiful throw pillow color ideas that can lift up the visual appearance of any tan couch and make it looks much better. Let’s get started.

15 Best Throw Pillows for Tan Couch

Dark Orange Pillow

Tan couch with dark orange pillow
Tan couch with dark orange throw pillow

This is our favorite pillow color when it comes to the tan couch. The dark orange pillow can bring the strong richness that we need to make the couch looks much more attractive and visually more appealing.

Another great thing about the dark orange pillow is that you don’t need to add other similar dark orange items to the space to make it looks obvious, as the pillow alone can still look great to accentuate not only the couch but also the entire living room.

Light Yellow Pillow

Tan couch with light yellow pillow
Tan couch with light yellow pillow

Whenever you need to add some splash of pop to your tan couch, then without any doubt, yellow pillow is the best option. However, a typical yellow may be a bit too much and can ruin the simplicity of the tan couch.

Thus, we highly recommend you to go with light yellow. Light yellow throw pillow may not as vibrant as any other yellow, but still gives plenty of sunny, energetic looks that blend naturally with the earthy tones like tan.

White Pillow

Tan couch with white pillow
Tan couch with white throw pillow

Adding a pure white pillow on a tan couch can be a great way to modernize the looks of the couch. The white throw pillow can also lighten up and make the couch looks brighter, and this surely will be very beneficial if you are thinking that your couch is too dark.

The perfect amount of contrast between the tan couch and white pillow creates an eye-pleasing look that further enhances the visual appearance of the couch.

Pale Blue Pillow

Tan couch with pale blue pillow
Tan couch with pale blue throw pillow

This muted, pale blue pillow is another great option to make a tan couch feel more alive. Unlike most blue shades, this pale blue had a lot of gray undertones that make it looks neutral, thus can blend easily with any color, including our tan couch.

Moreover, like any typical blue, this pillow will spread some cozy, tranquil, and airy vibe to make the couch feel more comfy and pleasant.

Sky Blue

Sky blue pillow with tan couch
Sky blue pillow with tan couch

However, if you need a more brighter blue, then you can try this stunning sky blue pillow. This pillow can adds plenty of richness to tan sofa, making it looks more alive without overly dominating your seating area.

Pair this beautiful pillow with some small sky blue accessories such as sky blue artworks or sky blue area rug to further creates calming and cozyness to your space.

Coral Pillow

Tan couch with coral pillow
Tan couch with coral pillow

Another great choice for you who want to truly change the looks of any tan couch. Using this vibrant throw pillow alone can easily upgrade any old tan couch to make it looks fresher and much more interesting.

With plenty of warmth, the coral pillow will going in the same directions with the tan couch, creating a lot of contrast but still in the seamless appearance.

Pale Green Pillow

Tan couch with pale green pillow
Tan couch with pale green throw pillow

Alternatively, you can go with the pale green pillow. Similar to the previous option, this neutral shade of green can blend flawlessly with any tan couch, while at the same time working nicely to boost the visual appearance of the tan couch.

Furthermore, its natural looks will refresh not only the couch but also the entire living space.


Tan couch with teal pillow
Tan couch with teal pillow

Teal is another gorgeous green shades that can compliment tan couch beautifully. And since teal is a combination of green and blue, this shade combine all of the benefits of those two shades.

Firstly, it adds fresh and natural ambiance to your home. Last but not least, it can also creates a calming yet cozy vibe to makes your couch feels more comfy.

Dark Brown Pillow

Tan couch with dark brown pillow
Tan couch with dark brown throw pillow

For you who prefer more harmonious and flawless connections between the tan couch and the decorative pillow above it, then a dark brown pillow will be the best option for you.

You can try many different variations of dark brown, such as dark chocolate, caramel, brown coffee, or brunette to find the best fit for your tan couch. To get the best result, choose one with a higher amount of contrast against the couch.

Yellow Pillow

Tan couch with yellow pillow
Tan couch with yellow throw pillow

To improve any tan couch that looks boring, surely you need vibrant colors that can instantly bring a splash of pop that make the couch feel alive. And for this cause, undoubtedly, the yellow pillow is the best option. Any shades of yellow can work really well with a tan couch, so you can easily choose the ones that will help you achieve your goals.

For example, if you need a pillow that can stand out beautifully, then you can use a mustard yellow or bright yellow pillow. Or if you want a softer option, try pale yellow or light yellow.

Light Purple Pillow

Tan couch with light purple pillow
Tan couch with light purple pillow

The softness and subtle appearance of light purple throw pillow mixes nicely with tan couch. It won’t totally change the looks of the couch, but still adds some unique richness and new taste to your space.

To avoid the purple accents looks awkward, adds some more purple accessories around your couch, such as purple wall art or purple accent chair.

Pink Pillow

Tan couch with pink pillow
Tan couch with pink pillow

Or, you can also try this beautiful pink throw pillow. This pillow had a very similar outlook with the previous light purple, but comes in much more sweetness.

And that’s why using light pink pillow alone can totally lift up the mood of your interior. To avoid too much feminine looks, you can choose blush pink or dusty pink pillow rather than a typical pink.

Light Gray Pillow

Tan couch with light gray pillow
Tan couch with light gray throw pillow

Another common problem with a tan couch is that it can lack some elegance, and that’s why sometimes it can’t fit well inside any modern, contemporary environment. To fix this, you can try using a light gray pillow on your tan sofa.

This kind of pillow can bring an elegant sense that mixed perfectly with the warm vibe of the tan couch, resulting in not only well-balanced looks, but also more modern, trendy, and stylish impressions.

Black Pillow

Tan couch with black pillow
Tan couch with black pillow

But if light gray doesn’t enough, then you can go all in with black pillow. Without any doubt, this pillow offers a dozen amount of bold and elegance and can totally change the appearance of any tan sofa.

This pair will works well not only in a modern, contemporary style interior, but also can be used in any classical, glam-style decor.

Vibrant Blue

Tan couch with vibrant blue pillow
Tan couch with vibrant blue pillow

If you need to bring some splash of color to your tan couch without making your living room looking overly bright, you can try using vibrant blue.

This kind of pillow will still adds plenty of colorful vibe, but comes in a more softer and elegance appearance.

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