8 Orange Décor Ideas for a Stylish Living Spaces

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

Orange is one unique color that can bring a cheerful and fun vibe to any space. This color can also make any boring and uninspiring room become more sparkling and alive.

However, incorporating any vibrant colors in interior decor can be a tricky job. You can easily mess up your entire decor when using those kinds of colors in the wrong place.

To avoid those disasters, here in this article our interior design expert will give you some guidelines, tips, and ideas on how to use this beautiful color, especially for your living room.

While most homeowners tend to choose artwork or wall art to add an orange accent to their spaces, we will try to do some diversifications as we will be using this beautiful accent in many different parts of the living spaces, from wall colors to the couch.

Without further ado, here are 8 interesting orange decor ideas for the living room.

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Orange Accent Wall

One of the best ways to use any sparkling colors is by using them as an accent wall. An accent wall is a wall that is different from other walls, and oftentimes becomes the main focal point for the room. As you can see in the image above, we used the orange color as the wall paint for the accent wall in the living room, and this approach resulted in a great fascinating outcome.

Using this color as an accent wall is a far more reasonable approach than using it for the entire wall. To get better results, blend it with neutral shades – preferable white – for the other walls will make the accent wall stand out and can attract everyone’s attention immediately. For the final touch, you can add some decorative items to this orange wall to make it richer and help balance out its appearance.

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Blue Wall with Orange Accent

Ideally, orange is combined with other neutral colors such as white or gray to get a perfect result. But if you want some more colorful options, then you can go with blue. One of the best ways to use both shades together is by using blue for the walls and let the orange spark a splash of cheerful pop.

One important rule when applying this concept is that you should use more blue rather than orange. 80:20 rule is the best way to get a perfect and ideal result. As you can see on the living room example above, we used blue for the entire living room wall, and then add some orange touch using wall art, throw pillow, and the curtains.

Most blue shades will work nicely, thus, you can easily choose any shades that are perfect for the vibe that you want to create. If you want simple, bright spaces, then light blue or sky blue can be the best option. On the other side, if you want to be more bold and elegant, then dark blue or navy blue can do the job really well.

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Orange Area Rug

Another element in the living room where you can use to bring some orange accent is rug. Using this rug can make the entire living room looks brighter and cheerful, thus it can also serve as a great focal point, especially if you want your seating area to stand out above other different spaces inside your room.

If you want to use this approach in your living room, we highly suggest you combine this kind of rug with a neutral finishes couch/sofa. Avoid using any bold and dark couch as it will overpower your already vibrant spaces and thus will make the entire space look awkward and unappealing. Based on our experiences, neutral couches such as beige, white, or light gray work really well.

There is a lot of different style and texture of the rug that you can use for your living room. For a minimalist or contemporary style, a plain rug or simple geometric textured rug can be the best option. If you prefer a modern or classical style, then Moroccan, Persian, or rounded ones surely will fit perfectly with those decor styles.

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Large Orange Wall Art

One of the easiest and safest ways to add orange elements to any room is by using wall art. To give a bigger impact, you can choose a large-size wall art.

To avoid this kind of wall art looking awkward, it’s better to add some elements or items with similar hues to your room. Some throw pillows or ceramic vases can do this job perfectly.

Another important thing to consider is to make sure your wall paint color can work well with the orange artwork. If you are planning to repaint your walls, you can go with neutral colors such as white, beige, or light brown to create a beautiful contrast and make the artwork stand out. Otherwise, if you tend to go with more complimentary looks, some of the best choices are light brown, tan, or taupe.

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Orange Ceiling

This could be one unusual and unique approach, but if you want to create something out of ordinary with your living spaces, then this approach is worth trying.

To get this beautiful ceiling color, all you have to do is repaint your current ceiling using orange interior paint. For more vibrant and trendy looks, you can go with a pastel or glossy finish. But if you want a more subtle one, go with matte paint.

By creating this wonderful vibrant ceiling, your orange living room will look artistic and it will immediately attract everyone’s attention as soon as they are entering your living room.

To get a better result, you can combine your ceiling using two different paint colors, as you can see in our living room example above, where we combine white and orange for the ceiling, and those combinations resulting a great stylish ceiling looks.

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Orange Sofa with Blue Pillow

A lot of people are afraid to use vibrant colors for major living room furniture such as sofa or couch. However, if you combine and incorporate them with the right decor and color scheme around it, this can produce a stunning and amazing look.

As you can see in the image above, we used a bright orange sofa and combine it with some blue accents using a decorative throw pillow. To add more blue, we also added gorgeous blue wall art in the wall behind the sofa. This simple combination resulted in a great result and made the sofa a striking beautiful centerpiece for the living space.

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Orange Curtains

Another interior element that can be used to add an orange vibe to the living room is curtains.

One important thing when using this approach is that to make sure your wall paint color can blend perfectly with the curtains. Any light or natural color can works great, but some darker or colorful ones like green or red can resulting a bad looks when combined with the curtains.

Furthermore, add some other orange items or furniture throughout the room. This will help avoid your curtains looking weird and awkward if they are the only orange elements inside your room.

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Orange Striped Wall

As we already said before, painting the entire walls using orange paint is certainly not a good option. If you still want to add some splash of pop on your wall paint – besides using the accent wall approach that we already stated above – you can create a striped wall paint style using orange paint.

This way, you can have a living room with some splash of vibrant without overusing it. There are several important things if you want to go with this approach. First, make sure to choose the right paint combinations that go well with orange. Last but not least, choose a texture or pattern that will match your existing living room decor.

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