Create Your Paradise Using These Teal Paint Colors

Dive into these beautiful teal paint colors to create your own calming and stylish space!

Teal is a new trend in interior design. The captivating allure of teal not only evokes tranquility and peacefulness, but it can also give your space an elegant sophistication. That’s why this color is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to create a modern contemporary style interior.

However, the main challenge with teal not only lies in appreciating teal’s beauty but also in the intricate task of selecting the best teal paint color and shades that will fit perfectly with your current interior design.

If you are facing a similar problem, don’t worry, we got you covered. In this post, we will guide you through the tapestry of teal, and help you find the perfect teal paint that becomes a seamless expression of your style.

Drawing from our experience working on teal-themed interior design projects, we can say that Cloudburst and Deep Sea Dive by Sherwin Williams or Aegean Teal and Teal by Benjamin Moore are some of the best teal paint for interior walls. These options perfectly balance the cool and warm tones, creating a soothing yet vibrant aesthetic that will infuse your home with fresh and stylish appeal. These teal paint colors can easily blend with various design styles, giving you plenty of flexibility and versatility.

Let’s dive deeper into all the amazing teal paint colors.

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8 Best Teal Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore

1. Cloudburst by Sherwin Williams

Living room with Cloudburst walls

The cloudburst muted undertones offer a refined appeal, evoking a serene and calming ambiance while still infusing the space with a pop of color and elegance.

The balanced composition of the cloudburst hue allows it to complement a wide range of design style, from contemporary to traditional, easily adapt to different kind of aesthetic.

2. Deep Sea Dive by Sherwin Williams

Living room with Deep Sea Dive walls

If you are looking for a dark teal color, then this can be a great choice for you.

The deep sea dive from Sherwin Williams blend the rich teal hues with a stunning dark undertones, creating a sophisticated color for a restful ambiance.

3. Reflecting Pool by Sherwin Williams

Living room with Reflecting Pool walls

This color can be a perfect choice for your bedroom. The light teal hue of the Reflecting Pool instantly evokes relaxing and serene atmosphere, easily craft a peaceful haven.

This color will works best inside any room with modern environment, and you may need to use plenty of neutral elements in order to let this color unleash all of it’s rich qualities.

4. Really Teal by Sherwin Williams

Living room with Really Teal walls

Really teal beautifully combined deep, saturated blue with vibrant teal undertones, forcing a fresh and captivating visual that will makes a bold yet playful statement to your home.

We love to use this paint for an accent wall, instantly evokes sophisticated aesthetic to the entire room.

5. Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore

Living room with Aegean Teal walls

This muted, teal hues provide a balanced tone that make it a neutral and versatile choice that complement any interior design style.

The Aegean Teal walls also serve as elegant canvas, allowing the other interior elements such as furniture or artwork to shine.

6. Caribbean Teal by Benjamin Moore

Living room with Caribbean Teal walls

With strong cool-gray undertone, the Caribbean Teal gives your space a hint of modern elegance, while setting up a serene and calming ambiance. This option works better when used together with some vibrant accent, such as yellow wall art of gold accessories.

The muted qualities of Caribbean teal can also help enhance the richness of your wooden elements, give those items a stronger and brighter appeal.

7. Oceanic Teal by Benjamin Moore

Living room with Oceanic Teal walls

The oceanic teal can instantly lift up the mood of your space, adding a hint of vibrant light teal hue for an uplifting ambiance.

We love to use this wall paint color to create an eclectic interior, that evoking joy and cheerfulness without creating an overwhelming appearance.

8. Teal by Benjamin Moore

Living room with Teal walls

Another great dark choice for an accent wall. Teal by Benjamin Moore combined a deep shade of blue and green, creating an ultra-decadent hue that will bring a big statement wherever it’s used.

This option can also be used to craft an interior space with a sense of velvet aesthetic that will instantly capture everyone’s attention.

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