Refresh Your Bathroom with These Stunning Shower Tile Color Ideas

Creates a fresh and rejuvenating bathroom using these awesome shower tile colors. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : March 21st, 2023

Bathroom may not be getting as much attention as any other rooms inside your home. However, we actually thinks that this personal space need to be treated like others, as having a great bathroom not only will improve your overall home value, it can also affect your mood.

If there is one thing that can really distinguish a bad or good bathroom, than it may be the design. And since shower tile usually becomes the main focal point and take a large amount of the visual on the bathroom, it will makes a really big impact to the overall looks

Choosing the right colors for your shower tile is a great starting point. A perfect color not only have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, but also can set up the mood and create a calming and relaxing atmosphere, help make your shower routine a more enjoyable experience.

In this post, we will give you some stylish shower tile color ideas that can transform your bathroom into a beautiful and inviting oasis.

15 Best Shower Tile Colors


Bathroom with white shower tile
White shower tile

This is a timeless choice that never goes wrong. Using pure white tile can make your bathroom looks clean and crisp, and at the same time reflects plenty of natural light to make the space feel brighter and more open.

White shower tile also gives you plenty of opportunity to add any other colors to your palette, whether it’s another neutral color or a vibrant ones.

Warm White

Bathroom with warm white shower tile
Warm white shower tile

Warm white can be a great alternatives to pure white, as it will bring all of the benefits of white, but comes with a hint of warmth.

So, not only your kitchen will looks light and bright, but also had some warmth to make it a comfy spaces.


Bathroom with beige shower tile
Beige shower tile

This neutral color is a versatile choice that can blend with variety of bathroom design styles, from traditional to modern. It can also fit in almost any color palette, so you can combine it with another neutral like gray or white, or with vibrant colors like red or yellow.

Moreover, the warm undertones of the beige tile can creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom, making your shower areas feel relaxing and comfortable.

Light Blue

Bathroom with light blue shower tile
Light blue shower tile

Calming and tranquil ambiance, those are the vibes that you will get when using light blue tile for the shower tile. It also will evoke some ocean feel to your bathroom, which can be refreshing and rejuvenating.

Light blue can also become a great options for a small bathroom or any dark bathroom that lacks of natural lighting.


Bathroom with navy shower tile
Navy shower tile

Navy can be a bold and dramatic choice to make a big statement in your bathroom. It also can add some depth and dimension, making the entire space visually much more interesting.

To let the navy shower tile to stand out, combine it with neutral elements such as white or light gray wall.


Bathroom with black shower tile
Black shower tile

Add a sense of bold drama to your bathroom using black tile, especially when it paired with contrasting white elements. It can also creating a bold statements with an elegant modern twist.

You can keep black as the main palette for a strong yet minimalist appearance, or add some accent colors to add some pop and make the bathroom feel more alive.


Bathroom with charcoal shower tile
Charcoal shower tile

Charcoal or dark gray tile can be a perfect option if you want to create a modern contemporary kitchen.

It’s much bolder than the typical gray, but still looks a bit lighter than black, resulting in a sleek and contemporary bathroom atmosphere.

Espresso Brown

Bathroom with espresso brown shower tile
Espresso brown shower tile

Bring a strong earthy warm ambiance to your bathroom by using espresso brown shower tile.

It can also becomes a great choice if you are using plenty of natural materials inside your bathroom such as wood or stone, creating a natural harmony.

Forest Green

Bathroom with forest green shower tile
Forest green shower tile

Another bold choices that can be a great option for shower tile. The forest green tile had a strong natural appearance that evoke calming and relaxing atmosphere, making your bathroom looks like a natural oasis in the middle of the jungle.


Bathroom with greige shower tile
Greige shower tile

As a blend of beige and gray, greige can be a warm yet versatile choice for bathroom shower tile, creating a classic and understated look. Greige can also becomes a nice option to tie any other colors harmoniously.

So if you are using some different colors in your bathroom color palette, greige can work to blend them together beautifully.

Light Gray

Bathroom with light gray shower tile
Light gray shower tile

If you want to keep your shower tile simple yet elegant, then you can try using light gray tile.

We highly recommend you to use this option if you want to creates a modern kitchen, with some clean lines and minimalist fixtures.


Bathroom with mint shower tile
Mint shower tile

Bathroom is supposed to becomes a refreshing place, and that’s why mint is the great option.

Using mint tile will evoke feeling of a peaceful garden, while at the same time add a pop of color to your bathroom without being too vibrant or overwhelming.


Bathroom with sage shower tile
Sage shower tile

Another great green shades that will be an interesting choice for shower tile. This popular color will bring a serene and peaceful atmosphere to your bathroom, with fresh and natural twist.

Use sage shower tile alongside some wooden elements to create a vintage, bohemian style bathroom.


Bathroom with taupe shower tile
Taupe shower tile

Taupe is versatile brown shade that can be used in almost literally any design styles and color scheme, while at the same time create a strong warmth to make the bathroom feel welcoming and inviting.

Blend it with metallic elements to bring additional luxury and glamour touch to make your bathroom looks expensive.


Bathroom with teal shower tile
Teal shower tile

As a blend of green and blue, teal comes beautifully to add a pop of energy and excitement to the bathroom. It bring a refreshing sense while at the same time visually stimulating and refreshing.

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