What Color Curtains Go with Brown Walls? (15 Aesthetic Options)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 22nd, 2024

Brown is a popular color in interior design. As a neutral color with many faces, brown walls go well with any interior style.

So, whether you want to go with a more traditional approach or a modern one, brown can still fit into those styles easily. With its earthy quality, brown walls make a room feel natural and grounded.

Furthermore, brown walls can be a great base that complements most furniture pieces nicely. But when it comes to curtains, things can get a little bit confusing.

To help you with this, we tested many different curtain colors inside a room with brown walls to find out some of the best. And finally, we can conclude that cream, tan, peach, pistachio green, and olive green are the best curtain colors for brown walls. These curtains can easily stand out against the bold and rich brown backdrop, while also achieving a well-balanced contrast. Their warm character beautifully complements the depth of brown, adding a touch of vibrancy and radiance to the space.

Continue reading as we discuss each option one by one, and help you find the ideal choices for your brown walls.

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Best Curtain Colors for Brown Walls


Cream curtains

Cream-colored curtains with brown walls are the easiest combination for any room. The warmth of cream-colored fabrics emphasizes the warmth of brown, making for a cozy and comfortable room.

Light cream colors like eggshell and ivory also help brighten the room, especially when used with dark brown walls or used in a small room.


Tan Curtains

If you’re looking to create an elegant interior with brown walls, tan or beige curtains are your best friends.

They bring in just the right amount of lightness to a brown color scheme without standing out too much, and at the same time providing a visually seamless appearance.

Look for tan curtains with wall colors like coffee brown, taupe and russet brown for a color combination that is easy on the eyes.


Peach Curtains

Peach is a color that brings a lush, soft, and natural quality to interiors. Use light peach curtains to even out and soften and smoothen the look of dark brown walls.

Reddish-brown wall colors like sienna and cognac are well-matched with peach. Combine these colors with light peach curtains to add more warmth to the entire room ambiance.

Rose Quartz

Pink rose quartz curtains

The gentle and calm rose quartz is a very light shade of pink that is perfect for fabrics. Rose quartz curtains are subtle and lend a restful feel to interiors and at the same time create an aesthetic, eye-pleasing look.

Use rose quartz curtains to balance out rich wall colors like mahogany, pecan, and mocha brown.

This combination of rich brown walls with rose quartz has a stylish look that works great in Scandinavian and Modern rooms.

Pistachio Green

Pistachio green curtains

This pairing is a bit harder to pull off, but it’s well worth the effort. Light pistachio green lend a fresh and bright look to brown wall paints, resulting in a calming and relaxing color scheme.

Use it in combination with colors like dark taupe or dark brown with an accent of neutral colors like champagne or cream.

Light pistachio also complement light colors like sand and greenish-brown colors such as khaki brown and olive-brown.

Olive Green

Olive green curtains

Another green shades, but this time it comes with some warmth that going along flawlessly with the brown.

The olive green also offers a fresh pop of color that will enrich the looks of your space, without become a distraction as any other vibrant options.

Midnight Blue

Midnight blue curtains

For a modern urban chic style, consider midnight blue curtains with grayish-brown walls. The muted appearance of midnight blue curtains and gray-brown walls give them a refined look in interiors.

Don’t forget to accessorize the room with a few pieces of deep blue decor. A chair or a wall-painting with midnight blue accents will help highlight the color and bring the style together.


Blue-gray curtains

But if you want a softer, calmer blue to complement your light brown walls, then you can try this neutral blue-gray.

Blue-gray curtains can keep the calming and cozy looks of the walls, while adding a hint of subtle color that is enough to make any space feel more alive. This combo work really well in contemporary style interior design.


Gray curtains

Gray and brown get along famously. While using the two colors in interiors, play with a bit of contrast. For instance, dark brown walls with soft gray curtains, or lighter shade of brown walls with deep gray curtains and upholstery.

The contrast keeps the curtain and the wall looks interesting. You can add a few bold pieces of decor here to further accent the look.


Charcoal curtains

You can also try this darker shade of gray. The charcoal will looks very similar to any dark shades of brown, creating a flawless, harmonious looks while still keep enough contrast between the curtains and the walls.

This glam, luxurious combo can looks even better when combined with some metallic, gold accents around them.

Dark Red

Dark red curtains

If you are using any bright brown shades, the dark red can looks incredibly pretty in front of it. The spark and energized looks of the dark red will easily stand out even against strong, bold color like brown.

Thus, if you need something special to lift up the visual of your home, then we highly suggest you to try this luxurious choice.


Mauve curtains

This is an interesting color that we highly recommend to try, especially if you want to create a unique, non-mainstream color palette.

Mauve is a neutral version of gray, and that’s the main reason why it can blend with tricky color like brown walls. It’s gorgeous hues add some sweet touch to the walls, and help upgrade the looks of your entire room.

Dark Green

Dark green curtains

Another green shades in this list, but now, we are shifting to the darker tone. Any dark green shades with strong gray undertones like dark emerald or dark teal can work pretty well next to brown walls.

These curtains won’t become a distraction to the wall, but still adds enough interest to create different layer of hues.


Mustard curtains

Mustard is a unique yellow shades that comes with plenty of warmth, and that’s the main reason why this color can blend pretty well with brown.

Bring instant pop to accentuate your walls, the vibrant mustard will easily capture everyone’s attention and help highlight your windows. This combo will work really well inside any living room with mid-century modern interior style.

Pure White

White curtains

When there are no colors that can fit your needs, then as the last resort, you should just go with pure white. These kind of curtains never goes wrong, wherever they are used.

Additionally, the sleek white curtains can help make your room feel much larger and brighter, and that’s why it can be a great choice inside any small spaces.

All of these options offer exciting possibilities for the design of your room.

Whether it is a modern style with blue curtains and grayish-brown walls or a soft natural style with peach curtains and cognac brown accent walls, the right color will pull together the look of your room.

To make sure you’ve got the right choice, get a fabric swatch and test it out to get started.

Curtain Color Tester Tool with Brown Walls

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