Best Wall Color for Gold Picture Frames (8 Stunning Ideas)

Learn how to get the most of your glam and luxurious gold picture frames by using the perfect wall colors behind them. Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : October 27th, 2023

A gold picture frame not only beautifully showcases your cherished family photos and artwork, but also serves as an eye-catching addition that introduces the elegance of gold accents to your home.

However, to truly make the gold frame truly shine, it needs to be paired with the right backdrop, or in other words, the right wall color. The right color can help boost the stunning metallic charm of the frame, and unleash its full potential.

From our experiences, some of the best wall color options for gold picture frames are charcoal, navy, brown, or medium gray. Those paint colors will be a stunning canvas that highlights the luxurious appeal of the gold frames, and help the frame to stand out as captivating accent pieces that enhance your space’s overall aesthetics.

Read on for a complete list:

8 Interesting Wall Color Ideas for Gold Picture Frames


best wall color for picture frame: charcoal
Charcoal wall

When we working on a project that involves some gold frames, then this is one of the first wall color choices that we offered to our client, especially if there is a possibility to create an accent wall.

As you can see in the picture above, the gold picture frames look amazing against the dark-toned charcoal wall. Not too much contrast between them, but the gold element still stand out beautifully.

Moreover, the elegance of this paint color will enhance the glamorous looks of the frames, providing a luxurious visual appearance.


Navy blue wall with gold picture frame
Navy wall

Navy is another amazing bold choice that works nicely with the gold frames. The cool, deep-toned navy wall serves as an elegant background to enhance the vivid gold items.

Same with the previous choice, this paint color may only work best as an accent wall, but still, it can create a wonderful wall that showcases all of your favorite photographs or artwork highlighted in the dazzling gold frames.


Ivory wall with gold frames
Ivory wall

For anyone of you who prefers a more subtle and light choice, then ivory may be a perfect choice.

This color had plenty of warmth that is needed to balance the gold frame, while at the same time bringing a beautiful contrasting effect to make any gold elements stand out more.

Light Taupe

Light taupe wall with gold picture frame
Light taupe wall

It’s quite difficult to find any colors that can look seamless with gold, and that’s why going contrast with it is much more preferable.

However, if you still want to have a harmonious look throughout your spaces, then you can try this light taupe.

Visually, it had some similarity with most gold frames, and that’s what makes them looks flawless when used together.


Brown wall with gold framed artwork
Brown wall

Let’s go back to the bolder choices, and this time, we want to recommend this gorgeous color, brown.

The brown wall can be very useful to match the strong visual appearance of the gold frames, especially if you don’t want the frames becomes too dominant.

Pale Green

Pale green wall with gold framed artworks
Pale green wall

This combination is really unique and we love it! Especially since most green shades won’t work really well against any gold or metal elements, so you can use this beautiful shade to bring the freshness and natural vibe as any typical green, but still match perfectly with the glam looks of the gold picture frame.

Medium Gray

Gray wall with gold picture frames
Gray wall

As a neutral, gray can be a perfect base to bring all of the potentials of any vibrant and vivid elements like gold. All shades of gray can works really well with gold, but if we had to choose one, we tend to go with any medium to dark-toned gray.

However, only used any dark gray paint if you had a sufficient amount of natural lighting, while for a darker room, light gray is surely a wiser choice.


Plain white wall with gold picture frames
Plain white wall

In most cases, white obviously the best choice that can go with any colors or elements. However, things can be a bit different when it comes to gold, as there are many better options that we already listed in this article.

That’s said, you can still use this color to paint the wall behind your gold frames as it still looks quite good. As you can see in the image above, the plain white wall is providing a crisp and clean base to let the gold frames be the star of your walls.

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