What Color Carpet Goes with Agreeable Gray Walls? (7 Ultimate Pairs For Serenity and Comfort)

7 best carpet colors that blend flawlessly with agreeable gray walls.

In recent years, greige has been going viral in interior design trends. It gained a massive amount of attention thanks to the combination of light and softness from the beige, and the simple yet elegant from gray.

That’s why some greige shades from paint brands like Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams or Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore become the hot-selling paint colors.

Since a lot of homeowners use Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams to paint their interior walls, we want to share some of our favorite ideas to complement it perfectly by using carpet flooring.

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams
Living Room with Agreeable Gray Walls

For rooms with Agreeable Gray walls, our experienced designers highly recommend light gray, tan, pale green, sage, or pale yellow carpet. These soft, muted carpet colors harmonize beautifully with the understated charm of Agreeable Gray, resulting in a serene and inviting atmosphere. They offers a breath of fresh air within the room while maintaining an elegance and aesthetic visual of the walls.

Let’s dive deeper into all those stunning rug options.

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7 Best Carpet Colors for Agreeable Gray Walls

Light Gray

Light gray carpet with agreeable gray wall

Since greige is created by mixing beige with gray undertones, it’s pretty clear that pairing it with gray carpet can be a perfect way to achieve flawless and harmonious looks.

This will work even better as Agreeable Gray tends to have a more dominant beige than gray, thus you can avoid a monotonous look that will make the entire space feel boring. This pair also can be your first priority in case you want to create any modern, contemporary style interior.


Tan carpet with agreeable gray wall

If you prefer to use any carpet that tends to match the beige tone of the Agreeable Gray, then we highly recommend you to go with tan rather than a typical beige.

By using tan carpet alongside Agreeable Gray walls, you can still achieve a seamless connection without making your room looks boring. Tan carpet provides enough contrast against the wall without going away too far from the greige hue.

Pale Green

Pale green carpet with agreeable gray wall

We love to use the pale green carpet for any room that needs a hint of soft color to refresh and make the entire space feel more alive.

Unlike typical green shades, pale green will still look very calm because of its strong gray undertones, and that’s why it can go together with Agreeable Gray gorgeously.


Sage carpet with agreeable gray wall

However, if you need a more intense green that can brighten up your interior, then you can shift a bit by choosing sage green carpet. Sage carpet will provide some beautiful, natural warmth that mixes perfectly with the elegant Agreeable Gray walls.

Furthermore, since sage also become a new interior design trend, you can achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance in an up-to-date interior style.

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow carpet with agreeable gray wall

For some homeowners, their Agreeable Gray walls may look overly cool, so they needed plenty of warmth in order to achieve a perfectly balanced ambiance. For this kind of task, the pale yellow carpet can be a perfect option.

This kind of carpet flooring spread plenty of warm tones, without being as overly vibrant as the typical yellow shades. Thus, the Agreeable Gray wall can still be the main feature of the entire space.


White carpet with agreeable gray wall

Since Agreeable Gray walls already look amazing, you may need to consider using a plain, simple white carpet to keep the wall becomes the centerpiece of your interior.

The white carpet will also enhance the looks of the walls and makes them feel a lot brighter and lighter. This option also works really well for any room that doesn’t get exposed to a lot of natural lighting, or for any small spaces.

Dark Brown

Dark brown carpet with agreeable gray wall

For you who need any dark and bold carpet option to complement your Agreeable Gray walls, then without any doubt, dark brown is the best choice. Since the Agreeable Gray wall had a hint of a light brown tone, the dark brown carpet will easily blend in beautifully.

Moreover, the dark brown carpet flooring will help unleash the full potential of your Agreeable Gray walls, making them look stronger and more intense. Based on our experience, this pair will fit perfectly for any interior space with classical or vintage style.

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