7 Bedroom Ideas with Aesthetic Sage Walls

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 27th, 2024

Let’s talk about a color that’s been all the rage in interior design lately—sage green. It’s this dreamy, earthy hue that instantly fills any room with calmness and serenity, especially when splashed across the walls.

Sage is like the chameleon of colors; it fits beautifully with any design style you might fancy. Are you into the quirky charm of vintage bohemian? Or maybe the sleek, clean lines of contemporary minimalist? Well, this soothing hue is your go-to! Plus, it’s super friendly with just about any color palette, from the understated neutrals to those bold, eye-catching tones.

But to really bring out the best in sage green, it needs the perfect backdrop. Feeling a bit stumped on where to begin? No worries at all—we’ve got your back!

In this post, we’re going to share some super cool bedroom ideas that highlight the gorgeous allure of sage green painted walls. We’ve gathered some inspiring setups to help you kickstart your journey to creating a peaceful sanctuary right in your own bedroom. So, let’s dive in and explore how you can transform your space with some sage magic!

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Charming Sage Bedroom

If you want to add sage green to your walls without painting the entire walls, then you can try this approach. In this design, we use half-wall molding trim to create a stunning two-tone wall.

To boost more green hue to the space, we added some accessories throughout the bedroom, such as area rug and bedding accessories.

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Bohemian-style Bedroom With Sage Shiplap Wall

Most of the time, people choose neutral colors like white or beige for their shiplap walls. But this time, we want to try something different by painting our shiplap accent wall with sage green. And as you can see, the result is quite interesting.

The muted green paint really unleashes the natural beauty of the wood, while also giving a fresh and unique appeal. This kind of wall works perfectly inside this bohemian-style bedroom.

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Sage and Dark Brown Bedroom

If you want to embrace fresh natural beauty in your bedroom, then should try this combination. In this design, we combine different brown furniture with some sage green accessories and accent wall.

This combination works nicely as the dark brown comes with strong warmth and earthy tone, while the soothing green shade adds a hint of calming ambiance and helps soften the looks of the dark brown elements.

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Modern Bedroom with Black Furniture and Sage Wall

In this design, we use black as the base. All the black elements such as the black bed and black accessories stand out elegantly as the centerpiece of the room.

Then, to calm down the strong black elements, we painted the walls with sage and used some accessories with a similar hue that instantly turned this space into a calming and peaceful haven.

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Sage and Gray Bedroom

Sage becomes the main palette for this cozy retreat, as we use it in a lot of different elements, such as the walls, rug, and accessories.

To tone down the vibrant looks of the sage, we choose gray which works perfectly to neutralize the wall without taking away its beauty. Finally, for some earthy warmth, we finish this palette with some light wood accents.

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Contemporary Style Gray and Sage Bedroom

Another awesome sage and gray combination, but this time, we use this charming palette as the main foundation for this contemporary-style bedroom.

To avoid a boring, monotonous feel, we chose different pale green shades for the walls and the furniture, and this works really well to give a beautiful layered aesthetic. As the final touch, the gray elements come with a hint of elegance that boosts the contemporary modern feel of the bedroom.

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Simple and Stylish Space with Wood and Sage Green Accent Wall

The accent wall becomes the main feature of this design. The combination of sage walls and geometric wood plank blend together perfectly to make a simple yet stunning accent wall.

To let the sage become the main color of this space, we chose white accessories to complete this bedroom, such as white carpet, white bedding, and white curtains.