10 Wall Paint Colors That Will Brighten Up Dark Spaces

Discover the ultimate wall paint colors to make your dark room look bigger and brighter.

Any room that lacks natural light, or dark room, can instantly turn off your mood. The dark room can also feel dreary and uninviting, making anyone can’t stay inside those rooms for a long time.

Unfortunately, giving the room more natural lighting by creating new windows or skylights is a costly task, and not everyone has the luxury to do it.

But if you are one of them, don’t worry, there are some other things that you can do to make things better in a much more affordable way. For example, choosing the right wall paint colors can help make the dark room feel a bit brighter.

Moreover, some colors can reflect a lot of light, thus, you can multiply the amount of natural light exposure that comes to your room.

Drawing from our experience, some of the best wall paint colors for dark rooms include warm white, pearly white, soft gray, pale yellow, powder blue, light olive, light peach, and turquoise. These colors can act as a transformative beacon of warmth and sophistication, adding a subtle vibrancy that can lighten and brighten even the dimmest spaces. They can also reflect plenty of natural light, creating a soft, diffused glow that helps counterbalance the darkness of the room.

Read on as we explore further on those wall paint colors that will be a great option for any dark room. So, after reading this, we hope that you can turn the dark, uninviting spaces into a lighter and more comfortable one.

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1. Warm White

Warm white

Based on our experience, this is the best option when it comes to a dark room. The clean and sleek appearance of the white wall helps make the entire space feel brighter, while its warmth will lift up the mood and make the room feel more comfy.

As a neutral, not only you can literally use warm white in any interior style, but it can also combined easily with any other colors.

2. Pearly White

Pearly white

This option gives a much warmer look compared to the previous one and helps create a bright and airy feel inside your dark bedroom or living room.

Moreover, pearly white can be a great choice for a modern, contemporary interior, adding a touch of glamorous looks without too much drama.

3. Soft Gray

Soft gray

While most gray had a cool tone, this particular shade is quite different. Soft gray comes with a hint of warmth that is very useful when it comes to a dark room and helps transform it into a cozy and inviting space.

Furthermore, as with any typical gray, soft gray will add a touch of elegance to make your room look more interesting.

4. Pale Yellow

Pale yellow

Yellow is a vibrant hue that can instantly add warmth and brightness to any dark space.

However, most yellow may look overly vibrant, and can make your home look a bit awkward, and that’s why we highly recommend you to go with the light, pale yellow for a softer and subtle look.

Even though it’s not as striking as other yellow, pale yellow is still a great choice to set up the mood and make your home look fun and cheerful.

5. Powder Blue

Powder blue

Painting your room walls with powder blue not only will create a soothing and calming ambiance but can also help reduce any feeling of gloominess that often occurs in dark spaces.

It can also become a great colorful choice for you who want to add a bit of richness to your home, but still keep the overall look simple and clean.

6. Light Olive

Light olive

Light olive is a unique shade of green that can bring a sense of nature and freshness with some warm yellow twist. And that’s why using light yellow can easily create a more lively and vibrant space.

Light olive can also become a great choice for any room that has plenty of natural materials such as wood or stone, as it can tie them up together and create a perfect blend of nature in your home.

7. Light Peach

Light peach

This fun color can easily uplift and bring a lot of positivity to your home. With a hint of red tone, it offers plenty of bright energy while still keeping a clean and sleek look.

8. Beige


This classic, timeless color is another favorite choice for a dark room, bringing a huge boost of warmth to make a comfy and cozy space without overpowering the entire visual appearance.

Beige can also become a great backdrop to let the other elements such as furniture or decoration items stand out.

9. Turquoise


Turquoise brings all of the benefits of blue and green, making it a great choice to turn any room becomes a refreshing and calming space. It also comes with some vibrancy and helps visually brighten the appearance of the room.

10. Misty Gray

Misty gray

Misty gray is a unique gray paint color that has a hint of blue, creating a soft and subtle feel wherever it’s used.

Misty gray can also become a great choice to add some depth and interest to your home without overwhelming it. And since technically it’s still gray, you can easily fit in misty gray into any color palette.

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