18 Stunning Yellow Paint Colors for Your Living Room

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 13th, 2024

As a vibrant color, yellow may not be the first choice when it comes to wall paint, especially when compared to other softer and neutral options. But for some homeowners who are willing to take some risks, this shade can be a great wall paint choice that can result in unique, bright, and inviting spaces.

Beautiful yellow paint color ideas for living room walls

However, to get the perfect results with this vibrant hue, there are a lot of different aspects that should be considered seriously. And even a small detail like choosing the right shades of yellow can have a big impact on the final outcome.

If you are looking for a perfect yellow paint color for your living room, we highly recommend Icy Lemonade, Pineapple Cream, Venetian, Canary, or Sunflower. These options not only add a splash of personality but also create an atmosphere of warmth and positivity in your living space. Their dynamic and uplifting nature can enhance the overall mood, fostering a lively and engaging environment for both social gatherings and relaxation.

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Here in this post, our color expert will share all of the best yellow interior paint colors that can instantly warm up and make any living room shine all year long. Here they are :

Best Light Yellow Paint For Living Room

Icy Lemonade

Icy lemonade walls

For you who want a soft paint color but still spark a lot of happiness in your living spaces, then this can be a great option. Icy lemonade is not the lightest pale yellow paint but still looks soft and subtle enough to avoid it making the entire room feel too bright.

We love to combine the icy lemonade wall with neutral, earthy elements as they blend in perfect harmony.

Pineapple Cream

Pineapple cream walls

Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of yellow to make a big impact in improving the ambiance of your living room. Instead, even with a few hints of yellow this shade can still bring a lot of benefits, while at the same time keeping everything simple and neutral.

To further emphasize the yellow in your space, you can mix this icy lemonade wall with some bright and vibrant accessories.

Venetian Yellow

Venetian walls

This is one of the most popular yellow shades when it comes to wall paint. This shade had a perfect balance between the softness and subtle visual appearance, with the sparkling hues, creating vibrant yet still eye-pleasing looks.


Daybreak walls

This color is technically white with a hint of yellow, resulting in a very soft, light appearance that looks amazing to create a calm yet fun interior.

The most beautiful thing about this color is that it can work as neutral, so you can get plenty of room to add any strong or vibrant colors to your color palette.

Fresh Zest

Fresh zest walls

With a hint of saturated orange hues, this color comes with a bit different character to most typical yellow. Not only does it have a cheerful vibe, but it also evokes a bit of elegance that will look amazing inside any living room style.

Fresh zest walls can easily become a gorgeous background to let all of your furnishing and decoration items stand out.


Lily painted walls

A white with a strong pastel yellow hint, the lily can make any space feel brighter and lighter. Thus, we love to use this color for any small space or inside any room that lacks natural lighting.

You can also use this paint color to brighten up any living space that has plenty of dark or bold furnishings.

Best Medium Yellow Paint For Living Room

Canary Yellow

Canary walls

When it comes to a medium shade of yellow, this is one of our favorite choices. Had a perfectly balanced tone, the canary is not too vibrant but still spreads plenty of cheerful and joyful vibes as any typical yellow.

As the middle tone, using a canary for your wall can give plenty of space to add other shades to your living room, whether they are lighter or even darker, more vibrant ones.

Daisy Yellow

Daisy walls

This is another great alternative of bold, medium-yellow shades that will work well to enhance the vibe of any living space.

However, as it had an intense tone, you may need to balance it up and tone it down visually with some neutral accessories or furnishings to help make it look a bit softer.

Lemon Twist

Lemon twist walls

Bringing the freshness of lemon to your home, this paint color can easily turn any boring space into a cheerful and interesting one.

Quilt Gold

Quilt gold walls

For those who are looking for a perfect yellow paint color for a glam interior design, you may try this one. The quilt gold paint brings a hint of luxury touch that elevates any space instantly.

To make it look even better, try combining it with some neutral decorations. Thus, the wall will stand out even more.

Lantern Light

Lantern light walls

This is a calmer version of medium yellow that will be a great choice for you who want a perfectly balanced look. It still has enough intensity to make the wall pop, while also looking pretty calm and neutral.

Sunny Veranda

Sunny veranda walls

Bring tropical sunshine to your home, this color can be a perfect choice for any room where you want to spend a lot of time with your family.

Using this paint color can lift up the mood and refresh your mind using its beautiful tones.

Best Dark Yellow Paint For Living Room


Citronella walls

If your primary goal is to boost the warm ambiance, then you can try this pretty shade.

Furthermore, this citronella can bring a strong optimistic, and energetic vibe that can instantly make any living room come to life.


Goldfinch walls

When it comes to an accent wall, this is one of our favorite dark yellow paint shades. The goldfinch paint can easily spark a lot of intensity to the room atmosphere, so, even though it’s only used for the accent wall, but still can bring a lot of impact to the overall looks of the living room.

With a bit of gold-ish, mustard looks, this color can also embrace some glam looks that most of the time, are quite difficult to achieve when using any other yellow shades.

Sunflower Yellow

Sunflower walls

The sunflower mixes dark yellow with some hint of orange undertones, resulting in a stunning, bold, and vibrant look that will bring the tropical sunlight vibe to your living spaces. This color may look like a bold version of mustard.

But as this shade can easily overly dominate the entire room, we highly suggest you only use it to create an accent wall.


Auric walls

Another great paint color that you can use for a yellow accent wall. This paint had a bit of orange tint, making it look a bit more elegant than most similar hues.

Thus, you can easily combine it with any other shades and still give enough contrast to avoid monotonous feels.

Decisive Yellow

Decisive yellow walls

This is a great soft option for dark yellow. The decisive yellow by Sherwin Williams gives plenty of sunny summer vibe to your space without being too vibrant.

You can mix it up with some greenery or artificial plants to make your space feel alive.


Afternoon walls

A muted, dark yellow shade. The afternoon can be a perfect choice for any room with a bohemian or mid-century modern style.

This option may not be as intense as most dark yellow shade, but still stand out prominently to capture everyone’s attention.

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