10 Elegant Dark Gray Accent Wall Ideas for Bedroom and Living Room

Elegant and luxurious dark gray accent wall ideas for your bedroom and living room. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 4th, 2023

For most people, the dark gray color is not the color that goes into the list of color choices that will be used to paint their interior walls. But did you know that actually with the right and proper design, you can use this color to create an elegant and attractive accent wall or feature wall.

Another advantage of using this color is that it can be easily used for a variety of different interior design styles, from contemporary, modern, minimalist to classic ones.

One important thing when creating attractive accent walls using dark gray paint is to combine them with other colors that are much brighter, and the best color for this job is white. Combining dark gray with white can make it look more prominent and will attract everyone’s attention.

If you are planning to make these kinds of bold, elegant features, then we will try to help you by sharing 10 gorgeous accent wall ideas using dark gray paint color, here they are :

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Gray and White Contemporary Style Bedroom

Dark gray accent wall in contemporary bedroom ideas
Gray and white contemporary bedroom

The first accent wall design is created in the bedroom using a simple contemporary interior design concept. This is created on the wall behind the bed which has several indentations and different thicknesses following the structure of the house, but this will help make it look more interesting.

In addition, we also added 2 simple rectangular floating shelves to give a horizontal line effect to the wall. White-finished floating shelves were chosen to provide a different contrast to the wall. For the finishing touch, we added 2 pieces of minimalist wall art to make this wall look more artistic.

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white minimalist floating shelf
White Minimalist Floating Shelf by Sorbus

This simple yet charming wall floating shelf can be a great place to showcase any of your decoration items, accessories, and other prized possessions to enhance the looks of any empty walls in your home.

live by the sun love by the moon wall art
Live by the Sun Love by the Moon Wall Art by Modern Digital

Come with 2 unique minimalist pieces of housewarming wall art, this item can be a great choice for anyone who likes simple yet elegant art to decorate their walls.

Modern white geometric ceramic table lamp
Modern White Ceramic Geometric Style Table Lamp by SOTTAE

With a modern geometric style, this ceramic table lamp can be a great decorative and functional item for your bedroom’s nightstand. With a sleek design, this item will match and blend with any decor style easily.

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Simple Elegant Bedroom with Accent Wall

Simple elegant bedroom with dark grey accent wall
Simple elegant bedroom

In this design, we want to show you that we can create a simple yet elegant accent wall using dark gray paint. This is achieved thanks to the simple crossing-line effect that is created by adding more thickness to the dark gray area of the wall.

And to make it more luxurious, we added LED lights inside the line. And the results, as you can see, produce an awesome wall that is simple but luxurious and elegant, even without using any additional decoration items.

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black and wood swing arm table lamp
Black and Wood LED Swing Arm Table Lamp by Tomons

Combining solid wood with iron materials, this modern classical-style table lamp is perfect to be used as a bedside lamp or desk lamp.

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Dark Accent Wall with Mirror Border

Dark gray and mirror accent wall ideas
Gray and mirror wall behind bed

This time we used a similar approach to the previous ones where we made a simple gray accent wall, but this time it’s achieved by using a simple line that is covered by mirrors. This wall with the mirror border works very well to produce an elegant backdrop even without using additional wall art or decorations.

Although we only used a little bit of mirror here, it still helps make this bedroom look a little more spacious. And this is very beneficial for bedrooms of small size.

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minimalist scandinavian table lamp
Decorative Minimalist Scandinavian Table Lamp by Viqie

Made using beautiful combinations of polished wood base and frosted glass shade, this lamp combines an artistic Scandinavian style in minimalist ways.

white and silver nightstand
Glamorous White and Silver Nightstand by ACME Furniture

With sophisticated modern looks, this two-drawer nightstand table gives a lot of extra storage for your bedroom in an elegant and glamorous way, thanks to its glossy white finish and beautiful silver sparkling panel.

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Gray and White Scandinavian Bedroom with Bold Accent Wall

Dark accent wall in scandinavian bedroom
Gray and white Scandinavian bedroom

In this project, we created a bold accent wall in a Scandinavian-style bedroom. This color works perfectly when used in Scandinavian-style interior design because it produces simple but elegant effects that are indeed very important when designing any Scandinavian-style interior.

In this design, we use two different thicknesses on the wall, where the lower side is thicker than the top ones. This approach not only brings some elegant horizontal line effects but also the bottom one can work as a storage for any bedroom items or decorations. To make this wall look more artistic, we use 3 pieces of natural wall art with pastel colors that integrated perfectly with the feature wall.

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black and white nightstand
Black and White 1 Drawer Nightstand by Tvilum

With a beautiful two-tone white and black finish, this nightstand table can be a great stylish addition to any contemporary, modern, or Scandinavian-style bedroom.

Firework style crystal chandeliers
Firework Style Crystal Ceiling Chandeliers LED Lighting by GDNS

This stylish decorative lighting can lift up the entire room decor just by itself. The “branches” will produce sparkling fireworks-style lighting that not only works to brighten up your room, but also adds beautiful and gorgeous lighting effects.

Lonely tree decorative wall art
A Lonely Tree Decorative Canvas Wall Art by SIGNFORD

This simple painting can bring a relaxing and calming feeling to your spaces. We use 3 similar pieces of this art with different color schemes to make it a bit more vibrant and colorful.

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Dark Gray and Wood Wall

Dark gray and wood accent wall ideas
Dark gray and wood wall

In this bedroom design, we use a combination of dark gray with wood elements to help balance the overall wall design. In addition, wood material is also useful to give a natural impression on the walls and help make the bedroom look soft and fresh.

While using some wood material, we still want a modern look to the grey feature wall, that’s why we use several vertical lines on the wall to help us achieve this goal.

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black nightstand with 3 drawer
Compact Black Nightstand Table with 3 Drawer by Winsome

With only 15.75 inches wide, this nightstand table will easily fit into any narrow space inside any bedroom. However, with 3 different drawers, this item still brings a lot of storage space that can really help you to make your bedroom decluttered.

black vintage industrial pendant lamp
Black Vintage Industrial Pendant Light by DECKEY

To match this bedroom’s style, we chose this black industrial-style pendant light that blends perfectly with the gray wall. Its warm light produces a blend of modern and classical atmosphere in the spaces.

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Luxury Minimalist Living Room with Simple Accent Wall

Dark gray accent wall in living room ideas
Luxury minimalist living room

This design shows again that a great accent wall can make a room look elegant and luxurious. In fact, as you can see in the image above, this is a very simple design without using a lot of effects or decoration items. Here, we just use 3 simple wall art, but the results look quite interesting.

One thing that helps in this design is the large column on the wall that we painted with white to provide a bit of contrast and vertical effects to make this wall more luxurious.

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set of 3 minimalist gray feather wall art
Set of 3 Minimalist Black and Gray Feather Print Wall Art by Westbrook Design Studio

If you are looking for some artwork painting that will blend perfectly with a dark-painted wall then this one could be the best choice for you. Its simple, minimalist yet stylish design will make any gray wall look much more attractive and artistic.

white hall table with drawer
Elegant White Hall Table with Drawer and Shelf by Convenience Concepts

This beautiful table combines classic style with a modern design that looks beautiful to occupy any empty space in your living room. Its drawer and open shelves also bring additional storage options to help keep your room organized.

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Dark Gray Living Room Accent Wall with Shelves

Dark gray accent wall with horizontal shelves
Wall with horizontal floating shelves

For those of you who want to create an accent wall but at the same time need a lot of additional storage in your living room, this concept may be perfect for you. Here, we combined the wall with several wide shelves that not only make your living room more beautiful but also give more extra storage space which can be very useful especially if your living room is already full of items and furniture.

Furthermore, these shelves also bring a horizontal line effect that not only makes a more artistic look but also can help make the room look wider.

One important thing that keeps this living room visually flawless is the light gray couch that blends nicely with the dark gray wall behind it.

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Classic Vertical Accent Wall Behind TV

Classic style living room with accent wall behind tv
Classic style living room with dark gray wall behind TV

This design proves how dark gray can easily blend into any interior design style, including in this classic style living room.

This entertainment wall is used as a place to mount the TV and is placed in the middle of the living room. This wall area is intentionally made vertically to make it look flawless with the overall interior design style of this living room. Although the size of the wall is not too big, the result is quite impressive and could be the main focal point in this living room.

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Honey gold xenon wall sconces
Honey Gold 120 Watt Xenon Wall Sconce by George Kovacs

When creating a glamorous style wall, we need some decorative items that will help us achieve those goals, and this item is one of them. With a beautiful gold base, this wall lamp not only works to add some extra lighting to the entire room but also works as a great decorative stylish item to elevate the wall’s appearance.

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Simple Modern Mid-Century Style Accent Wall in Living Room

Classic style dark accent wall with mirror ideas
Classic-style living room

The mid-century modern style design has regained popularity in recent years. Dark gray can also be easily used in this style that has been known for decades. As you can see, this accent wall provides a blend of an elegant yet glamorous look that is typical of a mid-century modern design style.

Again, we still prioritize simplicity in our designs, therefore we don’t add many accessories or wall hangings to this accent wall. Just a sunburst-style mirror with gold finishing that works very well to give a touch of modern mid-century style that we need.

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Gold sunburst style wall mirror
Gold Sunburst Wall Mirror by Stonebriar

For this gray living room, we need one decorative mirror that will stand out as a focal point and bring glamorous effects to the wall, and this mirror can do those jobs perfectly. With a 24-inch size that is perfect for a medium to large size wall, this gold-finished mirror can also bring a beautiful modern-mid century vibe into the spaces.

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Simple Minimalist Living Room with Gray Entertainment Wall

Simple minimalist accent wall behind TV
Simple minimalist entertainment wall

The last design that we created is a minimalist-style entertainment wall with horizontal dark gray that works to mount the TV. Even though it is simple, the results look very good while still giving a luxurious impression to the whole living room.

If you want to replicate this design, then one thing to consider is choosing the right color composition, and white is the perfect color for this job. If you want to choose another color, then try to choose a bright color so it will help make the dark gray remain the main star in your interior design.

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