Paint Colors that go with Cherry Wood Cabinets

What is best wall colors that go with cherry wood cabinets? Here you can find the answers from our experiment. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : November 14th, 2020
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Cherry wood is one of the most popular hardwood materials for furniture. It’s smooth grain and reddish-brown colors bring an elegant classical looks that will help make any room feels more luxurious in natural ways.

But oftentimes, howeowners find it’s difficult to make their room with cherry colored furniture looks perfect. One important key to achieve those perfect looks is by choosing the right wall paint color.

So, what paint colors look best with cherry wood cabinets?

To get a convincing and accurate answer for above question, we did a small experiment where we tested and tried some different wall paint colors on our test room with cherry wood cabinets. And from those experiment, we get 10 different colors that blend beautifully with cherry furniture. And here they are :

1. White

White wall paint with cherry cabinets
White wall with cherry cabinets

This is the easiest and safest solutions. You can never go wrong with white. This neutral color can be easily blend with any other colors and furniture, include our cherry cabinets.

Using white wall paint also can help soften the intense cherry wood colors, while at the same time with it will make those cabinets stand out and looks more dominant.

2. Taupe

Taupe with cherry wood
Taupe wall with cherry cabinets

If you need to create some harmony between the cherry wood furniture and the wall paint behind it, than taupe is one of the best colors for this job. This paint color also can enhance the natural wood texture and colors from the cherry cabinets.

As one of the best cordinating colors for cherry wood elements, taupe wall will create a well balanced and consistent looks for your space.

3. Light Gray

Light gray with cherry wood cabinets
Light gray wall with cherry cabinets

Another great colors for creating some depth and contrast between your cherry cabinets and the wall is light gray. It’s not giving too much contrast as white, but still can give some depth to make the cabinets stand out. Using this kind of simple natural colors can also help make your room feels a little bit clean and brighter.

4. Beige

Beige wall with cherry cabinets
Beige wall with cherry cabinets

Beige is versatile color that can easily blend with other colors. It will bring some warmth and softness while at the same time give some depth and contrast while combining with bold colors such as our cherry cabinets.

5. Lemongrass

Lemongrass wall paint with cherry wood cabinets
Lemongrass wall paint with cherry wood cabinets

For anyone of you who want to create a vibrant and cherfull space, than one of the best options is go with lemongrass. This colors had a perfect balance of brightness, softness and calmness at the same times that will blend perfectly with any cherry wood elements.

6. Pale Green

Pale green with cherry cabinets
Pale green with cherry cabinets

If your current home interior using some green wall paint and prefer to use the similar color scheme, than you can go with pale green. Pale green is one of the best green shade that works perfectly with cherry cabinets.

This color complement perfectly with the cabinets and also create some contrast that will make it more stand out and give some depth to your space.

7. Gray

Gray wall paint with cherry wood cabinets
Gray wall with cherry wood cabinets

Almost all shade of gray can blend perfectly with any cherry wood furniture, include the typical gray paint. Typical gray is perfect colors that is not too dark or too bright, and at the same time can both works well as a cordinating and contrasting color for cherry wood cabinets.

8. Pale Yellow

Pale yellow wall paint with cherry cabinets
Pale yellow paint with cherry cabinets

Another shade of yellow that can works great with cherry cabinets is pale yellow. This grayish side of yellow can create a vibrant and warm ambience while at the same time ehance the looks of your cabinets. Using this color also will make the cabinet looks flawless with the wall.

9. Olive

Olive wall with cherry cabinets
Olive wall with cherry cabinets

This color may be a bit more unpopular choice compared with other colors in our list. But as you can see from our experiment above, olive wall paint can create a beautiful effects and looks when combined with the cherry cabinets.

This color create a soft and warm ambient and match perfectly with the cabinets while at the same time strenghten the texture and colors of the cabinets and make it looks amazing.

10. Sage

Sage wall paint with cherry wood cabinets
Sage colored wall with cherry cabinets

The last paint colors that go with cherry wood cabinets is sage. This color is quite similar with the previous ones and also bring a similar effects. But if you think olive paint is too intense, than you can go with sage as the lighter and more natural options. This color also will works great even in a dark room that lacks of natural lighting.

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