12 Best Wall Colors for Farmhouse Kitchen (Charming and Stylish Choices)

Stunning wall paint color ideas for kitchen with farmhouse-style decor Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 24th, 2023

When it comes to kitchen design, farmhouse emerges as one of the most popular styles, thanks to the warmth and organic natural aesthetic that it brings. Featuring natural materials like wood, stone, and rustic metals, the farmhouse decor style will exude a cozy, down-to-earth ambiance, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

However, for any farmhouse-inspired kitchen, choosing the right wall colors can be one of the most important tasks. The right colors can set the tone and atmosphere for the entire space, so you need to ensure that it can capture the farmhouse essence that you want to bring.

Based on our experience designing plenty of this kind of kitchen, we can safely conclude that pure white, sage green, pale blue, light beige, pale yellow, and light brown are some of the best wall colors for farmhouse kitchen. These options can perfectly capture the rustic and cozy charm associated with farmhouse design. They can also pair really well with the warm, natural materials that are commonly used in farmhouse kitchens, like wood or earthy stone, while infusing your space with an inviting aesthetic that exudes comfort and nostalgia.

Browse all awesome wall color ideas for farmhouse kitchens below.

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Pure White Walls

Farmhouse kitchen with pure white walls
Farmhouse kitchen with pure white walls

Pure white is a leading characteristic of the farmhouse style. Regardless of your preferred color for your kitchen accessories, white, a neutral color, will match other colors in the kitchen. 

According to NKBA, white color palettes took a whopping 72% of all farmhouse kitchens designed in 2019. This is attributed to the ease of mixing other color palettes with pure white.

You can also go for white with the counterpart and kitchen selves to bring out the best of your white-colored kitchen. 

Plus, white creates a feeling of purity and innocence.

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Sage Green Walls

Farmhouse kitchen with sage green walls
Sage green walls

Sage green is a popular, important color for different home décor styles, and it is not left out in designing farmhouse kitchens. This shade of green is popular for the feeling of serenity and calmness. 

It makes sense to opt for sage green in a farmhouse-style kitchen, not only because it is a neutral color that can accommodate other colors but for the vibe it creates in the kitchen.  

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Cream Walls

Farmhouse kitchen with cream walls
Cream walls

Thanks to its warm and inviting nature, the cream color is yet another ideal farmhouse paint color. The cream color is timeless in home décor, and this can be attributed to its neutral shades. 

Also, cream color offers different options, meaning you have a range of choices to choose from. Whether you go for gray cream or ivory cream, you are on your way to creating a calm and inviting kitchen. 

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Light Beige Walls

Farmhouse kitchen with light beige walls
Light beige walls

The best farmhouse kitchen color list is incomplete without light beige. Light beige is also regarded as a neutral color and can be matched with other colors in the kitchen. 

For example, if you choose light beige for the walls, you can opt for gray with the countertop and white for the shelves without interrupting the connections between the colors in the kitchen. 

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Pale Blue Walls

Farmhouse kitchen with pale blue walls
Pale blue walls

If you are a fanatic of blue but don’t want to go for pure blue in your kitchen, you can consider some shades of blue, and pale is a great option to consider.

Pale blue, a neutral color, also mixes well with other colors in the space. This means you can paint your kitchen walls pale blue and go for another color with other items in the kitchen. 

Also, blue carries the aura of peace and calmness, and if you want these vibes, pale blue is an excellent choice for your farmhouse walls. 

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Warm White

Farmhouse kitchen with warm white walls
Warm white walls

Let’s get back to white, but this time, we go with a bit warmer hue options like off-white, warm white, or white dove.

These white shades still had all of the purity and crisp looks of white, but came with a hint of yellow undertones, resulting in a bit warm and pleasant appearance.

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Pale Yellow

Pale yellow farmhouse kitchen
Pale yellow walls

Every farmhouse-style kitchen should have a fun and charming ambiance, to achieve this, yellow shades obviously are the best options.

But in order to create a calming vibe, we tend to avoid any strong or vibrant yellow, and rather go with the light or pale yellow. This kind of yellow can be a beautiful accent color that lifts up the mood of your kitchen without being overly bright.

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Light Brown Walls

Farmhouse kitchen with light brown walls
Light brown walls

Light brown is usually a force to reckon with in home décor. It is an aged neutral color that fits into different purposes when it comes to design and even fashion. 

This farmhouse color helps create the impression of genuineness. Color psychologies also regard light brown as a representation of honesty, health, and nature. Light brown is the best color to go for if you want these vibes.

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Light Gray Walls

Farmhouse kitchen with light gray walls
Light gray walls

Light gray is yet another neutral color that has been an asset to the home décor space. 

Light gray is a close color to white, meaning if you find value in white but have reasons not to go for it, light gray is another option to consider. Plus, with gray-white, any other color you choose in the kitchen will fall in place.

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Dark Blue

Farmhouse kitchen with dark blue walls
Dark blue walls

This can be a great wall paint color choice if you are planning to create a modern farmhouse kitchen. The dark blue wall will easily make any kitchen look cozy with some elegant modern twist. You can use this color as an accent wall or use it to paint the entire wall if your kitchen has plenty of natural light.

This dark color also will make any other kitchen elements look brighter, and it’s essential if you want to expose all of the beauty of your natural wood tone inside your kitchen.

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Olive Green

Farmhouse kitchen with olive green walls
Olive green walls

Another green shade on this list, but this time, we go with a much warmer green that had some hint of yellow. The olive green will still add enough fresh and natural ambiance, but at the same time warm up the vibe of your kitchen.

This option will work best if you are using some cool-toned shades in your kitchen color palette, such as pure white or gray.

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Neutral Brown

Farmhouse kitchen with neutral brown walls
Neutral brown walls

There are no better colors that can bring a strong earthy look than brown. The neutral brown or brown-gray do this job perfectly by injecting a calming and fresh natural vibe inside your kitchen, and blending together harmoniously with the other natural elements such as shiplap wood or stone tile.

With plenty of neutrality from its gray undertones, the brown-gray can also blend easily with practically any other colors, even any vibrant or bold ones.

This neutral paint color will work even better inside any rustic farmhouse-style kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right wall color for a farmhouse can be a daunting task with the different options before you. However, following expert tips will help you choose the right color with no headaches.

By knowing what impression to create in the kitchen and what color suits the existing colors, you can easily choose the right wall paint color for your kitchen. Regardless, the major tip here is to go for a neutral color. Going for a neutral color means you can choose any other color in the kitchen. 

This piece has provided the ideal wall colors for a farmhouse kitchen, and you will always be right with whichever color you choose from this list.

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