What to do With Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

Do you have any blank spaces above your kitchen cabinets? Here some tips you can use to fill those area.

Have any blank spaces above your kitchen cabinets? Here some tips you can use to fill those spots

Lots of homes as we all know have that available space between our kitchen cabinet and the ceiling. Sometimes, you see dust and cobwebs in that area. That empty space is awkward though, there’s just that feeling that you should put something there.

What to do with empty spaces above kitchen cabinets

Thankfully, there are ways to decorate and make that empty space useful. Let’s take a look at a few tips to solve these issues.

1.    Place an extra shelf above the cabinet

If space above is quite tall or long, you can decorate it by constructing a new shelf there. That shelf can serve as extra storage for wine, cups, provisions like a tin of milk and chocolate and others.

All you have to do is call a carpenter to fix it and paint. Paint the shelf with a beautiful color that matches with the wall of your kitchen

2.    Extend your cabinet almost up to the ceiling

I did this method in particular. My cabinet was not that tall, so I built an extra one on top of it almost up to the ceiling level. You can also use the method of rehanging with the ceiling.

If you are not an expert on this, I advise you go get an expert at this.

3.    Place baskets with beautiful designs on that space

This is another important technique of getting rid of that annoying space. Just go to the market and purchase beautiful baskets where you can store valuable items.

The length of the cabinet will determine the number of baskets you’re to purchase, that is if you want an orderly arrangement. Again, this method technique serves as extra storage for different kitchen items.

Things like cooking books, journal and some other important spices and condiments that you use occasionally.

4.    Design fun and colorful message that fits your kitchen

You can either use paint as the writeup or any other design material. It should be colorful enough so that first-time visitors in the kitchen will be able to notice it. Designing this space will make that awkward look disappear immediately

I will give you a few messages that you may like; Enjoy, Welcome, One Love, Sumptuous and so on.

5.    Place a set of colorful jars that match with your cabinet desk

This is another way of keeping a collection together like the basket we talked about earlier. The space above the cabinet may be short enough to contain up to 5 jars. Just picture it your mind and get it done.

Your cabinet desk may be blue, so, you purchase sets of blue jars that could serve as storage for different liquids to be used in the kitchen.

6.    Try hanging Artifacts in this vacant space

These man-made objects are very beautiful. For those that love history and archaeology, you can place one or two artifacts there. They are vintage arts and good for memories of ancient history.

I would say it’s a very mature design, you could be tired of many baskets, tins, and jars because you’re not the extra storage kind of person.

Apart from the cabinet, organizing your kitchen as a whole is necessary. It has to look presentable at all times and it is unhygienic for your kitchen to be stuffy and messed up.

Below, I will highlight ways to keep your kitchen in order.

Ways to keep your kitchen in order

1.    Maintain simplicity at all times

2.    Haven a designated home for each item

3.    Be creative in your order of arrangement

4.    Set up a refrigerator roaster

5.    Divide your kitchen into zones or areas

6.    Empty used items on time

I hope these few tips will help you become the best friend to your kitchen. There may be difficult, but you have to remain disciplined.