17 Creative Solutions for Empty Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

An empty space above kitchen cabinets can disrupt the overall aesthetics, creating a visual void that often appears awkward and incomplete.

Gap Above Kitchen Cabinets

Looks boring and awkward, isn’t it?

However, this gap can be easily decorated, so you can transform this void into a more visually appealing feature, while at the same time giving more additional functionality to improve your cooking space.

According to our experienced designers, here are some interesting things that you can do with the empty space above your kitchen cabinets :

  • Wine rack
  • Showcasing artwork
  • Wall stickers
  • Mirrors
  • Additional cabinetry
  • String lights
  • Cookbook-shelves
  • Decorative basket

Below, you can find some illustrations of all those approaches, along with other interesting things that you can do with those spaces:

17 Creative Decor Ideas For Empty Gap Above Kitchen Cabinets

1. Create a Wine Rack

Wine rack

If you are a wine lover and have a lot of wine collections then you can use those spaces to put those wine bottles.

You can create or order custom shelves with bottle racks that will perfectly fit the space, or buy a ready-to-use wine rack.

Here are some beautiful and affordable wine racks that you can buy online :

2. Use a Set of Wall Art

Set of kitchen wall art

Another way to easily decorate the space is by using some set of wall art. By using this approach, you can turn those boring spaces into more attractive and artistic ones.

It’s recommended to use two or more different pieces of wall art to fill all the space.

To make it perfect, choose any wall art that is specially designed for the kitchen like the one that we use in this example.

3. Using Inspirational Wall Stickers/Vinyl

Inspirational kitchen wall sticker

Sometimes cooking can be a tough job and you need some extra motivation in order to create great quality food, and one way to get those additional motivation is by using an inspirational wall sticker quote. You can utilize the wall space above the cabinetry as a place to put this kind of stickers.

If the gap is too deep which makes the stickers can’t be seen, you can create a custom frame for the wall stickers by using a wood or MDF and place it right at the edge of your cabinet. This way, the stickers can be more visible.

4. Using Wall Mirror

Kitchen decor using wall mirror

If you have a relatively small kitchen, then using this trick not only can make the boring wall area look more attractive but also can help make your space feel much larger and spacious.

For the best results, you can order a custom-size mirror that will fit the entire space, but of course, this will cost you some serious money. Another more affordable approach is to buy a ready-to-use mirror, or, the cheaper options is to use mirror sheets or mirror looks stickers like this :

5. Add Extra Cabinet for More Storage

Extra cabinet

This option is the best for you who want a clean and organized kitchen, yes, you can add an extra cabinet above the old existing ones. To make it look flawless, create them with the same or at least similar material, color, and style.

For this approach, you should order a custom-sized one as it will be difficult to find ones that will exactly fit the spaces, and it will cost you some money, but the result will be worth it.

6. String Light for Fun Kitchen

Kitchen with string light decor

You can make boring spaces look magical using string light/twinkle light. Using this item, not only will give some additional lighting at night but also bring a happy and cheerful ambiance all year long.

And here is some string light that we highly recommend for you :

7. Create a Bookshelves

Kitchen bookshelves

When you ask random homeowners what to put on top of their cabinets, then certainly almost no one will answer that question with books. Placing a book in the kitchen may sound weird to most people, but in reality, they aren’t.

If you have a lot of cookbooks or recipes, then that’s a good idea to turn the spaces into a bookshelf to put and organize those books.

You can do this by just stacking those books, or, for a more organized approach, you can create custom shelves with several sections that can help you categorize your book collection.

8. Move Your Cabinet up to The Ceiling

Cabinet moved up into the ceiling

This is one of the most simple and easy methods among all of the list here. Yes, you can move the cabinet up so there is no space left.

But one downside of this method is that it will be more difficult to reach, especially when you have a high ceiling in your home.

9. Decorative Baskets

Kitchen decor using decorative baskets

This is another important technique for getting rid of that annoying space. Just go to the market and purchase beautiful baskets where you can store valuable items.

The gap sizes will determine the number of baskets you’re to purchase, that is if you want an orderly arrangement. Again, this method technique serves as extra storage for different items.

Things like cooking books, journals, and some other important spices and condiments that you use occasionally.

10. Cafe Style Chalkboard

Kitchen decor using cafe-style chalkboard

If you have an artistic soul then you can create a chalkboard on the spaces and use it as a canvas for creating some art or quotes there.

By using this method, you can easily change the art or text based on your mood or even the season. For example, you can craft Merry Christmas quotes or happy birthday greetings on your spouse’s birthday.

11. Wall Garden

Decorate with plants and vegetation

Sometimes cooking can be a stressful job, and one of the most effective ways to reduce the stress is by adding some greenery. A lot of scientific research has proven that looking at some plants or vegetation can reduce the stress level.

If there is not any available space in your kitchen to put the plant, then you can use the empty gap. Although surely you only can put artificial plants rather than the real ones there.

The easiest and simplest way is by using vases with artificial plants and putting them up there. But there is another creative approach that you can use, by using some artificial vines or leaves, where you can hang them on the wall and then you can turn the boring spaces into a beautiful wall garden.

12. 3D Wallpaper / Wall Panel

Decorative 3d wall panel

Another method you can use is installing a 3d wall panel/wallpaper. Using this method, the uninviting space will look more attractive, and anyone who sees it will think that the space was created on purpose.

Today, there are a lot of different 3d wall panel textures and designs available on the market. You can choose the ones that will match your entire kitchen or home decor.

In the example above, we use a white stone panel to bring a natural vibe in a contemporary style. Use your creativity and imagination to create your own!

13. Place Unused Glasses and Plate

Plate and glasses on top of kitchen cabinet

Almost every homeowner had some glasses or plates that had rarely been used, for example, the ones that you only used when hosting some party or seasonal events. You can use the space to put all of those items.

To make it look more organized, you can build your own shelf to put the tableware.

14. Use Bold/Dark Paint

Dark paint for the wall above cabinet

As we already said before, the gap will be dusty most of the time, and it’s not a good idea to paint it with clear or light paint since it will look dirty. The easy way to avoid this is by using any dark wall paint to paint those walls.

With dark wall paint, those areas will look darker and anyone wouldn’t notice if there is some dust or even any cobwebs there.

15. Add Crown Molding

Crown molding

This trick not only will make the gap look like created on purpose but also will make your entire culinary space look more attractive and beautiful.

But one important thing when applying this trick is that you should choose a big crown molding that will cover almost all of the spaces. If you can find one, combining any crown molding with baseboard can also work well.

16. Set of Colorful Jars

This is another way of keeping a collection together like the basket we talked about earlier. The hollow space may be enough to contain some jars and you can arrange it based on the colors to create a beautiful look.

17. Try Hanging Artifacts

These man-made objects are very beautiful. For those who love history and archaeology, you can place one or two artifacts there. They are vintage art and good for memories of ancient history.

I would say it’s a very mature design, you could be tired of many baskets, tins, and jars because you’re not needing any extra storage.

And that’s it! Hope you like our creative ideas, and get some new and fresh inspiration to create your own.

You can use one of those ideas separately or even mix two or more different ideas to get an even better result.

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