What Color Countertops go with White Cabinets?

What color countertops go with white cabinets? Find the answers here to get the perfect colors and materials for your kitchen counter. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : March 17th, 2021

White kitchen cabinets is one of the most popular kind of cabinets – thanks to it’s versatility. This kind of kitchen cabinet can be used in almost any kitchen decor style – from vintage, classic, farmhouse to modern or contemporary ones.

Another advantages of using white cabinets is it’s relatively easy to find the perfect countertops colors that can blend perfectly with it. Unlike any other cabinet colors, white cabinet can be paired with almost any color and type of kitchen countertops.

Although almost any countertops color can be used alongside white cabinets, there are some of them that will perfectly match with it – while some others can still looks quite good but doesn’t really blend well.

In this article, we will share to you our ideas on what color countertops that can seamlessly fit any white cabinets, and here they are :

1. White Marble Countertops

White marble countertops with white kitchen cabinets
White marble countertops with white cabinets

This countertops material is perfect for you who want to keep your kitchen simple yet still looks elegant and gorgeous. Using white marble countertops also can create a monochromatic effects that make it looks flawless with the white cabinets, while it’s marble vein will bring some royal and glam touch. Furthermore, using white marble countertops can bring a crisp and clean feeling to your kitchen.

If you want to create a luxurious and stylish kitchen, than this is one of the best choice for you.

2. Gray Marble Countertops

Gray marble counter with white cabinets
Gray marble countertops with white kitchen cabinets

For some people, using white marble with white cabinets may seems to boring and monotonous. If you are one of them, than you can try to use a gray marble that will bring similar effects with the white marble countertops, but with a bit of contrasting effects to add some depth into your kitchen spaces.

3. Black Marble Countertops

Black marble countertops with white kitchen cabinets
Black marble with white cabinets

Black marble countertops can create a lot of contrast and help make your counter be your focal point of your kitchen spaces. This countertops also bring a lot of elegant and luxurious feels, and can be a perfect choice for any kitchen that are using minimalist, contemporary or modern kitchen decor style.

4. Brown Marble Countertops

Brown marble countertops with white kitchen cabinets
Brown marble countertops

Lot of homeowner think that brown countertops will only match with any brown, cream or wooden kitchen cabinets. But the truth is that it will still works great when used alongside white cabinets, as you can see on the image above. Using brown marble countertops can add some earthy and natural feels into your kitchen and make it looks fresh, while at the same time still looks luxurious thanks to the shining marble effects.

If you want to go with a more classic or modern mid-century approach for your kitchen, than brown marble countertops can be a great options for you.

5. Cream Marble Countertops

Cream marble countertops with white kitchen cabinets
Soft cream countertops with white cabinets

Another options to achieve the similar effects with the brown marble is by using a cream marble countertops. This color is much softer compared with brown, and can make your kitchen looks soothing and natural, and this will make you want to spend a lot of time inside your kitchen.

6. Green Marble Countertops

Green countertops with white cabinets
Green countertops with white cabinets

Green element is famous to add some fresh and natural looks into any space inside a house, and it will bring the same effects when used as kitchen countertops. Using green countertops with white cabinet can be a great options especially when your home decor using green as one of the color scheme.

7. Blue Granite Countertops

Blue granite kitchen counter
Blue granite counter with white cabinets

If blue is one of your favorite color, than you can use it for your kitchen counter. This color can easily blend with kitchen cabinets, especially when you are choosing the right texture, pattern and stain. One of the best blue materials that you can use for your kitchen counter is blue granite. Most of the blue granite has some white spots that can bring a bit of complementary effects within the white cabinets.

8. Wooden Countertops

Wood kitchen countertops with white kitchen cabinets
Wooden kitchen countertops

For any decor style that use a lot of wooden element such as farmhouse or vintage, you can use wood countertops in your kitchen. This wood counter will still looks good when used with white cabinets. To achieve the best results, choose a wood with fine texture and grain.

9. Plain White Quartz Countertops

Plain white quartz countertops with white kitchen cabinets
Quartz white counter with white cabinets

For a simple and minimalist kitchen, you can use a plain white countertops that will make the entire kitchen looks clean and flawless. And one of the best materials for this kind of counter is quartz. This all white approach will make you easier as it can complement any kind of decor style.

10. Plain Black Quartz Countertops

Quartz black kitchen countertops
Quartz black countertops

Black is always been a to-go color when looking for something that bring contrast to white. This black and white combinations can bring an elegant and stylish touch. Using plain black quartz countertops also can completely distinguish your countertops with the white cabinets surrounding and make it stand out to create a depth and bold looks for your kitchen.