8 Gorgeous Scandinavian Color Palette Ideas for a Nordic Harmony

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

Scandinavian had a timeless appeal that endured many revolutions in interior design. With the ability to transform spaces into havens of tranquility and simplicity, the Scandinavian style brings an artistic touch blended with some stylish elegant appeal.

When it comes to color selections, the Scandinavian style can accept a wide range of spectrum. From bright natural colors to a bold, vibrant choice, almost any shade can fit perfectly into this captivating design style.

If you need a fresh color palette for your Scandinavian-style interior, our expert recommends :

  • White and beige
  • White, beige, and light gray
  • Beige and light blue
  • White and soft yellow
  • White, beige, and mint green
  • Cool gray and pale blue
  • Beige, gray, and black
  • Gray and soft green

These light, neutral combinations reflect the core principles of Scandinavian design, emphasizing simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. They can create a bright and airy atmosphere and promote a sense of serenity and well-being, embodying the essence of Scandinavian design.

Read on as we dive deeper into all those options, and unlock the full potential of your Scandinavian interior.

1. White and Beige

White and beige living room

Since simplicity and neutrality are essential for a perfect Scandinavian-style interior, the white and beige combination can be an ideal color palette that fully aligns with these principles. White elements, whether it’s white walls or white furniture can help maximize natural light, and create a space that feels more spacious and open.

On the other hand, beige boost the warmth and give your space a sense of comfort and cozyness, while also blending together perfectly with the white.

2. White, Beige, and Light Gray

White, beige, and light gray living room

If you want to introduce a hint of elegance to the previous scheme, then you can add some light gray to your palette.

The white, beige, and light gray combinations work perfectly to create a minimalistic and serene aesthetic while still keeping the Scandinavian flair becomes the main theme for your interior.

3. Beige and Light Blue

Beige and light blue living room

This is a wonderful color scheme for Scandinavian living room if you want to create a calm and soothing ambiance while maintaining a sense of warmth and serenity as the staple of your Scandinavian design.

Moreover, light blue can bring a touch of coolness and freshness, reminiscent of the beautiful Scandinavian landscape. For better results, you can keep light blue as an accent, while letting the beige dominate the entire room.

4. White and Soft Yellow

White and soft yellow living room

For those who want to lift up the mood of your Scandinavian-style interior, you can try adding some soft yellow to your color palette.

The white will serve as the primary color, creating a sleek backdrop that gives plenty of brightness, while soft yellow gently adds a touch of warmth and cheerfulness to the room. This beautiful combo evokes a sense of Scandinavian simplicity while infusing a hint of vibrant pop.

5. White, Beige, and Mint Green

White, beige, and mint living room

Mint green is an interesting color that can be used inside Scandinavian decor to create a fresh and natural ambiance. When combined with neutrals like white and beige, the mint green will pop effortlessly, giving the space a nature-inspired freshness and tranquility.

It can also be used to enrich any boring Scandinavian-themed room for a much more playful and lively ambiance.

6. Cool Gray and Pale Blue

Cool gray and pale blue living room

This is another great option that incorporates blue shades. The combination of cool gray and pale blue mixes a touch of serenity with elegance, creating a calm yet sophisticated space.

And since pale blue had strong gray undertones, it can blend relatively easy with gray, creating a cohesive and balanced look.

7. Beige, Gray, and Black

Beige, gray, and black living room

Adding black may not be the first option when it comes to Scandinavian interior, but sometimes, it can be a great way to upgrade and give some bold depth that elevates the looks of the entire room.

Black can easily evoke a minimalist and simplicity, while beige and gray work together to keep Scandinavian as the main theme.

8. Gray and Soft Green

Gray and soft green living room

Gray and soft green create a calming and fresh ambiance for a beautiful nature-inspired atmosphere. You can try combining gray walls with soft green furniture, or multiple gray shades with soft green accessories.

This approach can keep a sense of serenity as key elements of Scandinavian design, while also giving your space a beautiful richness and a relaxing vibe.