What Color Goes with Terracotta Tiles Flooring?

Classic color ideas for room with terracotta floors Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 12th, 2022

Terracotta is a warm, rustic color with an earthy appearance. Although it is surprisingly versatile, designing interior spaces using this rich, traditional color can be challenging.

It is important to keep the temperature and undertones of the terracotta tiles in mind to select the right wall color for a decent design outcome.

Read along the lines to discover some important things to consider before choosing colors for a room with terracotta floors:

  • The tones in Terracotta– Notice the undertones in terracotta to come up with an interior that feels tactile and exotic. Terracotta plays well with muted shades of white, cream, pink, red, and mustard that complement the tiles perfectly while contrasting colors such as green and cerulean blue can also do a great job.
  • Style of the Room– Terracotta tiles are popular for their versatility. You can transform your rooms into a Mediterranean, Spanish Revival, or Latin style. The wall colors you choose depend on the style you want to create.
  • Room furniture and Accessories– This is an important point to consider when designing your interior with terracotta tiles. The material, color, and texture of furniture and accessories are crucial. For example, you can pick an olive color for the walls with terracotta tiles, terracotta-toned textiles, timber furniture, or woven rugs to create a nature-themed home or paint your walls light gray with marble furniture and glass accessories.   

Discover our top suggestions on the best wall and furniture colors for terracotta floors in this article:

4 Best Wall Colors for Terracotta Floors


Cream walls with terracotta floors
Cream walls with terracotta floors

Cream walls paired with terracotta tiles give off a traditional vibe. Cream acts as a neutral base that tones down the reddish-brown hues of terracotta leaving room for colorful accessories.

Painting the walls cream offers a striking contrast with the tiles whilst also blending smoothly with any furniture or accessories for a harmonious look.

This neutral is best used in large, open spaces giving rooms a brightened appearance.

Light Gray

Light gray walls with terracotta floors
Light gray walls with terracotta floors

Since terracotta looks timeless and classic, you may want to transform your interior to a contemporary look. Light gray offers the perfect balance to the warmth of mottled terracotta tiles by picking up on secondary tones in the tile.

Using marble or ash wood furniture with steel accessories makes a connection with the neutral tones of light gray walls offering a dose of elegance to the room.


Olive walls with terracotta floors
Olive walls with terracotta floors

Washing your walls with olive green adds a calm, natural vibe to a room. The soft, muted shade is the shortcut to bringing the outdoor gardens within the interior space.

When combined with terracotta tiles, the earthy, languid, breezy oasis that is associated with the Mediterranean, Spanish, and Latin appearance has a psychological allure that can be enhanced by indoor plants.

Light Yellow

Light yellow walls with terracotta floors
Light yellow walls with terracotta floors

Walls in light yellow color conjure images of fruits and flowers. It creates a dynamic appearance and gives a joyful, earthy vibe when paired with terracotta tiles.

Terracotta tiles have muted yellows as undertones making light yellow the perfect color choice to compliment the tiles. Besides that, the color has a luminous effect in a small room with little or no windows.

When paired with colors like raw sienna, and orange-browns for accessories, light yellow creates a stunning interior look.   

4 Best Furniture Colors for Terracotta Floors


Terracotta floors with white furniture
Terracotta floors with white furniture

White furniture looks elegant and classy with terracotta tiles and can create a formal or informal interior look. When combined with white furnishings, the earthy floor creates a warm, cozy look.

On the other hand, the reddish-brown hues of the tiles contrast the white furniture creating a cottage-style formal concept.

Patterned, soft, and colorful accessories can be used to transform the room into any style using white furnishings.  

Dark Brown

Terracotta floors with dark brown furniture
Terracotta floors with dark brown furniture

Dark brown furniture draws out the warm tones of the terracotta tiles. Introducing dark brown in your color palette along with mustards, beige and light browns creates an overall earthy appearance.

This color is a timeless, classy color adding richness and warmth to any room.

Since it is the color of the earth, it makes visitors feel grounded, stable, and secure without making the space too overwhelming.


Terracotta floors with cream furniture
Terracotta floors with cream furniture

Cream furniture acts as a backdrop for a multitude of accessories, textures, and colors to shine. It offers a softer touch to the room and when used in comfortable spaces like living rooms or bedrooms it exudes a relaxing atmosphere.

This neutral bonds extremely well with terracotta tiles due to its interesting undertones and any type of furniture making rooms appear sophisticated and warm.    


Terracotta floors with mustard yellow furniture
Terracotta floors with mustard yellow furniture

Mustard is making a comeback in design. Mustard furniture sets the center stage for colorful carpets, coffee tables, cushions, and throws.

When used with soft, earthy walls such as beige, mustard goes well with browns, burnt oranges, and grays.

Using mustard furniture with terracotta tiles not only adds interest to a space but is a subtle and invigorating color for a rather boring space making it come to life.

When selecting the right wall paint and furniture colors with terracotta tiles, it is important to consider the style of the room you are trying to create.

Having read this article you will now know what colors look best for your furniture and walls with terracotta tiles. Its versatility and undertones can transform any space from traditional to contemporary.

A room with terracotta tiles, wooden furniture, woven baskets, and terracotta-toned textiles will take you years back reminding you of traditional design.  

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