7 Best Floor Colors for Beach House to Achieve a Perfect Coastal Looks

Browse our recommended floor colors that can be a perfect choice to create your dream beach house! Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 3rd, 2022

Everyone loves beach houses. This is the place where as soon as you stepped in, all of the stress and anxiety are blown away by the ocean breeze. Not to mention the joy and happiness that comes with the exposure of the bright and sunny sunshine.

If you are planning to remodel your old beach house or create new ones, then there is nothing more that we can say than to go all in and create your dream coastal getaway!

Thus, every single detail, element, furnishings, and even any small piece of decoration items should be in line with your design goals

For most interior elements, you can easily find anything that already had a touch of coastal looks. For example, it’s quite easy to find any furnishings or decor items that comes with ocean looks and feels, or you can easily find any shiplap wood and use it for an accent wall or even the ceiling.

However, when it comes to flooring, things can be a little bit different. It’s quite hard to find the ones that can instantly fit into the coastal environment, especially when it comes to choosing the colors.

To help you with it, our interior design expert will share the 7 best flooring colors for coastal interiors that you can use as ideas and inspirations. And here they are :

7 Flooring Color Ideas for Beach House

Light Natural Wood

Beach house living room with light natural hardwood flooring
Beach house with light natural hardwood floors

Based on our experience, in most circumstances, this is one of the best choices. The warm vibe of this kind of floor is perfectly suited to the ocean environment to create a warm, happy and joyful feeling throughout the house. Some of the best wood that comes with these kinds of appearance is cedar, white pine, cherry, or white oak.

These kinds of wood floors can also create a more modern visual appearance compared with another wooden finish. Thus, if you want to create a more modern or contemporary style beach house, then this flooring can incorporate perfectly with those decor styles.

Medium Brown Wood

Coastal living room with brown wood flooring
Beach house with brown wood floors

We don’t really recommend any wood flooring with dark-toned brown finishes for beach-style decor. However, if you still want to bring the beauty of earthy brown tone for your flooring, then opt for a lighter tone such as the medium brown wood.

This flooring color will bring the elegance and stylish appearance as any darker brown but in a more soft and subtle finish.

However, it’s quite difficult to find any hardwood floors that come with this color naturally, so you had 2 different options: use any wood finishing paint or coat to retouch any hardwood floors and bring this kind of look, or use any laminate or vinyl flooring that offers more variety of color choices.

Blue Tile

Beach house living room with blue tile flooring
Beach house with blue tile floors

Blue is obviously the best color when it comes to the coastal or beach house environment. It can bring the ocean feels directly to your house and emphasize the coastal vibe in a strong, colorful way.

Since there are a lot of different varieties of blue tile, we tend to choose the ones that come with a more neutral appearance such as any pale blue or grayish blue as they are much easier to blend with any other color.

But you can still go with a more vibrant blue in case you want to make the blue as the main dominant palette for your home.

White Marble

Beach house living room with white marble flooring
Beach house with white marble floors

Sometimes, the best way to sense all of the nature and the beauty of the ocean is by keeping everything clean and simple, so the spectacular and dramatic views from the outside of your beach house don’t interrupted by any interior element.

For this particular situation, then using simple white flooring is obviously the best option. While any kind of white flooring can work really well, we tend to prefer any white marble flooring to bring a bit of glam and elegant touch thanks to its gorgeous natural vein effects.

Cream Marble

Coastal living room with cream flooring
Beach house with cream floors

Cream flooring is a delicate option that can works nicely in any different setting, including for the beach house. Its main benefit is to warm up any room to create a perfect balance, especially if you are using a lot of cool-toned elements inside your room.


Beach house living room with beige flooring
Beach house with beige floors

Another great neutral flooring color for beach house is beige. This shade is very versatile and that’s what makes it can blend easily with any furnishings colors above it.

Any kind of beige flooring can work really well for the coastal environment, so you can go with beige tile, beige finishes hardwood floors, or beige laminate floors.

Gray Concrete

Coastal living room with gray concrete flooring
Beach house with gray concrete floors

If you tend to create a beach house that blends flawlessly with nature outside, then we highly suggest you go with gray concrete floors.

These kinds of flooring will have a gorgeous stone-like appearance that is perfect to bring earthy looks inside your home.

It can also create a touch of rustic feels to enrichen the looks and make your space much more appealing.

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